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Great Dane Puppy Pictures: Because We Can

Great Dane puppies are adorable; these pictures show the spectrum of the breed's coat colors.

 |  Jul 16th 2014  |   1 Contribution

Let's make a secret pact amongst ourselves. For the rest of the day, whatever day it is when you read this, let's only think about how awesome Great Dane puppies are, and what amazing lives they lead. Like the seed of California's famed redwood tree, the Great Dane puppy is relatively small and unassuming when he makes his earthly debut, but he grows over time into one of the true giants of his species.

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Great Dane puppies love to play, but it's important that they not take on too much too soon. Posted by great danes are great on Tumblr.

Great Dane puppies bloom where they are planted

Some of our most treasured pop-culture pups -- Marmaduke in the comics, Astro in The Jetsons, and of course, Scooby-Doo, who surely needs no introduction -- are all Great Danes, and we must imagine they started out as cute little Great Dane puppies. I've compiled a small army of Great Dane puppy pictures for your edification and entertainment. None of them are as famous as the Great Dane puppies I've listed; at least not until you share this article with all of your friends, family, and general acquaintance!

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Wake up the whole family! They won't want to miss all these Great Dane puppies! Posted by dominicabril on Tumblr.

Of course, fame is not an end in itself, or at least it shouldn't be. Thomas Gray's "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" (1751) is a poetic reminder that "the paths of glory lead but to the grave." Great Dane puppies are the stars of their adoptive families, and get all the love they need from the homes they grow up in. Join me in celebrating Great Dane puppies of all varieties, and wheresoever we may find them!

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Seriously, how can you sleep through all these Great Dane puppy pictures? Posted by jnblmnop on Tumblr.

Great Dane puppies a la carte

We've got almost every kind of Great Dane puppy for you! Do you like merle Great Dane puppies? We've got them. Do you prefer brindle Great Dane puppies? Well, you're in luck! Are blue Great Dane puppies more to your taste? Dogster is pleased to present a wide range of Great Dane puppy pictures. Let's dive right in with a lovely harlequin Great Dane puppy, sitting in a giant mug. No teacup puppy, this!

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This harlequin Great Dane puppy only fits in the cup because it's a giant cup. How many cute things can you fit in a cup? posted by cutethingsincups on Tumblr.

I had no idea that the rainbow of Great Dane puppies was so broad, nor so rich. Our next adorable pal is a mantle Great Dane puppy. You'll recognize each of the Great Danes by their distinctive coat patterns. Mantle Great Dane puppies, for instance, feature bold, solid black flanks with a great white stripe down the center of the body. This Great Dane puppy doesn't recognize you, but that's only because you haven't been properly introduced!

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Mantle Great Danes are bold on the sides with white down the middle. I realized I could find magic in unexpected places, posted by nikanon on Tumblr.

This one is described as a "grey" Great Dane, but the proper term for this fur color is "blue." Like the wondrous variety of human skin tones, the root cause of coat color variation in dogs is the amount of melanin present in a dog's body. No matter what color terminology you prefer for the coat, there's no mistaking that this Great Dane puppy's eyes are as blue as the sky on a calm summer day.

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This blue Great Dane puppy is exploring the farmyard for the first time. How precious! Grey great Dane puppy with blue eyes on the grass by Shutterstock.

Great Dane puppies can befriend anyone

Great Dane puppies are adorable on their own, but everything is better with friends. When they reach full size, which they do rapidly, Great Danes can easily weigh in excess of 150 pounds. Those of you who are Great Dane owners can attest that these are very large and physically imposing dogs. You'll also agree that Great Danes are some of the kindest, gentlest, and most loyal dogs you will ever encounter. Just ask this Corgi!

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Sookie the Corgi is befriended by a harlequin Great Dane puppy. Photo by sookie the corgi on Tumblr.

It is a truism that Great Dane puppies make great family dogs. This is because Great Danes are so good at making friends with everyone they meet. While very young children need supervision around fully grown Great Danes on account of their great bulk, this Great Dane puppy seems to have made the ideal friend -- a tortoise. There's practically no way a Great Dane of any age could inconvenience this well-armored acquaintance!

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Even the largest Great Dane could not intimidate this personable tortoise. Posted by animal addiction on Tumblr.

Our next Great Dane puppy may have taken friendship a step too far. Tortoises might be considered unusual friends for Great Dane puppies, but how on earth can you befriend a gargoyle? Yes, I know that without a spout, it's technically a "grotesque," but the point remains valid. What would you talk to a statue about? At the very least, this blue Great Dane puppy is learning patience and stillness from this placid new friend.

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Great Dane puppies are generally known to be quiet dogs. Posted by itsallaboutdogs on Tumblr.

Piles upon piles of Great Dane puppies!

As we draw our survey of Great Dane puppies to its inevitable conclusion, I can hear you protesting. "You promised us the rainbow! Where are the brindle Great Dane puppies?" I know some of you are lamenting their exclusion by quoting more of Gray's "Elegy" at me: "Full many a flower is born to blush unseen / And waste its sweetness on the desert air." Don't fret, though! Brindle is one of my favorite dog coat colors.

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Here you go! A pile of brindle Great Dane puppies with their proud mother! Posted by the best of the big dogs on Tumblr.

Are you game for one last pile-up of Great Dane puppies? We may have saved the best of the cute puppy pictures for last, though I'd be hard-pressed to select just one of these Great Dane puppies as the cream of the crop. Let's seal the secret pact we started out with by agreeing that all dogs -- of every age, size, and breed -- deserve good and loving homes

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A pile of tiny harlequin Great Dane puppies to send us on our merry way. Photo by Jenna Stirling, posted by harlequingreatdanes on Tumblr.

Let's hear from all the Great Dane fans!

Have you ever owned or interacted with Great Danes? There's no question that Great Dane puppies grow into brilliant dogs -- the fame they have achieved has been justly earned. We'd love to hear about your experiences with Great Danes, whether you've come to them as an owner, friend, or a fan. Share your memories and photos in the comments!

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