Vet Blogger Recommends: Open Your Christmas Presents Early.

 |  Dec 5th 2011  |   0 Contributions

'Chocolate' photo (c) 2008, Peter Pearson - license:
Every year I see the following scenario play out at least once. A well-meaning person gives a friend a box of chocolates, nicely done up in gift wrap. The recipient innocently puts it under the tree. The recipient's dog, of course, knows precisely what is in the box — dogs can smell chocolate from half a block away. The dog bides her time until the owners leave the house ... and the owners come home to a hyperactive dog and two dozen See's candy wrappers.

Such a situation is more than just a waste of chocolate. Milk chocolate in large quantities can be toxic to dogs. Dark chocolate, baker's chocolate, and the high-cocoa candy bars that currently are all the rage can be toxic in smaller quantities. Click the link to read all about it.

The solution is simple: Open your gifts early. Or at least keep your gifts safeguarded. If you intend to give chocolate to a dog owner, don't wrap it.


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