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And Now, 11 Crazy Pictures of Dogs in Costumes

You don't need a holiday or special occasion to enjoy 11 hilarious pictures of dogs in costumes.

 |  Feb 12th 2014  |   1 Contribution

What is crazier? How dogs look in little clothes, or the dog owners who construct these elaborate disguises? We'll let you decide in between fits of laughter! There's always been Halloween, of course, and 2009 saw the beginnings of National Dress Up Your Pet Day, but it's become increasingly clear that waking up in the morning is more than enough of a reason to kit up the dog for a day out.

Whether it's little hats, tiny clothes, or absurdly involved costumes, all make for funny dog pictures. My biggest problem was narrowing the insanity down to 11 photos. No memes or photoshopping allowed! Truly funny dog pictures need no doctoring.

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The caption says "chia pet," but this dog looks more like a carrot garden to me. A dog is dressed in a chia pet costume for a Halloween dog costume contest by Shutterstock.

How about dogs dressed as food?

A dog costume needn't be any more complicated than a toasted bun, as this baby puppy proves! I don't know what I found best about this funny dog photo. Is it the stark simplicity of the background? The staid features of the clearly befuddled puppy? I think it might be the long arm hoisting the Dachshund puppy hot dog in a gesture of defiant pride as though this were the greatest idea in all of history.

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This puppy proves that "costume" is a relative term. Posted by casset90 on Tumblr.

From the naked simplicity of a crinkled hot dog bun to the bonkers complexity of a fabricated outfit, dogs in costumes tend to yield funny dog pictures no matter which way you slice it. Here's an attentive little Boston Terrier decked out as a banana split, complete with Neapolitan ice cream flavors and a cherry on top! The eyes and their look of total confusion had me rolling on the floor. They seem to say, "I don't know how, nor when, but I will get you for this."

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I would actually really love a banana split right now. Posted by The Best of Boston Terriers on Tumblr.

Dogs dressed as other animals!

Dressing dogs in costumes to make them look like comestibles is questionable, even if it yields funny dog pictures. I prefer this series, where dogs dress up as other members of the animal kingdom. It's the juxtaposition of the tiny Chihuahua with the mighty elephant that makes me laugh here. The little tongue helps. This elephant has two trunks!

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I couldn't stop laughing at this elephant chihuahua costume. Posted by Cutesy World on Tumblr.

Here's Bacon, a French Bulldog living in Massachusetts. His mom handcrafted this completely hilarious seal costume. I can't even glance at the little guy out of the corner of my eye without laughing uncontrollably. You may wonder how this aquatic mammal gets around; the secret is that it's not enclosed around his back legs, as this video footage shows.

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This rare French Seal Bulldog is named Bacon. Posted by lovingxeveryxminute on Tumblr, originally by Je M'Appelle Bacon. .

Now for Lionheart, king of the jungle! It's another delightful Chihuahua playing around as though he were one of earth's mightiest beasts! I swear, Chihuahuas caught with their tongues hanging out should comprise their own genre of funny dog pictures. For my own part, I find the image endlessly entertaining.

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This Chihuahua Lion is truly the king of the concrete jungle. a cute chihuahua in a lion costume by Shutterstock.

Scifi and Fantasy cosplay dogs!

What's cosplay, you ask? It's a portmanteau for "costume play," and usually involves people gathered at conventions, dressed up as their favorite characters from television, film, cartoons, and comics. What monsters we'd be if we didn't get our dogs involved! These fantastically funny dog pictures take us deep into the realms of science fiction and fantasy. This little guy's outfit comes with its own arcade game setup!

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Lasers won't stop this "Tron" light cycle champion! Posted by dr5tr4ng3l0v3 on Tumblr.

Anyone who's ever played the original Legend of Zelda knows that it's dangerous to go alone. Take this Pembroke Corgi, dressed up as Link, into the strange and dangerous world of Hyrule! Funny dog pictures leap to the next level when even the dog looks like he's having the best day ever. This puppy pal would make even the nefarious Ganon double up with laughter.

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Can this happy little Corgi save the princess? It's dangerous to go alone, take this! Posted by that-thing-in-your-pocket on Tumblr.

I make no secret of my love for Doctor Who. Lisa Ancarrow-Maltby handcrafted these costumes for her Pugs. Bailey dons the iconic scarf and hat of the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, while buddy Reba plays the part of the Doctor's time and space vehicle, the TARDIS. Who knows what these precocious Pugs think about Doctor Who cosplay or funny dog pictures, for that matter; I think they're a laugh riot.

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I can't get enough of Pugtor Who and the Tardog, aka Bailey and Reba! Doctor Who and the Tardis by Lisa Ancarrow-Maltby on Tumblr.

Two for the road!

Some dogs prefer more conventional methods of travel. These canine motorists will certainly provoke whatever laughter you have left inside! When I saw this shaggy dog with a little head wrap and glasses, the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "Get in the car, grandma!"

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Get in the car, grandma! Posted by eighteen88 on Tumblr.

Here's Missy, with her own monogrammed car and a license to drive! I feel like watching '80s teen comedies as Missy motors through in this flashy ride. The pink shades, tank top, and custom Volkswagen have had me laughing for days. This is what funny dog pictures are all about.

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Missy's at the wheel and ready for action! Photo by Debbie Weddle, posted by Nature's Recipe on Tumblr.

Fair is fair! These dogs dressed their owner!

I think I've saved the best for last. One Lisa above dressed her Pugs. The Lisa below turned the tables and dressed as a Pug herself! I break into absolute hysterics every time I see this one.

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When I saw Lisa dressed up as a pug, I erupted into laughter. Posted by Geyser of Awesome on Tumblr; photo by Lisa Lombardi.

Which of these funny dog pictures is your favorite? Can you pick just one? When you stop laughing, let us know in the comments! Share your best pictures of dogs in costumes, from the classically simple to the most profoundly complex. We can all use a good laugh!

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