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1. C & D Cruise Line
     Cruises to Hawaii and.....Beyond Welcome aboard the SS DUTCHESS...a place for all kitty's and pup's.....

2. Mr. Thumper's Haute Couture Designs
     Fashion for everyone Fashion straight from Paris to you... place your order in the many selected areas and one of our designers shall help you.

3. Pawmark Greeting Card Shoppe
     Dogster and Catster Card Shoppe Flower Shoppe as well.... When you Wish to Send the Very Best.. select from a vast array... give us your selection #,the ID # of who shall recieve the card or flowers/gift basket...and when...and we shall do the rest...

4. Hover Code Link
     How to make a Hover Code link

5. Picture Pick-up zone
     Pick -up your pictures here.....

6. Photobucket
     To have your own free photobucket account

7. Put music on your page...
     imeem is a social network where millions of fans and artists discover new music, videos, and photos, and share their tastes with friends, and it's free.

8. Need to Light a Candle....
     Need to start a Candle for a friend...or a Pup or Kitty in need,go here.....

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