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1. Food Fund For Animals.

2. Paw Print Designs

3. Whats going on so far in ECUD!

4. ECUD Chit Chat Thread!
     In the ECUD Chit chat thread is where we just hang out and chat. Its a place to meet new pups and learn more about each other. Please check it out and jump right in.

5. ECUD Photo Album!
     In this thread is where we post photos of deferent events that have happend anyone can put these photos on their pages if theyd like.

6. P-mail List.
     Sign up in this thread to be on our Pmail List. You will get pmails from our admins about new up coming events/games/contest/ect.

7. How Tos/Helpful Tips
     This is where we will post helpful tips on things to help you with your pages, and other things you can do on dogster if theres something youd like to learn and its not posted please post in that thread and we will do our best to teach you.

8. Guess how many daisies!!
     Hi Pals HOW MANY DAISIES ARE IN THE JAR..... This is a game for everyone to have a little fun must guess how many daisies are in the jar. You will find a picture of the jar on the ECUD Main Page.....scroll down to the bottom of the page. The jar contains daisies ranging between numbers 1 and 300 Each person may have 3 guesses....but not on the same day. Only 1 guess per day, so therfore, if you choose to make 3 guesses they must be on consecutive days. This contest will run until SUNDAY FEBRUARY 2ND .....If there is a winner before that date, then that winner will be announced right away. Let's see those numbers dawgs!!! The winner will receive a star

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