Links for Wigglebutts are sooooooooo cute!!!

Review links from your group.

1. House Rules
     This is a new topic under Obedience and Training. This is silly but really fun to read because most of it applies.

2. Vote for all our dogsters on Snobby dogs . com

3. How to Speak Dogster by Kitai 218662
     This lil puppy found a ton of tricks to Dogster and has Posted them here! From adding music to bolding text to much more! Find it here!

4. wiggle butts halloween stroll 06~See the stroll
     Hey yall, I hope to see your wiggly butts here!

5. Social Awareness Topic 1: Beware of Internet Predators

6. pending794 class=bigBodyTextRev>
     Blankets for Babies. Please help reach our goals to comfort dogs and cats in shelters.

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