Links for Rescuez RULE

Review links from your group.

1. Adopt a Pet in Virginia
     This website has a list of the dogs in the local shelter in Virginia beach. please, Come find your best friend today!

2. Cafe Press
     Buy gifts, T-shirts, mugs, and much more dedicated to adoption, or search the site and find anything that fits your fancy! Excellent, four-star website.

3. k9 New life
     Rescue organization located in Virginia Beach

4. Petfinder
     perhaps one of the best and well known adoption websites You can look up breed, age, gender & ect. Adopt your new best friend todaY

     A wonderful website to adopt dogs and support adoption

6. Good dog Graphics
     Thanks for letting us use some! Most are free, so if you're looking for some graphics.. check em out!

7. Hope for Life Rescue group

8. Norfolk Animal Management Center

9. Virginia Beach SPCA

10. Animal Rescue of Tidewater
     The Rescue group where Lucky is!

11. Stop Puppy Mills

12. Human Society on Puppy Mills

13. Prisoners of Greed

14. Puppy Mill Rescue

15. Pit Bull Rescue Center
     Learn about pitbulls and rescue these wonderful dogs!

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