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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
AA for those who are addicted to snores
For those who worship pugs!! For pugs, families of pugs... [more] United States  6871 join
  For The Love Of Pug! (FLOP)
~For Anyone Who Is Owned By A Pug~
The pug is living proof that God has a sense of... [more]   4164 join
  Pug Pals
Pug Pal Pack
A Pug Friendly Group South Bend, Indiana, United States  2677 join
  The United Pug Foundation (U.P.F.)
Where Pugs,Smoosh Noses & Friends unite!
Welcome to the UPF Mansion Resort For pugs and pups... [more] Kentucky, United States  2189 join
  Spoiled Pugs & Pups (SPP)
Pupingham Palace and Royalty
Join us in Pupingham Palace for royal pampering, where love, happiness,... [more]   1720 join
  The Royal Canin® Pug Group
Intelligent Nutrion for the Purebred Dog
Dedicated to keeping dogs healthy by using science & precise nutritional... [more] San Francisco, California, United States  1387 join
  All Things Pug
(Pug )
Welcome Pugs and Pug lovers
Group discussion about all things pug! Spring City, Tennessee, United States  393 join
  Hug a Pug!!!
(Pug )
Have you hugged your pug today?
This group is for all the little puggies out there!   336 join
Puggles rock
For anyone that loves Puggles!   304 join
  Pugaholics Anonymus
(Pug )
We encourage falling off the wagon.
An informal way to share your addiction to the best breed!... [more] San Diego, California, United States  296 join
  Texas Puggies
(Pug )
Pugs in the Lone Star State
Everything is bigger in Texas but our little puggies! Houston, Texas, United States  281 join
  Pugs, Pugs, and More Pugs
Its a Puggy Pug World
Its all about the pug!!! Modena, New York, United States  239 join
  Rescued Pugs
Rescue a Pug...Make a Forever Friend
For all rescued pugs and anyone who is interesed in adopting... [more] Kentucky, United States  239 join
  Puggles Unite!
Puggle me this, puggle me that
My mom's a little bit country, and my dad's a little... [more] St. Petersburg, Fl  209 join
  Puggle Paradise
(Beagle )
Got Puggle?
Got a Puggle? Love a Puggle? Want a Puggle?... [more] United States  182 join
pug, black, black pugs
This group page is for all the black pugs out there....welcome!... [more] Dallas, Texas, Texas, United States  181 join
  BUgS...the CooL PugS
(Pug )
The big dog in a little package
For all the boston terrier and pug mixes out there!   178 join
  Team Pugsly!
Pugsly the Pug RUVS YOU
Pugsly is one step away from becoming a STAR   176 join
  Puget Sound Pups
Hounds around the Sound
Gathering point for Sound hounds Tacoma, Washington, United States  166 join
  Odie the Talking Pug's Fan Club
We love you Odie
If you've seen Odie on t.v. and just can't get enough,... [more]   129 join
  Pug Lovers
For the love of a pug
All Pug Owners Welcome Michigan, United States  124 join
  Pug Bugs Snug In Rugs
(Pug )
Say, "Pug Bugs Snug In Rugs" three times fast! Kennie's Room  117 join
  My Perfect Pug
(Pug )
Pugs here, there and everywhere!
All pugs out there!! Be more than welcome!! São Lourenço (mg), Brazil  116 join
  ♥ Cutest Pugs™
Do You Have What It Takes???
If you think that u are just the most precious, cutest... [more] United States  109 join
  Florida Pugs
(Pug )
Have You Hugged Your Pug Today?
For Puggies that live in Florida!! Jacksonville, Florida, United States  106 join
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