What Causes Quivering Jaws in Dogs?

 |  Jul 1st 2009  |   1 Contribution

My son recently got a lab/pit bull mix who is 4 months old. He just called me & said the dog's jaw sometimes quivers when she yawns or she will whine and then the jaw will start to quiver.

What is going on?

Milford MI

Jaw quivering is a form of trembling. Usually it is harmless.

Jaw quivering is especially common in older dogs (and people). In these individuals it usually is progressive but it almost never compromises quality of life.

Four-month-old puppies generally do not suffer from progressive jaw trembling. The shaking is more likely a transient issue that occurs as the puppy's nervous system matures.

Rarely, a quivering jaw may be a sign of poisoning or a serious neurological disorder. However, I'll bet that your son's puppy is simply going through a phase. I don't think you should worry too much about this matter.


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