Groups by Country - United States Groups

! ♥ protected pooches ♥ !
!!! **the kewl dawg$** !!!
!!! mutts !!!
!!! vetpetmd - health resource for pets !!!
!!!! the ups man (and other mail men we all love to chase && scare)
!!!! cutest pups of the world !!!!
!!!! dukesters !!!!
!!!! frisco pups !!!!
!!!! la co. ca lgbt gay & lesbian dog caretakers united !!!!
!!!! labs !!!!
!!!! treat pup lovers !!!!
!!!! treat pup luvers !!!!
!!!!!!!!dog movies for grown-ups!
!!!!!!fit doggies & puppies - getting fit with mommy and daddy (!!!!!
!!!!!!lazer pens rule!!!!!!
!!!!!all against cancer!!!!!
!!!!!all the marvelous mutts!!!!!
!!!!!dogs of fort campbell!!!!!
!!!!ca pups @ ca!!!!
!!!!german shepherds unite!!!
!!!!italy, texas!!!!!
!!!!love us cockers!!!!
!!!!shih tzu's rull!!!!!
!!!!the bad to the bone group!!!!
!!!!tug- a -war doggies!!!!
!!!beach buds!!!
!!!born in the u.s.a.!!!
!!!canaans canaans canaans!!!
!!!german shepherds unite !!!
!!!grrreat "play-ces" in alabama!!!
!!!helping dogs and cats!!!
!!!stop puppymills!!!
!!!superdog world!!!!
!!!swimmin' pups of the world!!!
!!!the hot dogs!!!
!!!the weenie group!!!
!!!virginia is fur pets!!!
!!agility galore!!
!!agility unleashed!!
!!jet's training galore group!!
!!kaufman county pups!!
!!maltipoos rock!!
!!~!!blingee picture time!!~!!
!!~*butter & avery*~!!
!*!*! beach pups !*!*!
!*!golden girls!*!
!*cool contests*!
!*toy dog fans*!
!*~!the darling dachshunds!~*!
!-!-!-!cutest dogs of the usa!-!-!-!
!@#$%^&*testing testing 123 calling all golden retrievers*&^%$#@!
!border collie's only!
!chihuahua of the century!
!dogs of the bluegrass!
!kitty & doggy dating frenzy!
!water dogs2!
!~ united paws ~!
!~!~!~cutest puppys ever!~!~!~!~
!~*magnificent maltese*~!
!~._.~butts & the face!~._.~!
" the planets funnyest dogs"
"best dressed" boston terrier's!
"best dressed" chihuahua's!
"best dressed" pup pals!!!
"black-and-tan dogz of the world"
"cats raised in the south"
"cobblestone square"
"e'ville" pits
"family" dogs
"farmdogstaaa's doghouse"
"felines in recovery"
"gsd emperors" +++>all gsd's rulez!!
"love of labs"
"missing my best friend"
"paw"sitive pup contests!
"pet the dog" animal rescue
"pop around annie and nicky's place"
"proud to be cancer survivor"
"rimadyl" victims
"royal feline group"
"sandie's heyper group of pugs"
"sweet shih tzu's!"
"tampa siberian husky lovers"
"teacup" dogs: 2 pounds of health problems & heartbreak
"the canine club"
"the collies"... and shetland sheepdogs
"the new york canine city slickers"
"top dog" purebred amarican bull dog's
"toys" r us
"~missing your mama and papa~"
# 1 dog's
#1 japanese dogs #1
$$$$$$$$$******pug lovers07*******$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$smokee*s only$$$$$
$$%%golden retrievers rock%%$$
$$%%golden retrievers%%$$
$$**^^ testing calling all golden retrievers^^**$$
$the dachshund show$
$~snoop dizzzles~$
тнє вα¢куαя∂ вєαgℓєѕ
тнє σнισ ∂σgѕ
●★doggy palace★●
☆ the loy@l l@brador ☆
☆☆circus for furs☆☆
☺*♥*♥cuties of america♥*♥*☺
☺california labs☺
☺panda & sketch's wedding!♥
☼5 paws up hotel and party place☼
☼all we can do is laugh☼
♣ ~*the blue bone dugout*~ ♣
♥ all dogs & cats allowed ♥
♥ helping animals♥
♥ i ride in purses ♥
♥ maltese mommys ♥
♥ paws & claws ♥
♥ puffkins ♥
♥♥♥ club corgi ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ fluffy corgis unite! ♥♥♥
♥* ♥ * ♥dogs only!!!!♥* ♥ * ♥
furballs & friends
♥ary & jake's wedding!♥
♥dogs only♥
♥people who are rescuers and pitbull lovers only♥
♥playing pets♥
♦♦hyper pups n cats♦♦
♪ i'm a little terrier spoiled and stout
&hearts jonas-brother-lovers &hearts
♥ ♥ ♥pets named after characters ♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ~~pets of westerville~~ ♥ ♥
yorkie & friends clubhouse
♥ all breed lovers ♥
♥ american dogs ♥
♥ arkansas corgi's ♥.
