Elvis' German Shepherd Lost and Found

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It's Elvis time in Memphis so I guess its also time for an Elvis story.

Thanks to ABC.net for this article.

Elvis dog lost then found
Last Update: Wednesday, August 15, 2007

By Allison Jess

Not only is impersonator Danny Spinosa a huge fan of Elvis Presley, he once knew the king of rock and roll and almost lost his dog.

Based in Memphis, Spinosa has been an Elvis impersonator for seven years; "I've been singing around town for about 16 years and people always try to get me to do Elvis because I sing the songs so well. I didn't know that I ever wanted to get into it (impersonating Elvis) but then a promoter made me a pretty big offer and I thought 'I'll give it a go' and now I wish I'd started doing it a long time ago because it's all I do now."

"I grew up behind Elvis in the Graceland subdivision, right behind the mansion and my brothers are a lot older than I am and they were real good friends of his. Elvis called our house and I used to see Elvis all the time when I was a kid. When he first came out of the service; he was stationed in Germany, someone had gave him a German Shepherd that was a direct descendent of (TV canine star) Rin Tin Tin. In fact they were training him to be a movie dog."

"When Elvis went on a month long tour we kept the dog for him, we were keeping him for a month; three weeks on the dog got away and ran off. He was gone for over a week. We were in a panic that we'd lost Elvis' dog! Three hours before Elvis got back in town the dog came back."

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