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Ruled by the Skinny
You want in because you love whippets.   179 join
  Wonderful Whippets
(Whippet )
Whippets only!
For dogs that are whippets or at least have some whippet... [more] Oregon, United States  77 join
  Race Whippets
Bunnies Beware!
Dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of bunnies! United States  27 join
  The Whippet Gang
Gaurdians of the Gate
Welcome to TWG Have fun & Please join   21 join
  ~Michigan Whippets~
(Whippet )
skinny hounds in the "mitten" !
for those in Michigan who adore their Whippets ! Michigan, United States  19 join
  Whippet Good
(Whippet )
Come play with us!
Bringing together whippet owners in the Phoenix metro area Mesa, Arizona, United States  16 join
  Whipets, whipets, everywhere
We love the whipets   13 join
  Ohio Whippets
Whippets are Wrunderful
Whippets and Whippets mixes in Ohio Ohio, United States  6 join
  Friends for ever!
(Whippet )
A friend, a pal, be one
Snoopy needs pals, his so lonely, it would also be good... [more] Australia  6 join

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