♥ camp adoptable ♥
♥ canine cuties ♥
♥ collie && collie mixes right here! ♥
♥ for the love of dog ♥
♥ german shepherds inc.♥
♥ golden angelz ♥
♥ i carry my puppy everywhere**
♥ little fur~kids ♥
♥ mutt love ♥
♥ paw-fect pups ♥
♥ pirates cove ♥
♥ steve irwin memorial ♥
♥ the girl scouts! ♥
♥ the pet poetry group ♥
♥ the pom poms ♥
♥ ~ sweetie wheaties ~ ♥
♥!!perky puppies!!♥
♥♥ big blue and beautiful danes only♥♥
dogster's next top model
we l♥ve puzzles!!!!
♥abby (rip-forever in my heart) and dobby dews wedding♥
♥all pit-bulls and pomeranians welcome!♥
♥animations galore♥
♥beaglee love♥
♥corgettes and bassadors unite♥
♥cute dog society★
♥for the love of pets♥
♥german shepherds rock!♥
♥gotta love chihuahua's♥
♥houston dogs♥
♥husky huggs♥
♥malamutes forever♥
♥marvelous miley cyrus!♥
♥multi-dog syndrome♥
♥old pets only!!♥
♥picture paradise☠
♥pray for tifanny♥
♥the dogs of texas♥
♥the fabulous nola walking pack♥
♥~husky ♥ers 4~ever~♥
nittany lions
♠ ~~the howlin' wolf pack~~ snow dog tavern ♠
'canes canine fans
'v'x===x-- n.y. dachshunds --x===x'v'
(!*cats 'n' dogs*!)
(( everyones bigger in texas))
(: (: in loving memory :) :)
(:the worlds greatest dogs:)
(for the love of) squeaky toys!!!
* adoptaple pets *
* chihuahuas know best *
* michigan kittys & doggys*
* shutterfly shutterbugs *
* sweeties*
* the siberian husky club of greater new york *
* with love to your golden beauty *
*!minneapolis bichons, poms, poos, cockers and shiba inus!*
*(service dogs of the world)*
** lucky we live hawaii **
** scottish terriers **
**!adorable dawgs!**
**!boxers rule!**
*** : )cutest cats and dogs( : ***
*** utah shelter rescues ***
**** the cutest pups and kittens in the world ****
****#dogs and cats that start with m,b,o,c,l,f,s,p, and h#****
*******cats and dogs********
*****atlanta georgia piedmont park puppies*****
*****loving labs*****
*****mac kitties & doggies club*****
****club dance****
****the clue club****
****the fox terriers group****
****trouble-makers anonymous****
***beautiful beagles***
***dallas cowboys rock***
***english bully lovers***
***ferrel dogs~~~adopted dogs***
***jr's world*****
***little ones***old ones***
***pro photo tips & tricks***
***rockstar poodles***
***the quiz club***
***~♥~¤ just for koolaid :-) ¤~♥~*~!
***~♥~¤ vegetarian_ paws ¤~♥~*~!
**-dogs and cats of maryland-**
**-the fur cafe-**
**all princess' welcome**
**dogs & cats who luv ice cream!!!
**dogster estates**
**golden retrievers of ohio**
**great danes**
**hang~n~with the big dogs**
**labradoodle family**
**lsu tiger fans**
**northeast ohio labradors**
**playful pups**
**pretty kittys**
**retrievers (goldens & labradors) - the best breeds!!!!
**rockin' dogs**
**southern california yorkies**
**the beautiful goldens of america!**
**tiny and terrific chihuahuas**
**vallejo california puppy play group**
**weimarener's are pretty and cute**
**^^golden retrievers rok^^**
*:=:=:=dogs usa=:=:=:*
*alabama pit bull lovers*
*allergies for love*
*best of friends*
*big dogs of ohio*
*bishon's only*
*border collies everywhere*
*butter & daisy's photo pick up*
*carolina dogs, best in the world!!!*
*chihuahua luvers*
*cool dogs*
*cute and furry federation*
*dazzlin*dogs* and cuddly cats~^!
