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We're Barking Thrilled Over "The Dogs of San Francisco"

What do you do if you can't have a dog? This enterprising couple launched a blog of the canines in their city. Woof!

 |  Aug 27th 2012  |   3 Contributions

Raise your paw if you're like me: an enthusiastic dog lover with a lifetime of dog experience, which qualifies you to be a devoted dog guardian, but you just don't have the stable finances, the regular schedule, or the rental agreement to allow you to actually rescue a new best friend from the local shelter.

In San Francisco, suffering from personal dog deficiency is even more devastating because you are paw-sitively surrounded by dogs. You can't go a day -- you can't even walk a block -- without seeing a dog padding happily alongside her human. And if you're like me, then you've developed an automatic head-turning response to the jingle of dog tags at that perfect dog-gait tempo. What are we to do? How can we get our dog fix?

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I really really want a dog! Adorable faces like this are torture!

When Adam and Autumn Lang tried unsuccessfully to bring a dog into their lives (the rent on their apartment is just too good to give up, and their landlord would not budge on the issue), they turned to the next best thing in a city full of dogs: Going out into the field and making friends with other dogs and their humans, photographing the pooches, and posting them to their blog, The Dogs of San Francisco.

Go ahead, peruse the site, and fantasize about the dog you'll get ... one day!

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Hover puppy is dangerously cute!

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Jiggly Caliente has a bone to pick with you -- literally.

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Pixi is a Nanobegale. Nope, we're not sure what that means either other than she's adorable!

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Look at this cute pup!

Photos via The Dogs of San Francisco blog


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