Links for Homeopathic Pets

Review links from your group.

1. Homeopathe International
     A place where you can get online versions of some Materia Medica and Repertories.

2. Simillimum - First Aid Room
     A place to read up on first aid homeopathic remedies.

3. A Homeopathic Look at Vaccines
     Dr. Pitcairn shares his views on vaccines from a homeopathic perspective.

4. HomeVet
     Dr. Jeff Feinman's website, which contains a lot of information about homeopathy. He is an experienced classical homeopathic vet.

5. Homeopathy on Wikipedia
     Wikipedia's page on homeopathy.

6. Questions and Answers About Homeopathy
     A general overview of homeopathy.

7. ClassicalHomeopathyPets Yahoo! Group
     A group for homeopathic pets on Yahoo!

8. Selecting a Homeopath
     Things to look for and ask about when selecting a classical homeopath.

9. Natural Holistic Health Care
     Dr. Larry Bernstein's website. He is an experienced classical homeopathic vet.

10. The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy Referral Page
     Lists of certified and affiliated homeopathic vets.

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