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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  ♥ The Pom Poms ♥
Pawriffic Poms
♥ For the Love of Pomeranians ♥ United States  823 join
  ~PoM PaLs~
(Pomeranian )
All Poms are welcome!
Pomeranians = Cutest breed!! New Mexico, United States  563 join
  Pampered Pomeranian's
(Pomeranian )
Talk about your Pom's with love and care
Have a Pampered Pomeranian? Might as well join! California, United States  527 join
For the love of POMs!
An active group for all Pomeranian lovers, no matter size, color... [more]   510 join
PUFF~A Group for all Poms & Furiends
Welcome all Pomeranians, fursiblings & special friends. Come in and... [more] California, United States  385 join
  ~*Poms of the world*~
(Pomeranian )
Why not get to know everyone
Inviting all pomeranians and there owners from all over the world.... [more]   382 join
  *{Precious Pomerainians}*
(Pomeranian )
All power, not just the puff
For Pomerainians only!! Tampa, Florida, United States  228 join
  ****cutie pomeranian group*****
(Pomeranian )
Aloha!!! Kl, Malaysia  149 join
  Pomeranian Lovers
(Pomeranian )
Cold nose, warm heart!
For people who own a pom or just like the breed.... [more] North Richland Hills, Texas, United States  130 join
  Small Dogs Rule
(Pomeranian )
Come one come all small. Lets make friends and travel around... [more]   120 join
  Pomeranians Only!
(Pomeranian )
Lets go! Pom poms!
If your a pomeranian lover. This place is for you. Riverside, Ohio, United States  116 join
  Petite Poms
(Pomeranian )
for the best of the best poms
big things come in small "pomeranians"   102 join
  Giant Pomeranians of the World
(Pomeranian )
We are special!
Calling all Pom's that weigh over 12 lbs.   66 join
  The pomeranians
(Pomeranian )
We have fun
We welcome all kind of dogs Bark Park, Texas, United States  58 join
  For the love of barking
(Pomeranian )
If your pup likes barking then this is the group for... [more] Petaluma, California, United States  56 join
  PA Poms!!
(Pomeranian )
Poms of PA
PA Poms meet and great!! Hamburg, Pennsylvania, United States  56 join
  Pomeranians get together
(Pomeranian )
Ima pomeranian. Be jealous.
A place for us fluffy dogs.   48 Invite Only
  ♥~*~Pomeranians rule~*~♥
For Pomeranins Only
If you like or own a Pomeranian come and join.   47 join
  NYC Tri-State Area Pomeranian Group
(Pomeranian )
We're city poms!
Pomeranian Group for the New York City Tri-State Area New York City Tri-state Area, New York, United States  47 join
  *-Pom's wanna have fun too!-*
For pomies who wanna have fun!
For all pomeranian's who just want to have fun!   44 join
  The Pomeranian Owners Society
Poms RULE!
ONLY FOR POMERANIAN OWNERS!!!!!!! ... [more] Vancouver, Canada  44 join
  Precious Pomeranians
Where Everyone is a fluff ball   39 join
  Female Pomeranians "ONLY"
Welcome to Midnyte's Personals add East Alton, Illinois, United States  39 join
  ~ Pumpkin Poms ~
(Pomeranian )
Orange ya jealous!!
Calling all foxy, orange Poms!   36 join
  *Pomeranian Love*
(Pomeranian )
Welcome to *Pomeranian Love*
*Pomeranian Love* the most awesome group   33 Invite Only
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