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Links for ♥ Pirates Cove ♥

Review links from your group.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean
     Official Website of Deadman's Chest

2. Disney Pirates Website
     Official Pirates Website

3. At Worlds End
     Official MySpace page for At Worlds End

4. Pirates Video

5. Johnny Depp Fans
     MySpace Johnny Depp Fan's Page.

6. Johnny Depp Fans II
     Another MySpace Johnny Depp Fan Site

7. Dead Mans Chest
     Movie info...

8. Orlando Bloom
     What a Hottie!!

9. Sign Guest Book!

10. Pirate Stroll
     BoL! Too Cute!!

11. Ahoy Mates 07 Photo Contest Stroll
     Good Luck and Have Fun!!

12. Blingee
     A Place to add Bling to your photographs. Kasper and I each made a Pirate photo there. They have a few pirate things, but we didn't like that hate. We liked that hate, but it comes with a background. We didn't know how to get rid of it. So if you want a hat on, or eye patch, put that on first, before upload a photo to blingee.

13. Pirate Games
     Free Game Downloads

14. Pirate King Online Game
     Free Pirate Game !

15. Pirate Game Links
     All kind of Pirate games for online play and purchase.

16. Pirate Poppers Game
     Free Online Pirate's Game

17. Planning a Pirate Party?
     This a fun place to get Ideas & Help

18. The Pirates Realm
     Games, etc

19. Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Game
     Check it out!

20. Get A Pirate Name
     A 20 question quiz that will lead you to getting your very own Pirate Name! Have Fun!

21. Pirate Name Generater
     You, too, can have a Pirate name! No questions to answer.

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