Links for Continuous prayer chain for all animals in need

Review links from your group.

1. Rescued Puppies with Great Rescue Stories
     A place to go and listen to positive stories of love and sacrifice. We hear enough bad news...we need the good news to cleanse our souls and let us believe there is good in people.

2. Our friend Joker, may you rest in peace, page
     If you need a moment to revisit our friend because you miss him, I am making it easier to find his page.

3. Light a Candle (Group)
     A place to go to light a candle for animals in need or request others to do it for you. You must join, but all are free to join.

4. Memorial Stroll for Maximus
     We didn't know Maximus -- but we knew him as a brother in pain! He is now at the Rainbow Bridge in peace with his brothers and sisters!

     A website to adopt dogs and post lost and found

     Place to post lost and found pets

     Pet adoption, lost and found

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