Links for Pets With Disabilities

Review links from your group.

1. Dogs to Go
     Custom wheelchair and walking aids

2. Handicapped Pets
     Products, services and support for handicapped pets

3. Doggon Wheels
     Pet mobility company

4. Purdue University Center for Paralysis Research (Animal)

5. Eddies Wheels for Pets
     Pet mobility company

6. Kentuckiana Pug Rescue (Kentucky and Indiana)
     Pug rescue group serving pugs in the states of Kentucky and Indiana.

7. Expressing the Bladder of a Disabled Dog

8. Pugs.Com
     Pug FAQs

9. Pug Village
     Pug FAQs

10. American Holistic Veterinary Association
     Holistic medicine

11. America Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture
     Veterinary acupuncture

12. Best Friends Animal Society
     No-kill sanctuary for abused and abandonded animals

13. Dewey's Wheelchairs for Dogs

14. The Epi Guardian Angels - Canine Epilepsy

15. Rainbow Bridge

16. Home Again Pet Recovery (Microchipping)

17. Canine Epilepsy Resources

18. Owners of Blind Dogs

19. Deaf Dog Education Fund

20. Just One Litter
     Facts on pet over population.

21. Rosie Thunderpaws - A Dog's Story

22. Snoop Doggs Animal Rescue Awareness Fund

23. Frankie & Jesse's Petster Site

24. Jester's Web Page

25. Dog Food Grades

26. The Dog Food Project

27. GoodSearch

28. Angel Vest (for blind dog, used like a cane to feel)
     Hoop to use like a cane for Blind Dogs who bump into things

29. Hoops for blind dogs (used like a cane) with video
     The dog wears this in front of his face so that he avoids bumping into things and hurting his eyes. Video of dogs using the cane/hoop are included. Amazing!

30. Blind dog book recommendations
     Living With Blind Dogs ... and Blind Dog Stories, by Carol Levine.

31. Mesh eyewear for blind dogs or dogs with sensitive eyes
     dogs can see through them, even dogs with vision can use these to protect their eyes.

32. Primer for dogs who are BOTH blind and deaf

33. Tips and suggestions for blind dog guardians
     How to make your home blind-dog friendly, how to train a blind dog.

34. Cheap Doggles Supplier
     Eyewear/protection made just for dogs. UV protection.

35. Cassie's Club. Add your dog if you have a 3-legger!
     and meet other 3 legged dogs from around the world!

36. Pants for dogs/cats with incontinence
     The best belly bands and panties for dogs that we've found. These fit GREAT and hold up to washings.

     Tons of info!

38. 2 dogs 2000 miles

39. Tripawds


41. Alameda East Veterinary Hospital

42. North Shore Animal League--special needs pets

43. PWD "Thankful Stroll" .... see the dogs!
     See the Thanksgiving stroll of PWD pups who are thankful

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