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  The Rat Lounge
(Rat Terrier )
The perfect place to chat about the Rat
This is a group for Rat Terrier lovers. A place to... [more]   551 join
  All Rat Terriers, Unite!
(Rat Terrier )
If you have a Rat Terrier (or just love
Rat Terriers, Unite! South Pasadena, California, United States  239 join
  The Rat Pack
(Rat Terrier )
It's the Rat Pack!
Any and all Rat Terriers other breeds also welcomed. Corpus Christi, Texas, United States  199 join
  Rat Terrier Lovers and New Rattitude Rescue
(Rat Terrier)
Looking out for Rat Terriers in need.
This group is for the Rat Terrier supporters and lovers! United States  114 join
  Rat Terrier Pride!
(Rat Terrier )
Rat Terriers Unite!
Welcome to the Rat Terrier Pride! doggy breed group! Any doggy... [more]   53 join
  rat terrier lovers and owner come here
(Rat Terrier)
we are kewl
if u love rat terriers come on in West Allis, Wisconsin, United States  47 join
  Rat Terrier Palace
(Rat Terrier)
We Love RATZ
Bring All Rat Terriers United States  39 join
  Rat Terriers and Their Owners
(Rat Terrier )
Rat Terriers of Texas
For the Rat Terriers and Owners Texas, United States  37 join
  Rrrrraleigh Rat Terriers
(Rat Terrier )
Come play with us!
For Rat Terrier lovers in the Triangle Area - Come on... [more] Raleigh, North Carolina, United States  34 join
  Rat Terriers Rock!
(Rat Terrier )
All happy rat terriers!
All Rat terriers, miniature& standard   20 join
  rat terrier
(Rat Terrier)
we are the best
get out off here all you big dogs Georgia Peach, Georgia, United States  18 join
  rat terrier fun
(Rat Terrier)
this is a great group Shelton, Washington, United States  18 join
  Louisiana Ratties
(Rat Terrier)
Let's Mingle
A place for Rat Terriers of Louisiana. Walker/denham Springs Area, Louisiana, United States  15 join
  For the love of DOGS AND CATS
(Rat Terrier)
love with love of animals
Any animal welcome here. Even rodents and reptiles. Merced, California, United States  15 join
  chichi again
(Rat Terrier )
about chihci again Apartment, Florida, United States  14 join
  Alamo City Rat Terriers of San Antonio TEXAS
(Rat Terrier )
Rat Terrier and their People Join Us
This group is for those who own and or love Rat... [more] San Antonio, Texas  14 join
(Rat Terrier)
Relax! It's not Gross! It's a fun group!
F= Funny A= Adorable R= Rat ... [more]   13 join
  Rattie Pack
(Rat Terrier)
Come and have fun
The Rattie Pack Edwards, Missouri, United States  11 join
  Peddlers Paws Shop for your pets needs all on sale
(Rat Terrier)
Welcome To Peddler Paws Where Pets enjoy our treats Phoenix, Arizona, United States  10 join
  Metro Detroit Rat Terrier Group
(Rat Terrier)
Ratties Rule!!
"Rat Terriers" Are they the greatest breed or what? Harper Woods, Michigan, United States  9 join
  Rat Terrier Luvers
(Rat Terrier )
We luve Rat Terriers
Rat Terriers rock!   7 Invite Only
(Rat Terrier )
Ratta Tat Tat stories
This is where youcan share stories about you Rat Terrier   4 join
  rat terriers rule
(Rat Terrier )
rat terriers can be pains
rat terriers are adventrous Fox River Park, Wisconsin, United States  4 Invite Only
  Club Rat
(Rat Terrier)
The rat club
welcome to club rat Comstock Park, Michigan, United States  3 join
  Rat Terriers and Friends of NW Ga
(Rat Terrier)
fun in the park
A great place for all Small dogs Acworth, Kennesaw, Cartersvill, Georgia, United States  1 Invite Only
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