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1. American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, Inc.
     The official web site for the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, Inc., an AKC Member Club and the AKC Parent Club for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the USA.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club - USA
     The CKCSC - USA. Inc. is the original registry for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in the United States. The club was founded in 1954 and currently has over 2000 members.

3. Cavaliers of the Northeast - (CNE)
     The Cavalier Club of the Northeast is a regional club associated with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, Inc. (CKCSC-USA). CKCSC-USA is the original and largest Cavalier Club in the USA. The club was incorporated in 1956 and is devoted to the health and welfare of Cavaliers.

4. Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue
     Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) organization that has been in existence since 2000. It is our goal to rescue breeding age Cavaliers from the horrors of puppymills. To date, with the help of our incredible supporters, we have saved over 700 of these wonderful dogs. If you follow the links on this main page, you will find information about our history, frequently asked questions about our organization, pictures and stories of some of our rescues, links to ways you can help, volunteer to foster/transport/adopt.

5. Cavalier Health
     Health Clinics Updated Weekly 130 Clinics Currently Listed!

6. MeetUp Groups for Cavaliers
     Meet other Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. A small breed of dog with a big name and a lot of charm!

7. Dog Friendly Lodging & More™ publishes U.S. and Canadian pet travel guides for dogs of ALL sizes & breeds.

8. Pet Friendly Travel™ gives you easy access to pet friendly accommodations in the US and Canada, including dog and pet friendly hotels, vacation rentals, cabins, motels, B&Bs, resorts, inns and spas.

9. The Straight Poop
     Here are 22 web sites, in no particular order, that list pet friendly accommodations. Most are free to browse, at least one charges a membership fee. Some are better that others, but the weakest of them might just have the place you need. Happy traveling!

10. Spaniel Bowls
     Got Ears? Keep ‘Em Dry!

11. Chadwicks Specialty Products for People & Pets
     Welcome to Chadwick's Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Bringing you unusual gifts and functional items for your home and pleasure.

12. Fancy Paw combines our main interests in life: art, communication, education and animals. We started collecting prints and paintings many years ago and still do so today. We re very proud to offer for sale products from the work of artists such as Jane Havens Tellor, Linda Christine Norton, Keri Lyn Shostens, Heidi Shaulis, Pauline Stuckey, A.K. Smits, Vasiliki, Kelly Rowe, Christine "Keena" Friedrichsmeier, Sharmaine Griffin, Sibylle Rett, Jeff Cohen, Suzanne Renaud, Ken Ottinger, Debbie Deem, Deb Harvey, Pira Urosevic, Joan Gilmore and many others.

13. Cavalier Talk
     The CKCS Syringomyelia Infosite is a resource centre on SM in cavaliers. You will find information on this condition, its symptoms and treatments; what to do if you think your cavalier might have SM; breeding guidelines; research initiatives; what to ask breeders, and the latest news on SM.

14. Cavalier of Greater Atlanta
     Welcome to the Cavaliers of Greater Atlanta Web site. We are a sanctioned breed specialty club and licensed by the AKC to conduct dog shows and matches. We maintain membership in the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, the ACKCSC, which is the AKC parent club for the breed. The purpose of our Club is to protect and advance the interests of the breed by promoting quality breeding, sportsmanlike competition, and the education of both its members and the general public.

15. Custom Dog Christmas Cards
     Custom Dog Christmas Cards and Cute Dog Greeting Cards by Margaret Sweeney

16. Folk Art Cavalier Hats
     Handmade Cavalier Folk Art Hats made up in the mountains of New Hampshire. These hats are made from the finest wool ....... a 30% mohair blend which gives it a nice soft feel. Hats are washed before they are sent to you which removes much of the itchiness that is associated with wool, leaving a nice soft warm hat.

17. Cavalier Petpourri
     This is an expanding on line catalog of unique gifts for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel fanciers. New products are regularly being added for Cavalier lovers to enjoy. All proceeds benefit rescued, handicapped and/or special needs dogs. Please browse the rescue photos to see some of those we are currently helping.

18. Cavaliers of Southern New England
     The Cavaliers of Southern New England Club was founded in the fall of 2003 as a member club of the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, the AKC Parent Club for the breed in the USA. Drawing on a membership from the New England states (with a concentration in the southern tier), as well as New York, we are dedicated to the health and welfare of the Cavalier. To that end, we encourage responsible breeding and exhibiting, both in Conformation and Performance AKC events. Please check our site for breeder referral and links to valuable information about the breed.

19. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue
     We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and very much depend on public support to pay for the medical costs of the dogs we rescue. We are always happy to consider loving, responsible families as potential adopters for our rescued Cavaliers. The dogs who come into rescue are of all ages, from youngsters through seniors, with most being adults.

20. Cavaliers of the South - A CKCSC, USA Regional Associate Club
     Cavaliers of the South (COS) is one of four regional clubs afflilated with The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, USA - the orginal breed club for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in the United States. Cavaliers of the South represents ten states - Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Virginia

21. CAVALIERS OF THE MIDWEST - A Regional Club of CKCSC, USA, Inc.
     Cavaliers of the Midwest, although a regional club under CKCSC, USA, Inc., invite Cavalier fanciers from all over to join the club.

     A regional Club of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel CLub, USA

23. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Dog breed song)
     Stop by and take a listen to this one of a kind Song about Cavaliers!!!!!

     The Bay Area Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club held its first meeting in March, 1995, shortly after the American Kennel Club recognized the breed. The Bay Area Club membership has grown since then to more than 65 people, including pet owners, breeders, and both conformation and obedience exhibitors.

25. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Northeastern New York, Inc.
     We trust you find our new site enjoyable and not only informative but to contain education on our wonderful breed constantly updated. Please visit often and contact us with any questions or with interest to join our club.

26. The Woofery
     Dog Gifts and Collectibles for over 160 Dog Breeds prides itself in offering the highest quality dog gifts and dog collectibles. Our dog gifts and dog collectibles range from collector items to everyday dog gifts for the home. Some of our dog gift products are sure to win the heart of any dog lover such as Dog sweaters, mugs, rugs and flags. Many of our dog gifts and dog collectibles can be personalized with your pets name or likeness to make them even more special for the dog lover in your life.

27. Mid-Florida Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club

28. Gorgeous Cavalier Books for Purchase

29. Animal Krackers
     Great Cavalier Gifts!

30. Dreamscape
     Cavalier gifts & apparel

31. The Royal Spaniel Magazine
     The world's only magazine combining the two most Royal of Spaniels, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and English Toy Spaniel. Subscribe to the world's most beautiful Cavalier Magazine today!

32. Cavalier Episodic Falling Syndrome
     Dedicated to Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniels and the people who love and care for them.

33. Coat Colour Inheritance in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
     Unlike Dolly Parton's coat of many colours, those of our Cavaliers are inherited from both their parents! I hope on this page to explain how and why, and to provide a colour chart which will show what colour coats can be inherited from different coloured parents.

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