Technical Difficulties = Wordless Wednesday

 |  Feb 16th 2011  |   8 Contributions

Hey Dogsters, a quick note: Last night a storm blew out our electricity; just our household's, as it turns out. An electrician or two are coming by in the morning to assess how much it's going to cost to fix our old wiring outside our San Francisco house, and it won't be cheap. :( But it will be good to have internet access again. Oh, and heat, too! Thank goodness for the fireplace and for Jake's always snuggly and warm self!

I'm writing this from the front seat of my car, parked in the cold rain and wind outside a local business whose internet password I happen to know. All the WiFi cafes I've checked out at this hour are closed. I have a transformer that worked for a few minutes to give my laptop a bit of juice from my car's cigarette lighter before it petered out. But with any luck the WiFi signal will work well enough so I can post this. So far, so good.

This morning I have to be at San Francisco's Candlestick Park with my daughter very early, because we're going to be extras in movie called "Contagion." We are to play cold, wet, bedraggled, bleak people in a big crowd of San Franciscans. The way things have gone tonight, we will fit the roles beautifully!

I'm going to head home now and sidle up to the last embers in the fireplace, and to a dog who is always willing to give away some of his warmth. I'll be back with you tomorrow with my more normal sorts of posts -- even if it's from a hotel room!


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