*dogs and cats of rainbow bridge*
*dogs rule*
*favorite feline foods*
*german shepherds+border collies=the worlds smartest dog!*
*gimp photo pick-up*
*hip and hop'n dogs for the best*
*i love my mutt!*
*in loving memories...
*kentucky pets*
*kitty corner*
*labs only*
*lone star dogs*
*michigan puppals*
*my dog lives colorado*
*never forgotten*
*one blue eye*
*pack leaders* (staying calm and assertive)
*paws for fun*
*pooch party's*
*pug lovers america*
*puggie pup pups*
*pup chat*
*pure art pups*
*rainbow bridge babies*
*retriever mania*
*secret santa™
*serve it up cafe* (s.i.u.c)
*show some love for them husky's*
*southern dogs*
*stop animal testing*
*the birthday party group*
*the crestie club*
*the dog park dogs*
*toilets closed:-(*
*true* georgia bulldawgs
*under dogs*
*vallejo woofs*
*world of pets*
*yorkie,chihuahua,and pom cuties*
*{precious pomerainians}*
*~* dogster lounge*~*
*~* looking for pets' new owners *~*
*~*~*nashville pups*~*~*
*~*~*super cute newfoundlands*~*~*
*~barking spot~*
*~bichon lovers' clubhouse~* (blc)
*~dachsunds 24-7 ~*
*~dazzlin dogs~*and ^cool cats^*
*~dog lovers~*
*~german shepard club~*
*~golden's unite~*
*~happy huskies and malamutes~*
*~pitbulls in need~*
*~^addicted to dogster^~*
*~~*the rich&faboulous*~~*
+*+*+*dogs with style*+*+*+
- ! - fetch-a-holics - ! -
-{}-{}-fur babies love friends-{}-{}-
..:cute puppies:..
.::::pet world for everyone::::.
.:pawart of pets:.
.funnny doggies.
.•°paxon pups°•.
/`~dogs under fire~'\
007 pedigree pit bulls
1 guy 2 dals
14 dogs rock!
2 hands 4 paws
3 legger pals(3lp)
4 paws doggyfashions
4 paws usa
4 the love of spaniels
5 paws up elementary school k-6th
52 weeks of dogs!
6 or more kitties
:) irish wolfhounds for all:)!!
:):):):) doggy love :):):):)
:)the alaskan malamute lovers of georgia!!
:..for dogs who love to protect there owners..:
:=: :=: pawspot (please come to our new group!)
;;::findlay, ohio dogs::;;
♣ furiends'n'fun ♣
♫hernando's hideaway-ole!♫
friends of cedric the gnome
❤love boat cruise line❤
☆dogs just wanna have fun!!☆
♥isabella's closet♥boutique ♥♥and exchange♥♥
***the pet's fun forum***
*agility mania*
*dog rescue*
*** we love our troops***
messengers and furiends of the barkette cheerleaders
guys only
bluegrass pugs
bully ed 101
chocolate love
college football fans
creative art studio
dogster hangout
everythings coming up daisies!
florida pugs
for the love of bullies
fur frenzy
new york yankees clubhouse
pdpc's school of graphics!!
pets that love fun
santa's paws north pole
texas puggies
the 3 amigos
the christmas club
the douglas sisters dog walk supporters
tri-state wheatens
volusia county pug phanatics
vow - volusia's outdoorsy wagsters
~*nemo humane society*~
~the support group
♥♥christian dogs and cats♥♥
♥♥miss dixie monroe's **dixie**land♥♥
♥ cutest pugs™
=^..^= cats & pups u( '- ' )u
=^..^= southern kitties =^..^= all others are welcome too!!!
=^..^= mommy's & daddy's babys =^..^=
>> island pups; [alameda, yo.]
