Lab Eats One-Eighth His Weight in Cookies

 |  Jan 19th 2011  |   13 Contributions

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Gus, clearly contemplating cookies. (Oh, do I ever know that Lab expression...)

Leave it to a yellow Lab. Gus, a Wisconsin dog with a very large sweet tooth, is the first nominee of 2011 for this year's VPI Hambone Award, thanks to his snarfing a very large amount of cookies -- one-eighth his weight, according to VPI -- in one sitting over the holidays.

Gus, age 2, didn't appear to have much interest in a never-ending supply of cookies, fudge, and other treats his owners would leave out on their counter during the holidays. Most were covered with plastic wrap on trays, or in tins. His people were lulled into a false sense of security, and left to go out one day, never suspecting that innocent-looking Gus would Hoover up the goodies.

We came back from an afternoon Packers game, and everything was gone, owner Ken Boll said on Gus's Hambone page. And theres Gus standing in the kitchen, wagging his tail, happy as can be. Here's what Gus ate: Every cookie on the counter, a plate of fudge, and the plastic wrap that had been covering the fudge. He even started chewing on a metal cookie tin. He left the chocolate covered blueberries, Boll said. He must not have liked those.

Of course, when the Bolls discovered what Gus had done, they rushed him to the doggy emergency room, where a vet helped him vomit up five pounds of holiday cheer. Boll said Gus wasn't in any discomfort before or after, and that they're going to be extra careful about leaving food anywhere within harm's way from now on.


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