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     Our new website is no longer available to us but we did keep the old site up! So click on this link for now until we can figure out a way to upkeep and continue to give you all the recipes!

2. Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats
     Highly recommended read for those who want to learn about proper nutrition for their pets and provides several recipes too.

3. Meal and treat recipes
     A variety of recipes for you to try including Yogurt Pups, Bulldog Brownies, Salmon Treats, Rice and Meat Dinner and Icy Paws.

4. The Poop Pantry
     Recipes include Soft Banana Strips, Meatball Mania, Tempting Trainning Treats and Good for You Gobblers.

5. Gourmet Sleuth Dog Biscuit Treat Recipes
     Recipes include Garlic Beef Biscuits, Vegan Dog Treat Recipe and Flea Hater's Dog Biscuits

6. Taking the Lead Recipes
     Recipes include Birthday Cake for your Dog, Veggie Kong Omelette, Vegetarian Dog Biscuits, Hush Puppies and Beef Potato Pie

7. DragonBear's Dog Treat Recipes
     This gives you a variety of recipes for liver treats including Oatmeal Liver Cookies, Liver/Graham Cracker Bait, Liver Brownies and Canine Bones for Christmas - enjoy! Link recommended by Peet.

8. Whole Dog Journal
     The Journal offers well-researched, in-depth articles about all aspects of dog care and training. We feature natural care, diet and training advice, information about complementary therapies like chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, and homeopathy, and advice from experts in the field. We also test, review and evaluate products, a task we can take on without fear, for we are 100 percent subscriber-supported; we do not and will never carry advertising.

9. PLATINUM PAW - Nutrition and holistic counseling by our very own admins, the Daneboys' Mom!
     Created by the Mom of Angus and Vaughn. You can check out the types of services she offers as well as a fresh new recipe!

10. Good Dog Express
     Looking for those crazy cookie cutters to make cool treats? Or birthday supplies for your dog's birthday? This is a very cool site! Also offers all types of treats and other supplies.

11. Chicago Canine's Dog Recipes
     Scrumptious meals and treats that include Muttzoh Balls, Grrrrisotto, Chewy Cheesy Chihuahua Pizza and Apple Crunch Pupcakes! Link recommended by Butch.

12. Every day with Rachael Ray - Pet Friendly Recipes
     She is a well known chef from the Food Network (30 Minute Meals segment). She made recipes for her dog of 13 years, Boo, who passed away last year. A very sweet story on the page. She has a new dog, Isaboo, who she also creates recipes for. Remember that her recipes are fit for pet and human consumption so be aware of the ingredients that she states is for humans only!

13. Mary's House
     A great 101 site on a natural diet for your dog - includes information includes proper percentages for a cooked diet, vitamin information, recipes (of course!), and a list of bad food for dogs. A great intro to feeding homecooked food!

14. Yummy for Dogs
     Recipes include Cinnamon Apple Snaps, Peanut Butter Cake with Carob Ganache, Mushroom Barley Dinner, Hash Brown Skillet and Canine Carrot Cookies! Website recommendation by Logan.

15. See Fido Recipes
     On the home page, go to the left and click on Dog Food Recipes. Recipes include Loch Ness Dog Scones, Love Snaps, Dog Gingerbread Mailmen and Dog French Toast. A few of the recipes have raisins that are crossed out to remind you not to add them. Bu they missed the onions in some recipes - be sure not to use onions as they are toxic to dogs. Other than that, many of the recipes sound yummy! Thanks for the recommendation Maggie!

16. Whiskers Holistic Pet Products
     This is my favorite dog store in NYC in the East Village. The owners are genuine and caring people who truly believe the wellness of the dog. I buy my supplements and food here. They do not sell anything that they do not believe in. Their products are top notch so anything you many need to supplement your food - you can find it here!

17. Bad Food List
     This provides a list as well as what part of the food or what is contained in the food that may cause problems for your pup.

18. Dog Treat Recipe Exchange
     Great site for all types of treats plus icing recipes that require or don't require refrigeration. A great guideline for substituting wheat in recipes too.

19. What is your pup's DOG AGE? Take the Dog Age Test!
     No more multiplying by 7 years to learn your dog's age in people years. The DogAge Test measures your dog's biological age, based on your dog's health, breed, risk of disease, and behavior. What I don't like about the test - it doesn't take into account those who homecook food. So it's kind of difficult to answer the food questions. But if you sign up, they give you great tips of the week!

20. The Skye's The Limit
     The Skye's The Limit offers healthier choices through the use of 100% human grade and organic ingredients. This site provides a pre-mix bag or already made muffins. They provide regular muffins to muffins for pups with special diets who have liver problems or cancer. they will also custom make the mix as well. I highly recommend this site for those pups with special needs or if it's hard to cook every week.

