Links for Dal Pals

Review links from your group.

1. Toby and Mickey's Dalmatian Information
     I loved this site, and you might also! It's a very informative and fun site for Dalmatian lovers.

2. Spotted Dreams Dalmatian Rescue
     For Oregon Dalmatian lovers, this is a great place to adopt a Dalmatian from. I have supported them for many years now!

3. Dalmatian Rescue of California's Central Coast
     For California Dalmatian lovers, here's a great place to rescue a Dal. A very well organized site.

4. Available Dalmatians
     Here is a nation-wide (US) index of Dalmatian's who need homes. Organized by state.

5. The Dalmatian Spot
     A personal Dalmatian info site. A celebration of Dalmatians!

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