Dogster Columnist Talks Dogs on Howcast

 |  Apr 22nd 2011  |   0 Contributions

Recently featured on National Public Radio and Nightline, Howcast is the talk of the media, streaming tens of millions of compelling, fun, high-quality, how-to videos every month across its multi-platform distribution network.

From How To Kiss to How To Avoid Jet Lag to How to Turn Your Backyard Into a Beer Garden, you'll find it on Howcast, which has rapidly developed a loyal following for making how-to hip and hot.Not surprisingly, with sometwo million downloads across iPhone, iPad, Android, andBlackBerry phones, Howcast is the #1 mobile app for instructional content - wherever you happen to be.

So imagine my delight when Howcast invited me, your faithful Living With Dogs columnist,to be one of its pet experts!

We recently had a fun, day-long shoot at my animal house, featuring all the dogs (plus a few cats) in residence. Naturally, Lazarus attempted to steal every scene he's in. (He's not called Lazzmtazz for nothing.) And sweet little Cupcakedeserves an award for her valiant attempt to kiss my face off!

The result? Twenty-one videos about "Understanding Dog Breeds" from this reporter's point of view.Clickhere to seea sample - I hope you'll check out the rest, and please share your thoughts in the comments.


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