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8 Essential Dog-Related Photos to Store on Your Smartphone

A photo isn't just worth a thousand words -- it might just save your dog's life. Here are some you should have on hand at all times.

 |  Jul 9th 2012  |   17 Contributions

Your smartphone's photo album can be much more than a brag book filled with snapshots of your favorite four-footed friends. It can actually be a life-saver -- especially if, say, you're traveling and you forgot not only your dog's medication, but its name and dosage -- or your dog sitter runs out of said med and needs your help refilling it.

If you're like us, you already use your notes app to keep track of everyday reminders. But a photo is worth a thousand characters, and images are so much more effective as mnemonic devices!

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Dogster EIC Janine Kahn keeps many sharp photos of her Italian Greyhound, Moxie, on her iPhone.

Here are eight items that can easily be recalled -- not to mention texted or emailed to the appropriate person -- with a snap of your camera's shutter button. Please take these pictures without delay, and use the comments section to tell us what we've left out!

8 Important Dog-Related Photos to Have on Hand:

1. Pictures of your dog's current medications; make sure the RX name and dosage are clearly visible in the photos.

2. Pictures of your dog, in case (heaven forbid) he or she goes missing and you have to create a Lost Dog flyer on the double.

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A snapshot of Moxie's tag collar and license.

3. Closeup shots of your dog's license and vaccination tags -- make sure they're in focus so all letters and numbers are legible.

4. A picture of your dog's microchip ID info, and a Web site screen shot of Home Again (or whichever company's chip is implanted in your dog).

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Some vaccines Moxie received as a puppy.

5. A picture of your dog's food -- the package it comes in -- to make it easier for your dog sitter to restock in case the supply runs out in your absence.

6. A picture of the business card of the pet-supply store where you buy your dog's food, especially if it's a prescription diet.

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Moxie's microchip number.

7. A picture of your veterinarian's business card, clearly showing the phone number, email, and physical location address (or a screen shot of the hospital's Web site).

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A screen grab of the emergency hospital that's nearest Janine and Moxie.

8. A picture of the business card of the nearest 24-hour emergency vet hospital (or screen shot of the hospital's Web site).

Dogster readers, what would you add to this very important list?


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