>^..^< paws to smell the catnip >^..^
>^..^< paws to smell the catnip >^..^
@w$ome dogs @nd cats th@t we c@nt help but love
A a a u gotta groom the kitty
A better life
A body of a puppy
A bouquet of daisy's
A breed apart
A bright ray of sunshine
A dog named sapphire
A dog park thompson park lincroft nj
A dogs blog
A friend 4 life
A group for couple
A hike with your pack
A home for hounds
A job that's never over
A million killians
A mix of whippet!
A passion for paws akita rescue
A pugs life
A rescued dog's group
A rotta love alumni
A rotten pitty
A service dog 4 chris
A-1 terriers
A.w.!! (aussie wigglebutts!!)
A2z rescue, inc alumni
Acatemy awards
Abandoned angels
Abby & forever dachsees'
Abby catz and dogz!
Acd land
Acds of california!
Active okahoma dog club!
Adba pit bulls
Addicted to danes
Addicted to great danes
Adirondack dawgs
Adopt a boxer rescue!!
Adopt me!! omaha, ne
Adoptable (or adopted) dogs in texas
Adoptable and adopted dogs and cats
Adoptable best friends in la
Adoptable cats of illinois
Adoptable pets of wisconsin!
Adoptable pups
Adoptables group
Adopted from colorado puppy rescue
Adopted thru petsmart in oregon?
Adopted thru petsmart?
Adoption central
Adoption group
Adriondack beagle group
Advice group
Advocates for positive training
Affectionate dogies
Affenpinschers----lots of love in small bodies
After the fall
Agile dogs
Agility addiction
Agility and rally pals
Agility dogs in north carolina
Agility moms
Agility mutts
Agiltity for your mutt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahhh-some aussies
Akc conformation show dogs
Akc dogs
Akita luvers
Akita/ akita mixes in georgia
Akitas and friends
Akron/northeastern ohio animals
Alabama canines
Alabama dogs
Alabama dogs/cats
Alabama friends
Alabama schnauzers
Alamo square dogsters
Alamogordo bark park
Alapaha pride
Alaska cavalier king charles spaniels
Alaskan golden retrievers
Alaskan husky
Alaskan husky group
Alaskan malamute doggs!
Alaskan malamutes
Alaskan malamutte mixes
Albinoe pups
Albuquerque dog group
Albuquerque's quirky dogs
Alex the super dog!!! and other pups!!!!
Alki beach dogs
All "pa." chi's!!!
All about schnauzers...
All against pet abuse!!!!!!!!!!
All against pet abuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All american shelties!
All animal lovers
All animals and animal lovers some place to do stuff and talk
All animals welcome!!
All austin and around texas, musicians.
All beagles
All blue eyed angels!
All creatures veterinary hospital salem ma across from the dog park
All cute dogs.
All daisy's
All dog breeds
All dog breeds alouded!
All dog united!
All doggy lovers 4 ever!!!!
All dogs allowed.
All dogs alowd
All dogs and cats are welcome
All dogs from the piedmont!
All dogs go to gayles/help with dog causes
All dogs go to heaven
All dogs group
All dogs of california
All dogs of minnesota!!
All dogs of the bay area
All dogs park!
All dogs rochester
All dogs rule!
All dogs who love to pawty come here!!
All dogs who love treats,toys and friends come here!
All dogs!!!!!:)
All dogs,cats and other sorts of animals aloud!!
All felines and canines club
All for chihuahua's
All for one and one for all!
All funny dogs and cats
All fur 1 and 1 fur all!
All huskys come
All is welcome group dogs/cats
All kinds of pets
All mixed up!
All natural vet approved recipes for dogs
All paws go 2 heaven pet life celebration center
All pets big and small
All poodle group
All purry, furry, animals!!
All rat terriers, unite!
All star dogz (a.k.a a.s.ds')
All the babies of the world!
All the dogsters and catsters
All the lovely greys
All things pug
All three breeds, schnauzers
All white jack russell
All-american cuties!
All-american pound pups
Allergic pets
Allie - oop!!!
Allie and nicole's(nicky) ct group
Allie's picture pickup
Aloha doggies
Alpharetta, ga dogs
Alton area dog group
Amazing anatolians!!
Amazing awesome aussies n friends! # 1 wiggle butt dogs !
Amazing dog ears
Amazing pet expos
Amazing yellow labs!!!
America's golden girls
American brittany rescue
American bulldogs 4 us
American bulldogs on the central coast!
