It's Patrick -- Looking Like the Miracle He Is!

 |  Nov 10th 2011  |   2 Contributions

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Patrick now - wow!

Remember this guy? Look familiar? We hope not! It's Patrick, the Miracle Dog. He looks nothing like he used to in the days after he was found almost dead of starvation in the garbage dumpster of his New Jersey apartment building. He had been tossed down the garbage chute from 19 floors above, perhaps given up for dead. This is what he looked like in March after his rescue.

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Patrick when he was first brought in for care; he received the best of care, and fought death for weeks

And then, after a few days of care, like this:

You've come a long way, sweet Patrick. Here's to a great, long, happy life with your loving family at Garden State Veterinary Specialists. (I'm looking for an update on the case of his former owner, Kisha Curtis. A grand jury verdict is due any day now.) We'll end with a happy Halloween shot to take the bad taste out of our mouths from these last photos.

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