Why is my Dog's Skin Discolored?

 |  Nov 3rd 2008  |   0 Contributions

I have a little white Jack Russell mix, he has
rust colored places under his eyes and under his
front legs. We've tried cleaning them with soap
and water, vinegar, and shampoo and nothing has
worked. I was wondering what ccauses this and how
to get rid of it.

Fredericksburg, VA

White dogs and cats frequently develop discolored areas of hair. These color changes occur when bodily secretions such as tears or saliva regularly contact the hair.

Tears and saliva may look colorless, but they are not. They contain small amounts of pigments (called porphyrins) that turn the hair brown or red.

These stains can be very hard to eliminate. Many products are marketed to to remove the stains, but in my experience none of them is particularly effective.

Fortunately, the discoloration itself generally is harmless. However, the discoloration may be a symptom of an underlying problem. For instance, if discoloration has occurred because your dog is excessively licking an area, you should have your vet examine the area to see if something is wrong.


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