American bullies
American chipoo club
American coton club
American dogs
American dream café
American eskimo dogs - for the love of eskies!
American eskimo dogs residing in the southeastern part of the us
American eskimo's of ny
American eskimos
American eskimos united!!
American hairless terriers
American idol (for dogz and catz)
American idol 2008
American idol or should i say biteal
American pit bull terrier lovers
American pit-bull terriers are not bad dogs!
American pitbull rescue/ adoption
American pitbull terrier rescue group *aptrg*
American puppy
American pups association [a. p. a]
American sarplaninac
American staffordshire's are not pitbulls
American terrier pitbulls
Anchorage dachsie club
Angel babies unite
Angel dogs only!
Angel pets
Angel puppies
Angel tabbies
Angela's angels cat rescue group
Angels are priceless!
Angels unleashed
Angels who walk with us
Animal lovers
Animal lovers of alaska
Animal awesome
Animal coalition of tampa
Animal empire
Animal hangout
Animal house
Animal house dogs!
Animal human rights activists
Animal individuality
Animal justice league
Animal love center
Animal lover
Animal lovers
Animal relief fund
Animal rescue foundation of illinois (arf-il)
Animal rescue fundraising ideas
Animal rescue group
Animal rescue in texas
Animal's rule
Animals 4 ever
Animals 4-ever
Animals for adoption around bryan/college station
Animals from the past
Animals in heaven
Animals of all kinds
Animals of connecticut
Animals of grays harbor county
Animals rock!
Animals who love the tarheels
Anime otaku dog club
Annapolis designer dogs
Anne arundel county dogs n' pets
Annie and nicky's wedding
Anti-puppy mill, pro-adoption rally
Anti-vick campaign
Antioch ca dogs
Any and all parti-poodles
Any bandits out there?
Any breed of dogs!!!!!!!!!
Any jindos?
Any kind of cutie pup!!
Any pet club!
Any pets with stay at home mommys
Any pups are aloud come to talk to other about you dog to
Apbt owners against breed specific legislation in arkansas
Apollos #1 beagle group
Appalachian mountain dogs
Apple valley dog lovers
Apple valley dog play mates
Aps of durham adoptees
Are you a red?
Are you a twilight luver?!!!
Arizona boxers
Arizona brussels griffons!!
Arizona corgis
Arizona dobies
Arizona goldens
Arizona paw pals
Arizona poms
Arizona white shepherds
Arizona yorkies
Arkansas animals
Arkansas cresteds
Arkansas dogs & puppies
Arkansas outdoors
Arkansas playmates
Armed forces kitties
Army brats
Army dogs!
Armypets rescue
Around the ring
Asheville playgroup
Ashtabula co. animal protective league group
Ask ashley
Ask bubba
Asking questions
Association of llewelyn setter lovers
Association of thai ridgeback owners & fanciers of the world
Athens/clarke county dog group
Atlanta boxers
Atlanta chihuahuas
Atlanta itp pooches
Atlanta welsh corgi lovers
Atlantic coast bullmastiffs
Atlantis loves lilly sooooooo much!!!!!!!
Aubie pets
Aussie collies in the northwest
Aussie lover's....
Aussie possie
Aussies a.k.a wigglebutts~*
Aussies forever
Aussies in the city
Aussies over ga
Austin chihuahuas
Austin hippie frisbee dogs
Austin mutts
Austin pups
Austin tx pups!!!
Austin yorkies
Austin's bostons
Austin, texas pekingese
Austin, tx loves pugs!
Australian cattle dog
Australian cattle dogs & blue/red heelers united
Australian cattle dogs of planet earth, unite!
Australian cattle dogs of tucson & greater arizona
Australian cattle dogs united
Australian shepherd's that are deaf and blind.
Australian shepherds are awesome!!!
Australian shepherds come here!!!
Australian shepherds in minnesota
Australian shepherds in the central valley of ca
Australian. shepard's - jynx's friends
Austrialian sheperd club!
Authors of doggy books "my furry kids" by bryan dye
Avondale's pet's 4 you!
Awesome aussies
Awesome border collies of california
Awesome paws
Awsome aussies
Awsome dogs
Az chinese cresteds
Az frenchies
Azle dogs
B.a.s.s. fishing dawgs
Babeyorkies yorkie all pet group
Baby chi's in north carolina
Back home in new jersey
Bad 2 da bone pitts and rotts *ya dig???*
Bad ass pits
Bad dog!
