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1. "Battle Test Guaranteed" Toys!!!
     Hey ALL, We think YOU should check these out. You'll never believe it, they have squeeky toys that have a "battle test guarantee." Which in general terms means, you break it, you get a new one! Can you beat that? We think not!!! So what are you waiting for??? Enjoy! Jake and Cadi

2. Russell Rescue (through the JRTCA)
     Are you looking for a playmate, but your parents just don't know it yet? Well, lead them on over to Russell Rescue, there are playmate 's of all sorts and sizes just waiting to come home and play with you!!! Go check them out!!

3. Jack Russell Terrier Club of America
     Look over here... this site has so many great things. Terrier Trial dates, agility schedules, advice on a variety of subjects, a HUGE picture gallery you can browse through and find the boy or girl of your dreams, a shopping store, and so much more!!! Head on over!!!

4. Fido Fleece, keep warm for the winter!
     Hey All, Are you dreading more snow? Does your belly rub against it when you are trying to "handle business?" Do you find yourself shivering even when you're INSIDE of the house? If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, you need to get a FIDO FLEECE. These Fleece's are made of Human Grade fleece, they velcro on top, and protect your main heat source... you're belly. Check them out!!!

5. Petfinder
     Did you not find anyone for you to play with on Russell Rescue? Well, the good news is you can head over to Petfinder. This site has listed over 800 Jacks that are just jumpin' at the chance to join your family. Why don't you go take a look?

6. Jacks Discussion Group
     Submitted by Duncan!

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