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Review links from your group.

1. Important pet food recall info!!!
     Please visit Niko's website to learn about important recall info!

2. Help fund the Animal Rescue Site / Click every day!
     Follow the link and click where directed to help get food donated to the Animal Rescue Site! The more clicks evry day, the more food fur the precious rescue pets! Thanks fur helping them!

3. Mini-Knits (quality, hand-made dog sweaters)
     Quality hand-made, one-of-a-kind dog sweaters

4. Ginger's Pet Rescue
     Ginger is a kind lady who helped us so very much to bring Teddi Sue back home after she was stolen. Ginger's Pet Rescue is located in Washington state.

5. Pet's Place Photo Contest/
     This is a real popular contest and it seems like every month somepup we know has entered it! Or even several pups! The nice thing is that voting is allowed every 12 hours, so if ya have more than one furiend in the contest, it's easy to vote fur two... or three.. or however many ya want! Just take turns! Sniff it out! And remember! Every 12 hours, if you remember and have time, etc...! Thanks fur joining in the fun!

6. Tater's Let's Help Find Missing Pets
     This is where the main organized search fur Teddi Sue took place. The main focus is to help find other missing pets by getting together and spreading the woof, and checking online lost and found sites, and shelters daily, and keeping everypup up to date on the current searches. Please join in and help your fellow missing pets!

7. Light a candle fur Sassy
     Light a candle fur Sassy and help pray fur her.

8. For The Love of Dog by Jezzie's and Bruti's mom
     This is a wonderful, fun and informative blogsite. Jezzie's and Bruti's mom, Deanna, does a furtastic job and a pup just can't help but wanna read the whoooole thing every single day! Sniff it out and have fun!

9. Dogster & Catster codes fur kewl & pawsome fun!
     Spiff up your Plus or nonPlus pages using these fun codes!

10. Elf Yoursel!
     Upload your photo and become an elf fur the holidays! Fun, fun, fun!!!

11. Scroll Bar Color Changes
     Instructions and tools to change the color of your scroll bars.

12. Top Button Bar Colr Changes
     Instructions to change the top buttons on your webpage.

13. EcoKids
     Learn how to help save Mother Nature through fun activities, games, etc... Fun for everyone, not just kids!

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