The Dog Blog at Zero Degrees Longitude

 |  Mar 29th 2011  |   5 Contributions

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Does this dog realize she's where the East literally meets the West? (Photo: Laura Hanson)

Hello Dogsters! I am writing this from Greenwich, England, where the East literally meets the West. Here you'll find the Greenwich Meridian Line (0 degrees longitude, aka the Prime Meridian) at the Royal Observatory. It's the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), on which all time zones in the world are based. I think judging by the stunned expression on the dog in the photo above, she stood with two paws on one side of the meridian, and two on the other, as my human child, Laura, did in the photo below.

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It's kind of fun to stand with one foor on the east side of the Prime Meridian, the other on the west side. (Photo: Maria Goodavage)

Anyway, I am thrilled to be writing from "the other side of the pond" for the next 2.5 or so weeks, and think Greenwich is a fun place to start blogging -- from the start of time, as it were. I'm in the UK and Europe for a little business, and a lot of learning and fun and visiting of relatives. My human child, Laura, is with me, but my hubby and Jake have to stay home to man the fort together. We have been in touch with them via Skype a couple of times since our arrival a couple of days ago. We can see Jake and he can see us, so he doesn't think we've gone off the face of the earth. He looks at the computer screen, gives a few wags, and goes back to sleep.

Most of the places where we'll be staying have Wi-Fi, so I'll be able to keep up the blog pretty well, although most likely with a little less news content. So that I can have a little more time for exploring, I have already set up one blog post a day during my absence. We will have some terrific guest bloggers making an appearance (get your Kleenex out for a very moving and inspirational story from a guest blogger later today), and I've got some other fun and interesting posts lined up. Should I find myself without internet, say, while visiting relatives in beautiful rural Italy, I'm fortunate enough to have some great backup at Dogster ready to lend a paw. (Thanks, Janine!)

Cheerio for now, my Dogster friends! Be seeing you soon. :)


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