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  Dal Pals
(Dalmatian )
Let's hear it for Fire Dogs!
A place for spotted dogs and their people to interact!   556 join
  Spotted Ladies
(Dalmatian )
Ladies With Spots
A group for Laddies with Spots! Florida, United States  104 join
(Dalmatian )
The ONLY Dal group with daily FUN!
For Dalmatians, their Familes & Friends!   79 join
  Dalmation Owners/Lovers
(Dalmatian )
A group specifically for the owners of dalmations or people with... [more]   56 join
  Dalmatians with allergies
(Dalmatian )
GOT DALS? Got food allergies?
Dals who suffer from food allergies Union City, California, United States  40 join
  Dalmation, Texas
(Dalmatian )
Our Spots Are Bigger In Texas!!
A Group For Texas Dalmations Texas  33 join
  Firehouse Dogs
spots and dots!
For our spotted friends United States  28 join
  Dalmation/Pit bull group
Calling half-Dalmation/half-pit bulls!!!
Half Dalmation/half pit bulls Maryland, United States  23 join
  Dalmation Unite
Got Dalmation?
This group is not only for people who have dalmations but... [more] United States  20 join
come on in   11 join
  1 guy 2 dals
(Dalmatian )
1guy2dals in WA
I have 2 rescued Dalmatians that rule my life Maple Valley, Washington, United States  11 join
  Spotted Sweetwater Pals
(Dalmatian )
Meeting other dal's
I see Spot's!!!!!! Sweetwater, Texas, United States  9 join
  Dalmatians United
We are'nt all fire dogs....
For those of us spotted creatures and the owners who love... [more]   8 join
  ♦Sportin the Spots♦
If your spotty and ya know it.. join us!
Are you a dal? Wanna talk to other dals? Then come... [more]   8 join
  Dalmation Love
All dals.
If you have spots then come on in Virginia, United States  7 Invite Only
  Lets have dogs!!
(Dalmatian )
Dogs rule!
Dogs are the best! Brownwood, Texas, United States  6 Invite Only
  Spotted Loves
dalmation spotted loves love luv luvs
We love to talk about our Dalmations, and what there favorite... [more] Akron/ellet, Ohio, United States  1 Invite Only

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