21. Dog Birthdays and Parties - Cake and Cookie Recipes
     Great website for various birthday cakes to make for you pup! Dog cookies too! And it helps you plan your party from invites to activities and games and even etiquette!

22. It's Raining Cats and Dogs
     Website from fellow dogsters, Gunner and Lakota, it provides two pages of recipes, which includes Texas BBQ Biscuits, Doggerific Meatballs, Italian Beef Treats and Veggie Treats!

23. House Pet Magazine
     An online magazine for the health and longeity of your canines. This provides great articles for the dog as a whole - There is usually one article on nutrition in every issue but I love the topics.

24. Take the Poison Food For Dogs Quiz
     How much do you know? Take the quiz!

25. Three Dog Bakery
     Three Dog Bakery Guarantee... Every ingredient we use in our tasty, fresh-baked treats is hand selected by our buyers to ensure the absolute top quality and wholesomeness you've come to expect from Three Dog Bakery. Sarah, Dottie, Gracie and our entire crew stand salivatingly proud behind each and every treat that we bake for our dogs and yours! If you are ever dissatisfied - for any reason - return the product along with a note explaining why and we'll be happy to correct the problem to your satisfaction!

     Please be sure to check here to ensure that you have not been feeding your pup food that has been recalled in March 2007.

     Lucy, dogster member, had her Mom create this site that collects all newsworthy items connected to the food recall.

28. Chef K9's Doggie Bistro and Bakery
     Chef K9's Doggy Bistro & Bakery was born out of a love for dogs, and our sincere desire to help them live long, healthy lives. We specialize in cooking breed-specific, gourmet meal plans for dogs. Our diets are freshly prepared, using only the finest farm-fresh ingredients. All of our diets are prepared by hand, by Chef K9 and our staff. At Chef K9's, we never add any chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavorings/colors, by-products, salts, or meat meals. We are truly 100% natural, and every ingredient we use is suitable for human consumption. You could literally take a fork to our meals and eat them yourself!

29. Pet Foods NOT on the recall list
     The following companies on this site have made statements that their pet food is not affected by the Menu Foods recall. The list is intended as a starting point for your own research - it is a list we are compiling of pet foods deemed safe by the pet food companies themselves. It is neither an endorsement of any pet foods listed, nor is it a complete list of all pet foods not on the recall list. And, even though a brand is listed, we cannot guarantee the food is safe. The pet food companies are the only ones who can make that statement. EVEN IF A BRAND YOU FEED IS ON THIS LIST, VERIFY IT WITH THE PET FOOD COMPANY. Links to their websites have been provided when possible.

30. Pet Food: What You Need to Know
     (Created by dogster member, Nikko - Dogster id#286940)We have been researching a lot more than normal these days due to the overwhelming recalls of animal foods. With this in mind we also always understand the need to educate the puppy buyers that we encounter on a regular basis on the DANGERS of common place items SOLD everyday in PET stores etc. Things like Rawhide and Greenies. We have been asked twice today alone ideas and thoughts on some issues with commercial dog foods vs homemade. We of course making treats for a while (Droolers) we keep informed and learn new tricks and ideas on a regular basis but NOW we are going a bit further to reach you and get the ball rolling on doing this I have linked a GREAT Web site that ANSWERS alot of questions and SHOULD be read by any pet owner.

31. Global Paw Dog Biscuit Recipes
     Take a look around, we have a lot of healthy dog recipes for you to make a homemade meal or a snack for your favorite doggy or doggies. Once your done head on over to our friendly dog forum and say HI, or take a look at some of the cute dogs we have in our dog picture gallery.

32. Pet Food Cookbook
     This is a compilation of Dog, Cat and Bird recipes!

33. Canada's Pet Information Center - Recipes
     This site has some great recipes - excerpts from Better Food For Dogs.

34. Robin's FYI - Dog Treats from Your Kitchen
     Store bought doggie biscuits are OK, but nothing beats homemade goodies. Below you will find lots of fun and easy treats, for your four legged family member. They also make great gifts too!

35. Mom's Budget - Dog Treat Recipes

36. - Dog Treat Recipes

37. Animal Snackables - Recipes
     A compilation of recipes for dogs, cats, birds, horses and other critters!

38. Pet Diabetes - Dog Recipes
     NOTE: These treats are meant to be suggestions only and should be discussed with your veterinarian if you have any concerns regarding the ingredients. They should also be given in moderation and factored into your pet's daily nutritional requirements and limitations.

39. Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs
     Every home with dogs should have apple cider vinegar. It's a remedy with multiple uses for dogs: alleviating allergies, arthritis, establishing correct pH balance. You can also give apple cider vinegar to cats and horses.

