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  Pekingnese Passion
Peke Love
For all the Peke Lovers come talk and share all... [more] Bellerose, New York, United States  320 join
  Pekingese Pups
(Pekingese )
Pekes 'R' Us
This is a group for Pekes and Pekingese mixes or for... [more]   276 join
  Pekes who love to play!
(Pekingese )
sleep, eat, play! play! play!
if you have a pekingese loves to play then join.   131 join
  The Lil Bow Wows
(Pekingese )
The Peke Page
Welcome to the Pekingese Page ! ! ! Palm Bay, Florida, United States  56 join
  Pekes United!
Life's better with a mushy face!
A group for all Pekingnese Pups to meet and chat   49 join
  Pekingese fun!
Pekingse are the best!
This is a group for all pekingese dogs.   41 join
  Frolicing Friends
(Pekingese )
Gimme Some Paw!
A group for Pups To Old Pals Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada  29 join
  picka-poos have more fun
picka-poos ONLY Montgomery, Alabama, United States  13 join
  Pekingese Rock!
Anyone who loves pekingese Mesa, Arizona, United States  12 Invite Only
  Iowa Pekes
Pekingese lovers chat
Peke lovers unite!! Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States  12 join
  The Pretty Pekes
The Pekes of Pretty
The Preety Pekes accept anybody as long as they are nice.... [more] 2729 Carmel Dr. Carrollton, Texas, United States  9 join
  The Lion Dog Den
Lion Dogs
If you're gonna be a dog, be a Pekingese. Florida, Florida, United States  8 join
  Austin, Texas Pekingese
Pekes look like little Muppets.
People in Austin, Texas who love Pekingese (or other friendly dogs).... [more] Austin, Texas, United States  8 join
  MD Pekingese Dogs
Come out and Play :-)
Looking to meet some local pooches! Maryland, United States  3 join
  Peke Parents in Utah
Peke's in Utah
For all of us Pekingese Mommys or Daddys in the Utah... [more] Salt Lake City, Utah, United States  2 join

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