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Links for SMART JACKS!

Review links from your group.

1. Petfinder
     The best place to shop around... everything and anything you need is here!

2. Huck & Hurley
     I still believe the Huck and Hurley are the best toys for a JRT! Money back guarantee if you destroy it! Since westpawdesigns caters only to distributors, you may place your orders at

3. Pet Psychology
     You may want to check out this site where a number of topics are discussed like dog aggression, biting, chewing, digging, house training, whining and barking.

4. Pet Education
     This site is most helpful as it shows emergency preps, giving first aid to our pets, things to avoid like toxic foods, etc. Check this out and print for future use.

     Everything you need to know about our special breed. Upcoming events and activities are posted here. Log on!

6. Southern California Jack Russell Terrier Club
     Log on to special events, activities and Fun Days!

7. Texas JRT group
     Love Fun Days? View Events and Trial sked here for Texas residents!

8. DogAge
     Do you know your dog's age? Try this and see...

9. Maggie the Wonderdog
     Hi group! We have a member, her name is Maggie - she's a celebrity in her own right. So smart, just like all of us - check out her page.

10. Jackatac- a fun JRT group in Washington state
     How does it feel to have 4 jrts? Find out from Rick Rattie who keeps 4 handsome devils in Olympia, WA. If you are within the area, join this fun group where they regularly meet up at an off-leash park!

11. Concerned Owners for Vaccination Education
     A good group on Dogster providing forum on health issues focusing on alternatives for vaccination. Several links are provided in this group. Pls check this out, its very informative.

12. Life Advice from a Jack Russell Terrier
     Take it from a jrt who knows no fear and enjoys life to the fullest! Starring our very own Molly, written by her mom Ms Jean M Fogle.

13. The Jack Russell Buzz
     A new site for Jack Russell lovers, where you can post photos, get training tips and a whole lot more!

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