Links for Round up Rowdy's Helpers

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1. Rowdy's Page
     This has already been approved by HQ so please lend us a paw. Rowdy is way to young to have his puppyhood taken from him. Donating is simple. Just a click on his Chip In button on his page.

2. AVON STORE We would like to donate 50% of our commission
     Howlo, Dogster Pups, Kitties order for Rowdy and mom will donate to the fund. The more orders we get the more mom can donate. Please help my friend, Rowdy and look very purty at the same time. xoxoxoxo Tulah ( mom's helper)

3. Angel Girl's Pretty Things - Charms for collars and MORE!
     Beautiful jewelry hand made by Sohpie and Angel's mom. Very reasonably priced. Some pieces only 2.00. Shop for summer style and help us raise money for Rowdy. I am looking for a new collar charm. I luv BLING! xoxoxo Tulah

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