Bad dogs here
Bailey's creamers
Bake & take
Bakersfield area greyhound society
Bakersfield buddies
Bakersfield yorkshire terrier club
Bald and beautiful in california
Ballet lovers
Ballin brats
Baltimore barkers
Baltimore mastiffs
Baltimore mini dachshunds
Baltimore runners
Bama babies
Bama labs & dals
Ban stupid legislation
Ban stupid people, not the breed! fight bsl!!
Ban the deed, not the breed
Bandits only
Bare cove park
Barf world dogs
Baring bone dogs
Bark avenue foundation
Bark for bay to breakers!
Bark for life canton
Bark like you mean it
Bark park
Bark'in for breast cancer
Barkers and chatter boxes
Barkin' hot labs!
Barking beagles
Barking district bakery
Barksidy cheerleaders
Basenji bratz
Basenji social
Basenji's rock
Basenji's unite! (and basenji mixes)
Basenji(s) in tennessee
Basset bash
Basset bleus unite!
Basset field trialers
Basset hound love
Basset hound unite
Basset hounds of america
Basset hounds & their furends!
Basset hounds club
Basset hounds for me
Basset hounds of clarksville tennesee
Basset hounds of tennessee
Basset mania
Basset town
Bassets hounds abound
Bassets of michigan
Bassets who drool rule
Bassett beagle russel cat boogie
Baton rouge dogs
Bay area agility dogs
Bay area beagles meetup
Bay area big dogs
Bay area eskies
Bay area huskies unite!!
Bay area pets
Bay area playdates
Bay area poodle mix club
Bay area pugs unite!
Bay area shiba inus
Bay area's finest
Bayarea shar pei
Bbh'sgd's and c's
Beach dogs
Beach dogs!!
Beach party!!
Beagle beagle beagle
Beagle buddies
Beagle club
Beagle lovers :>
Beagle/boston terriers
Beagle: the hound group
Beagles and basset hounds unite!!!
Beagles and cream cheeze
Beagles beagles and more beagles.
Beagles in sc
Beagles of long island
Beagles of new england states (b.o.n.e.s.) adoptees/rescues
Beagles of north carolina
Beagles of the mid atlantic
Beagles, wpgs, and more!
Beanie weenies
Bear creek dog park
Beaus and hollys wedding
Beautiful abyssinians unite
Beautiful alaskan malamutes
Beautiful beagles
Beautiful beagles 4 everr
Beautiful boys
Beautiful bronx babies (b3)
Beautiful bullies of bama !!
Beautiful cats
Beautiful cats and rugged dogs
Beautiful cats and rugged dogs:)
Beautiful chihuahuas and chihuahua puppies
Beautiful dogs
Beautiful dogs of pennsylvania
Beautiful friendly labradors
Beautiful torties!
Beckoning bichons
Becky & boys
Begging consistantly
Beguiling beagles
Bel mal
Belchertown ma, pet photographer (furtography)
Belleville area rescue of k-9's group
Beloved pets
Bend oregon dogs
Bergen county dogs
Bergen dogs nj
Berines group
Bernese mountain dog clubhouse
Besenji buddys
Best fureinds furever
Best furiendz 4 ever
Best news ever!
Best of breeding
Best pug pals forever!
Best pup pals ever!
Beverly hills bitches and beaux
Bias for porties
Bichon beauties
Bichon frise of north carolina
Bichon world ~clowns of the dog world~ :)
Big & small
Big boned brigade
Big dawg
Big dog buddies
Big dog crazy
Big dogs & small dogs
Big dogs and friends
Big dogs of colorado
Big dogs of pa
Big dogs of the south
Big dogs rock
Big dogs!
Big dogs, little packages
Big families
Big hounds like me
Big is cute too!!
Big ol rottys
Big top bulldogs, bulldogges, bandogges & mastiffs group
Big, beautiful, cats
Big-boned cats!
Biker dogs
Billings dogs
Birds only
Bismark only please
Bissell® - we mean clean
Bitchin' frizzies!
Black & white dogs rock!
Black and tan's
Black and tans and other "mismark" labs
Black and white :):):):):):):):):):):)cats rule
Black and white cats are awsome
Black brownies
Black dog community
Black dogs and cats rule!!!
Black dogs rule!!!club
Black kittens only!!
