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1. Dogster Dog Blog
     For Dogsterholic dog lovers like us

2. Glitter Free Layouts
     Get a Glitter Name

3. Dog Whisperer
     Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer

4. Animal Rescue site
     Click daily to give free food

5. Pooper Scoopers
     Well the name sorta speaks for itself.

     ASPCA Site

7. Pet People
     Great site with lots of information. She keep browsing.

     A great way to find a dog in need of a home in your area.

9. Dog Friendly places when traveling
     Find a pet friendly hotel and places dogs can go when out of town with their families.

10. Critter Alley
     Great drawings- A must see site.

11. Linden Line Designs
     Quality designs for the pampered pooch... clothing, collars, leashes, and more...

12. The Bochi Design
     Custom designer clothing for that pampered pooch in your life... unique one of a kind items.

13. Bullieboutique-for the broad chested
     Larger jackets and clothes to fit bullie size dogs

14. Dog Food Reveiws
     An analysis of various dog foods...

15. Pet Food: What You Need to Know
     We have been researching a lot more than normal these days due to the overwhelming recalls of animal foods. With this in mind we also always understand the need to educate the puppy buyers that we encounter on a regular basis on the DANGERS of common place items SOLD everyday in PET stores etc. Things like Rawhide and Greenies. We have been asked twice today alone ideas and thoughts on some issues with commercial dog foods vs homemade. We of course making treats for a while (Droolers) we keep informed and learn new tricks and ideas on a regular basis but NOW we are going a bit further to reach you and get the ball rolling on doing this I have linked a GREAT Web site that ANSWERS alot of questions and SHOULD be read by any pet owner.

16. Dimples Designs
     We have Unique items we make from hand, no two exactly alike. Come check us out Dogsterholics........

17. Create your Palooza Head
     This is a fun site !!! Create, pick your own attire and show it off to your friends.

18. Pet Cartoon and Caricatures Clothing Site by Tinker Belle
     Let's admit that our pets are unique members of our family. And, let's also admit that we spoil them rotten. Well, why not? Who else makes us laugh, drives us crazy, and reminds who's really in charge? At Brett Allen, we've attempted to capture those furry and feathered attitudes in cartoons and caricatures. We'll continue to add more items to the collection, so please drop by often!

19. ADOPTAHOLIC~Pup of the week!!!! Find your new family member here!
     As one of our group features here in Dogsterholics, we strive to provide you with information on dogs on Dogster who are looking for their furever homes. So please take a peek at just some of the lovely pups we have found waiting to be loved by YOU!

     Beautiful artwork done by our members Candy Marie and Booner's mom.

21. Sierra Bulldog Club
     Bulldog club in Reno welcomes bullies and their families.

22. Fun Trivia
     Fun and exciting games for everypup.

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