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1. Showboat Bichons
     Guess what, everybody? This is where our founder, Molly, is from...Michigan! She was born right here with all her other friends and family... only Bichons, of course! Check it out!!!

2. Dog Stuff
     Come check it out! All the cool dog merchandise, including the ever-so-cute THE DOG stuff is here! P.S. If you don't know what THE DOG is, it's photos and merchandise of ultra-cute, big-nosed dogs, including, *of course* Bichons! (If you still don't get it, email Molly, our founder, and she'll fully explain.)

3. Doggy Steps
     You know those doggy steps that are like $250? Well, as seen on T.V., cheap Doggy Steps are here...ONLINE!!! Climb up there and check it out!!!

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