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  Australian Shepherds
(Australian Shepherd )
The ORIGINAL Aussie Group!
For Aussie or Aussie mixie owners, admirers, or lovers!   1048 join
  Amazing Awesome Aussies N Friends! # 1 Wiggle Butt Dogs !
(Australian Shepherd )
Australian Shepherd Lovers
Loves Austrilain Shepards, talk about heath issues, things you and your... [more] Millville, New Jersey, United States  440 join
  All Bout Aussies
(Australian Shepherd )
Australian Shepherd Discussion
All about those wonderful wiggle butts.   403 join
  A.W.!! (Aussie Wigglebutts!!)
(Australian Shepherd )
Wiggle it, just a little bit, or A LOT!!
"My goal in life is to be as wonderful as my... [more] Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, United States  232 join
  **~Awesome Australian Shepherds~**
(Australian Shepherd)
Got Aussies!!!???
If you are an Awesome Aussie come join!!!   200 join
  Rescue Aussies
(Australian Shepherd )
Australian Shepherd Rescues
This is the group for Aussies that have been rescued or... [more] United States  119 join
  austrialian sheperd club!
(Australian Shepherd )
austries rule
if u have a austriallian sheperd this club is for u... [more] Saugus Ceneter, Massachusetts, United States  67 join
  FLORIDA Aussies
(Australian Shepherd )
Calling all aussies!!!
Aussies do it all.... Anywhere, Florida, United States  61 Invite Only
  Australian Shepherd's that are deaf and blind.
(Australian Shepherd )
I'm just like everyone else..
Please open your heart to a deaf and blind dog. North Carolina, United States  47 join
(Australian Shepherd)
aussies show em off
got an aussie show ur love for them here   47 join
  Aussome Aussies
(Australian Shepherd )
Just for us Aussies!
A group meant only for Australian Shepherds. Wiggle butts all the... [more]   46 join
  Aussies With Tails
(Australian Shepherd )
Show me the tail!
Australian Shepherds with Naturally Long Tails   44 join
  Awsome Aussies
(Australian Shepherd)
be enerjetic and smart!!!!!
Aussies with spunk will come and enjoy other Aussies Steamboat Island, Washington, United States  40 join
  For the Love of Aussies
(Australian Shepherd)
Aussies are Great
All those that have Aussie in the Breed Pleasant Gap, Pennsylvania, United States  30 join
  .::♥ Aussie luff ♥::.
(Australian Shepherd)
Aussies of all types welcome.
You an aussie or an aussie mix? This is the place... [more]   30 join
(Australian Shepherd )
This group is for my Jynx to find what they love... [more] Pennsylvania, United States  30 join
  Calling All Aussies!
(Australian Shepherd)
Woof woof!!!
Welcome all Aussies, lets play!   30 join
(Australian Shepherd)
Aussies need love,we can give it to them
Here you can come with any situation, problem, whatever about your... [more] Pennsylvania, United States  29 join
  Aussie Possie
(Australian Shepherd )
Aussies Unite!
If you are an aussie, please join ! I would love... [more] Greenwood, Arkansas, United States  27 Invite Only
  Aussies RULE!!!
(Australian Shepherd)
aussies rule dudes.
The group 4 the cooloest dogs ever...AUSSIES!   20 join
  East Bay Australian Shepherds
(Australian Shepherd)
Lets go Herding!!
Bark Bark from the East Bay of San Francisco. East Bay Area, Ca, California, United States  19 join
  Australian Shepherds in the Central Valley of CA
(Australian Shepherd )
If you enjoy your Aussie join us!
All Aussie owners who live in the central part of California... [more] Modesto, California, United States  14 join
  Aussies a.k.a wigglebutts~*
(Australian Shepherd)
Aussies are Pawsome!
We don't have tails so we wiggle our butts! United States  14 join
  Aussies Over GA
(Australian Shepherd )
For any Aussie that lives in Georgia! Atanta, Georgia, United States  11 Invite Only
  Aussie Magiec
(Australian Shepherd)
For the magic they add to our lives.
All Aussies Welcome!   10 Invite Only
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