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Links for The Dapple of My Eye!

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1. Marcello the Bello
     HI. I'm Marcello. I created this group because I want to meet other dappled doggies... Tell your friends about it!

2. A Dapple's sister...
     Hi, My name is Ana Maria, and I am the sstep-siter of a lovely Dapple named Marcello. I love my brother very much, and sometimes I find it a little hard to catch up with him, because he's always out and about, and running... and swimming... Whenever he slows down a little bit, I get to cuddle with him, and I put my head on his wittle dappled back... He sure is cute!

3. The Miami Dachshund Meetup & Rescue Group
     This is a group for play dates so that the little ones can run around and play off leash in a fenced in dog park or indoor play area. We also support the rescue and adoption of Dachshunds that need a foster home or a "forever home".

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