40. Member, Tinker Belle's site ~ Pet Cartoons, Caricatures and More! - Find a great gift!
     Let's admit that our pets are unique members of our family. And, let's also admit that we spoil them rotten. Well, why not? Who else makes us laugh, drives us crazy, and reminds who's really in charge? At Brett Allen, we've attempted to capture those furry and feathered attitudes in cartoons and caricatures. We'll continue to add more items to the collection, so please drop by often!

41. Holistic Hounds
     Our main goal is educational. Please take the time to read through the educational information on our site. We don't just want to "sell" you something.....we want to help you to make better choices for your pets. Healthy dogs are happy dogs, and your dog is trusting you to make the best choices. It's the least we can do for them since they take such good care of US! If it's not good enough for you to eat, it's not good enough for your dog either.

42. Bowser's Bistro the Healthy Dog Bakery (homemade and wheat free!)
     Offering the finest homemade, wheat-free dog treats online. Baked with organic oats, veggies, fruits & organic flax. Bowser's biscotti, decorative cookies and bon bon'es for special occasions Try our natural 100% beef treats for your canine friends.

43. The Possible Canine
     The concept of sharing knowledge with others is one that's very dear to my heart. Over the course of many years on various Internet groups, including my own PossibleCanine discussion group, I've come to appreciate how thirsty my fellow dog lovers are for knowledge from unbiased, reliable sources. To this end, I'm proud to announce several courses geared to canine natural health and nutrition, all of which present factual information in an impartial way, so that students can learn, develop and come to their own conclusions about what's right for their individual dog. The five courses currently on offer are : The Basics of Canine Nutrition, Advanced Canine Nutrition, Formulating a Home Made Diet, The Supplement Course, and Herbs for Dogs 101. All courses are done online in a supportive, friendly environment and most are self paced. For more information, please see the Courses page.

44. Dog Chefs of America - Learn to Cook for your Dog
     Dog Chefs of America educates folks on improving the nutrition in their dog's diet. Through books, classes, consultations and television shows, Master Dog Chef Micki Voisard (along with her canine food consultants, Yogi, Carlos and Chickie) introduces you to a whole new way of understanding canine nutrition.

45. Balance It - Instantly Create Homemade Recipes for your Dog or Cat
     Balance IT® is the revolutionary nutritional system that enables pet lovers to instantly create custom recipes for their dog or cat using common human foods. Pet lovers can choose from hundreds of different recipes in our "cookbook" to find the recipe that is just right for their pet.

     This is our first published newsletter for pups who love home cooked food! For members and by members, we want to spread the great news on home cookin'!

47. Dimples Designs - Clothing etc by our members, The Booths!
     We are Dimples Designs, creators of Harleys Hats;for your pets and Fossibilities;handcrafted clay jewelry. We have Unique items we make from hand, no two exactly alike. We will be adding new designs and items to our site as they are created so keep checking back in on us.. We now accept PayPal.

48. - free online cookbook!
     Dog Food Recipes A massive online cookbook of Dog Food Recipes, 100% free! These recipes were submitted and tested by other dog lovers like you!

49. A Dog Owner's Guide to Healthy Weight
     You and your dog have a lot in common. You play together. You eat and relax together. And if you aren’t careful about how much you eat and relax, you both might pack on unwanted weight together – excess fat that can be tough to shed. Exactly how that extra weight is shed can be just as important to your dog’s health as the weight reduction itself. Of course, the first step is identifying the problem. Canine Obesity – Just How Bad Is It? Canine obesity is an important – and very common – medical condition with serious health implications. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has estimated that there are 41.2 million pet dogs in the United States. Other sources estimate 40 percent of those dogs, approximately 17 million, are overweight or obese. A recent study conducted by Pfizer Animal Health found that veterinarians consider 47% of their patients overweight or obese but only 17% of dog owners think the same. Why the difference? It could be denial or the difficulty owners have in recognizing when their dogs are overweight.

50. Healthy Pet ~~ FAQs about your pet's health!
     Thanks to Member, Killer, for giving us a shout out about this site!

51. First Aid & Emergency Care for Dogs
     Knowing what to do in an emergency may mean the difference between life and death for your dog. Learn how to prevent emergencies, treat minor injuries with first aid, and when to seek immediate veterinary assistance and care. (Recommended by our member, My Little Demon!)

52. Pet Recipes - Dogs, Cats, Horses and Birds!

53. Recipes Galore!
     Shout out by member, Duke "Blue Devil" Ford! This gives a huge list of doggie recipes!

54. Where does YOUR Pet's food rank?

55. Natural Pet Health Blog
     Where We Put Pets First - Naturally!

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