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  Border Collie Mania
(Border Collie )
Border Collies from around the world
If you have em or love em, come on in and... [more]   715 join
  !Border Collie's Only!
(Border Collie)
Border Collies Rule
Border Collies (and border collie mixes) should enter! Pennsylvania, United States  649 join
  Border Collie Bay
(Border Collie )
This group is for B Collies and B Collie mixes! (border... [more]   271 join
  Me & My BC♥
(Border Collie)
Got BC?
Border Collie purebred, or cross.   188 Invite Only
  My Maine Dog
(Border Collie )
Maine is where the dogs go to play!!
Welcome to My Maine Dog... A group open to dogs from... [more] Penobscot County, Maine, United States  168 join
  For the love of the chase
(Border Collie )
Border collies, unite and give chase!
For border collies and other herding dogs   118 join
  We love Agility!
(Border Collie )
Agility is awsome!
We bark about all the great things in agility! Pennsylvania, United States  105 join
  Border Collies
(Border Collie )
What are we gunna do today?
We love Border Collies and are glad to except all of... [more] Tampa, Florida, United States  96 join
  "Border Collies United"
(Border Collie )
4 any Border Collie!!
is a group for any type of Border Collies across the... [more]   79 join
  Blazing Border Collies
(Border Collie )
All Borders welcome, mixes too!
Borders who work and Borders who play! Ontario, Canada  76 join
  P.A. Border Collies
(Border Collie )
Border Collie 's rule P.A.
A group about Border Collies from Pennsylvania! Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, United States  65 join
  For the Love of Border Collies
(Border Collie )
For The LOVE of Border Collies
This is a great group to start off in, as we... [more] Eastover, South Carolina, United States  57 join
  *Border Collies Everywhere*
(Border Collie )
Come One ,Come All
This Group Is For All Border Collies Everywhere United States  54 join
  •border collies!•
(Border Collie )
all border collies!!!!
if you are a border collie come right in   53 Invite Only
  *~All About Agility~*
(Border Collie)
Dogs and agility!
Agility dogs galore! Welcome!   51 join
  British Border Collies
(Border Collie)
Welcome to the BBC!
A very British institution - British Border Collies (or the BBC)... [more] United Kingdom  51 join
  the cutest doggies around!
(Border Collie )
all dogs that are member need 2 be cute!
cute and sweet   49 join
  The Oreo's
(Border Collie )
Oreo's rock!
A group about Pets named Oreo! Oreo's Place, Pennsylvania, United States  43 Invite Only
  BCs of Canada
(Border Collie )
for the lovers of BCs in Canada
Border Collies of Canada Canada  42 join
  Border Collie Lovers Club, for the breed that rules!
(Border Collie)
Border Collie owners and lovers see here
For all border collie lovers who go ahhhhh at the sight... [more]   40 join
  I love Border Collies!
(Border Collie )
All B.C's Come!!
All Border Collies, Come one, Come all!!! United States  33 join
  Bold Border Collies
(Border Collie )
The cool place for Border Collies purebreds, mixes, wannabes, etc. to... [more]   30 join
  Australian Border Collies
(Border Collie )
4 border collies in Australia
for any border collie in Australia (Wuf!! if your... [more] Australia  29 join
  BC's ROCK!!!!
(Border Collie)
Border Collies Rock!
All Border Collies, whether you herd or not, are welcome in... [more]   27 join
  the collie and black cat group
(Border Collie )
not just a group
a group for collies& black katz Greenwood, South Carolina, United States  27 join
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