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Review links from your group.

1. BC coat colors
     It explains about BC coat colors

2. Dog Breed Info
     Tells about dog breeds and how to care about dogs!

3. Furry Paws
     Fun game where you feed, groom, breed, and show your virtual dog!

4. Backrounds, Cursors, and others
     This has many things you can use to decorate your page.

5. Catster/Dogster Codes!
     These have many other things you can add onto your page.

6. Dog of the Month!!
     Dog of the month!! In this thread, we vote on who is the dog of the month!! We are happy to start nominating! On March 22 you have to stop nominating and start voting... I will make the voting slot a link when you may begin....

7. Post your Barkdays here:
     This is the place where your bark-day gets recorded, so we can send a message to the group about the barkday :)

8. Ridges Toy Store:
     Where you can play & buy things, especially treats and toys! You can also play in the TENNIS BALL POOL! (Checkers & Teddy always play in it)

9. Introduce yourself with these questions....
     Did you answer these questions yet??? If not, please answer the questions and introduce yourself!

10. Membership Cards!!!!!!!
     Membership Cards!!! Get them here! BOL! Especially made by Bailey! copyright, Bailey, MC Puppies Rule Inc.

11. Potraits!!!!!!!
     Wanna Portrait???? You know got one! Drawn on paint- Especially made by Checkers. Copyright- Checkers, Puppies Rule Inc.

12. Spring/ Summer Photo Contest
     Wonderful Spring photo contest. All the instructions are here!!!!

     This is Sampson's new grup JUST MUTTS! Please join fur him! :D :D :D thanks ~Checkers and family~

14. BC's ROCK!
     This is my fairly new group all about BC's!!!! Goo! IF YOU ARE A BORDER COLLIE OR BORDER COLLIE MIX PLEASE JOIN! Thanks :D :D :D :D ~Checkers and family~

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