Links for Oregon Outdoors

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1. Dog Friendly
     Guide to dog friendly places.

2. Guide to Dog Packing
     General guide to getting your dog used to wearing a pack and carrying things in it.

3. Hiking in Oregon
     Links to various hikes in Oregon. More of a touristy site, but still good for ideas.

4. Mazamas Outdoor Hiking and Adventure Group
     A group that does all sorts of hiking, snow shoeing, and mountain climbing. Not sure about whether they allow dogs on planned outings, but you could scope out a trail and bring the dog back the next time.

     Unless you're a subscriber you just get a basic description of hiking trails. But it's usually enough that you can google the trail and get more thorough information for free!

     Another resource for finding trails and what not. Once you click on the state you can actually do a more specific search for areas that are good for specific activities such as backpacking, hiking, and snowshoeing. It's pretty neat.

     Outdoor adventure guide and other stuff.

     Basic information site about all things Oregon.

9. Dog Events Online
     A listing of dog events going on by state.

10. Race Center
     This is the BEST source for events in Oregon and the greater northwest!!! This is where I go to pick out the triathlons and other races that I do throughout the year. There usually aren't specifically events that allow dogs, but I usually just email the organizer and ask (usually just for foot races).

11. Skijoring Basics
     Here's a site with a lot of basic information and links on other information concerning skijoring.

12. Dog Outdoors Gear
     This site has some pretty nice outdoorsy dog gear like packs and boots. It's where I got Heffner's pack. And they're based in Bend, OR!!

13. REI Store Events
     REI has a lot of free in-store tutorials on how to use equipment, planning trips, proper attire for whatever the circumstances, and general learning the outdorrs classes. There are some more advanced classes, such as learning to use GPS, that usually have small fees.

14. Dog Sledding Equipment
     This site has lots of dog sledding and pulling equipment as well as skijoring equipment. There are also lots of instructional books and videos on these areas.

15. Oregon Nordic Club
     The Portland chapter of the Oregon Nordic Club.

16. Cascade Sled Dog Club
     Sled dog club for all breeds.

17. Working Dogs
     A site all about working dogs of various breeds. Information on various aspects as well as helpful links for training, reading, and equipment needs.

18. Dog Carting
     Link about dog carting!

19. Canadian Dog Adventure Group
     I know this isn't in Oregon, but I thought the concept was just way too cool to pass up!! This is definitely something that I would LOVE to look into doing!

20. Dog Rafting in Oregon
     This company actually does extended rafting trips for people and their dogs!! The trips are either 3 or 5 days long and planned to accomodate the pooches.

21. Canine Water Sports
     While this group is based out of CT, they have some great articles on how to get started with your dog as well as an online store and a link to sign up for the email group.

22. Info Dog
     If you want to look up dog events by state, whether they be conformation, agility, hunting trials, etc.; this is the place to go!!

23. NW Dock Diving Group
     This is a group in the northwest who does dock diving.

24. Pumpkin Patch and Christmas Tree Farm Guide
     This is a very cute guide to pumpkin patches and Christmas tree farms in Oregon.

25. Nordkyn Mushing Equip.
     The Complete Source for Mushing, Skijoring, Weight-Pulling, Carting, and Packing Equipment

26. Dogs Across America
     Annual "relay" with dogs across the US.

27. Dog Scootering
     A site devoted to dog scootering!

28. K9 Scooters NW
     A group in the NW devoted to dog powered sports.

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