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(Doberman Pinscher )
Dobe lovers helping other dobe lovers wi
Discussions of all doberman health issues, also play, fun , and... [more]   438 join
  Doberman Home
(Doberman Pinscher )
Jacer Jace's friends old and new.
Let's share all of our dobie-baby stories United States  196 join
  I luv dobes
(Doberman Pinscher)
welcome dobe luvers
for anyone who luvs dobermans and other breeds welcome!@! Ventura, California, United States  138 join
  Doberman Nation
(Doberman Pinscher)
The place for Doberman's.
Doberman Lovers!   136 join
  The Doberman Group
(Doberman Pinscher)
All About Dobermans
A Group for Dobies   66 join
  Natural Eared Dobies
(Doberman Pinscher)
Au Natural all the way!
We are a group for purebred Doberman Pinschers with natural, uncropped... [more]   50 Invite Only
  doberman R us
(Doberman Pinscher )
woof woof!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the right place to be if you love the breed too........ [more] Istanbul Turkey, Turkey  43 join
(Doberman Pinscher)
Everyone who loves dobermans will join this group! Old Bridge, New Jersey, United States  40 join
  It's All About The Doberman
(Doberman Pinscher)
The New York Doberman
Sleek , Elegent, Intelligent and Soooo Darn Cute! Baiting Hollow, New York, United States  27 join
  Show Dobes
(Doberman Pinscher )
dobermans that are shown in conformation
SHOW DOBERMANS Saint Louis, Missouri, United States  26 join
  Doberman's World
(Doberman Pinscher )
Dobie's Rock
Share about your Doberman.   23 Invite Only
  Darling Dobermans
(Doberman Pinscher )
Home Sweet Home
This Place had Gone to the Dogs!   21 join
  Dobermans of NC
(Doberman Pinscher )
We may look mean, but were just babies
All dobermans that live in North Carolina Thomasville, North Carolina, United States  21 join
  doberman fo life
(Doberman Pinscher)
for dobermans Mv, California, United States  17 join
  PDX Dobie Dodos
(Doberman Pinscher)
Dobies are big pussycats
Dobermans in the Portland/Portland Metro areas Portland, Oregon, United States  11 join
  Arizona Dobies
(Doberman Pinscher)
Calling all AZ dobies!
Hot Dobies in the Southwest! Cave Creek, Arizona, United States  11 join
  Doberman Lovers of Bastrop County, Texas
(Doberman Pinscher)
Dobermans, Can't have just one!!
My group is for all Doberman lovers in and out of... [more] Smithville, Texas, United States  10 join
  The Doberman Gang
(Doberman Pinscher )
We are the spoiled ones
Welcome to all the "Spoiled Rotten" Doberman's (full size and minpin)... [more]   9 Invite Only
  Doberman's DoberToons Yakabouts!
(Doberman Pinscher)
All about the Doberman's Sense of Humor
For folks interested in Doberman Humor   5 Invite Only
  Doberman's of the "951"
(Doberman Pinscher)
Doberman 951
Doberman Pinscher's from California's Inland Empire Area Code 951 Corona, California, United States  4 join
  Save Big Red
(Doberman Pinscher)
We need help in saving this beauty.
Please our family save this beautiful full blooded red doberman Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States  3 join
  nagmamahal kapamilya
(Doberman Pinscher)
where are not pimps, but we are saying no to those... [more] Manila, West Virginia, Philippines  3 join
  For the love of Dobermans!
(Doberman Pinscher)
No good Doberman is a bad color...
A group for Doberman lovers of ANY color; black, red, blue,... [more] United States  2 Invite Only
  Can u Dig It?
(Doberman Pinscher)
Can u Dig it? I can! I want to... [more] Cincinnati, Ohio, United States  2 join
(Doberman Pinscher)
We rule this school Mililani, Hawaii, United States  1 Invite Only

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