Photos: Getting Primped for Westminster

 |  Feb 15th 2011  |   4 Contributions


Why is the dog above wearing folded up white garbage bags? These little white packets are actually just there to keep her fur nice and smooth and clean for the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, which ends today. Take a look at how some other dogs got all dolled up for last year's big event. It makes your own hair routine look positively tame!

(Photos: Los Angeles Times)


Now there's a look that will go really great in the wild...



This dog's ears apparently need serious protection from getting messy before the show. I must say that's a pretty stlish wrap!



This guy too, but i'm not sure that purple is his friend...



If this dog can meet the Maltese in the first photo, they'd have something to bond over.



This looks like my hair some days...



The end. (At least it would be if I did this to Jake....)


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