Awesome Weekend Dog Pics For Your Viewing Pleasure

 |  Jul 22nd 2011  |   0 Contributions

My 14-year-old daughter, Laura Altair Hanson, has been emailing me dog pics for months now, in hopes that I might be able to use some for Dogster. So far they've either been too small or just a bit -- well, unusual. (There are only so many morphed dog-birds one can look.)

But this week she sent me a bunch that I knew would work beautifully for our Dogster weekend send-off. As it turns out, they're all from the free iTunes app, Backgrounds. You can use them as the wallpaper for your iPhone. Or you can just sit back and enjoy some awesome dogs right here, in the comfort of your Dogster dog blog. Happy weekend!

(Stay tuned next week: We're going to be holding what's sure to be a very popular contest involving a camp for dogs and their people.)

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(Update for those concerned: This is very likely Photoshopped...)


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