Black lab lounge
Black lab lovers
Black lab lovers!
Black labs and rat terriers
Black labs of texas
Black labs rule
Black mouth cur's unite!
Black or halloween kitty kats
Black pugs unite!
Blacklab sweeties
Blackmouth curs!
Blaine dogs
Blame the balinese....forgive them later
Blanket babies
Blasing blue chow rescue group
Blind and deaf danes unite
Blind babies
Blind cat rescue & sanctuary group
Blind dogs & other disabilities
Blind dogs united
Blind or deaf doggies
Blind pups rock
Blitz's costume contest
Block party planning ofc
Blonde bombshells!
Blood of my pure blood pitbulls
Bloodhounds and poodles
Bloodhounds only
Bloomington dogs
Blue crab pals of delmarva
Blue dachshunds
Blue eyed babies
Blue heeler fun
Blue ridge boxer rescue nc
Blue ridge doggies
Bluegrass boxers
Bluegrass dachshunds
Bluegrass shih tzu enthusiasts
Bluetick coonhounds
Bmd!!!!!! berennese mountain dog crew
Bob-the best dog name!
Bobo toy fan club
Boca raton ,florida shih-tzu
Bol barkers
Bone jour dog daycare
Bone lovers
Bones and briefcases
Book/music [video]/info library
Boone's oh and pa friends
Border collie buddies
Border collies
Border collies in need group
Border collies rule
Border collies!!!!
Border collies&labs
Border collies, shelties and collies of all kinds
Border's life
Bordering on crazy!
Bored furry friends.
Bored peninsula pups
Born march 29, 2009
Bostie club
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Boston dating
Boston dog organization
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Boston schnauzer playgroup
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Boston terrier friends
Boston terrier group in kansas
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Boston terrier lovers in kansas
Boston terrier lovers!
Boston terrier meetup group
Boston terrier oddballs
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Boston terrier's in the lou
Boston terriers
Boston terriers - philly suburbs
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Boston terriers of massachusetts
Boston terriers of metairie/new orleans
Boston terriers of michigan
Boston terriers unite!
Bostons in common
Bostons in the atl
Both beagles and shih tzus are awesome
Boulder chihuahua playgroup!
Bouncing ball hogs!
Bouncy beagles
Bout biscuit fan club
Bowl (bol) for life
Boxer babes
Boxer community
Boxer dog mania!
Boxer friends
Boxer lovers of yuba city ca
Boxer pittbulls*welcome here
Boxer play date in south florida
Boxer rebellion
Boxer rescue los angeles and people and pets who love us!
Boxer's r us!
Boxer's rule!some dog's drule.
Boxers & friends
Boxers & labs galore
Boxers for god
Boxers in eugene/springfield oregon
Boxers in south florida
Boxers lovers & furry friends of oklahoma
Boxers of the mid-atlantic
Boxers or boxer mixes or any dogg
Boxers unite
Boxin' boxers
Boy dogs and cats over 21 in dog and cat years!!!!!!!
Boy dogs rock!!
Boycott iams!
Boyd county canine friends
Boys need attension too!!!
Bozeman mountain dogs
Bradenton gang
Brady's candy shop
Braggin' 'bout our babies
Brags and wags
Brainerd lakes association of dog owners (blado)
Brainy dogs
Brandy"s paws group
Brat bybirth, spoiled rotten by choice
Brat bybirth, spoiled rotten by choice
Breakheart buddies
Bridge and tunnel dogs
Bridge pup wonders
Brindle boxer/am-staff mutts
Brindle is beautiful
Brindles of the world unite
Brittany spaniel lovers
Broad ripple dog park pals
Broadneck dog park junkies
Brockton ma dogs and cats
Bronx buddies!
Bronx dawgs and their peeps
Bronx yorkies
Brood rescue dogs
Brookdale barkers
Brooklyn dog play group and dog-sitting exchange
Brooklyn pets
Brooklynz katz!x0xox0brooklynz finest
Brothers and sisters of the cat and dog nation (bscdn)
Broward chihuahua meetup group
Broward county boston terrier meetup group
Brrats ** just furry four legged kids **
Brunswick county small breed
Brusers pals
Brussel griffon lover's only
Brussels griffon's in the lou
Bryan/college station buds
Bsl lies about dogs and laws
Btusa (border terriers usa)
Bubbie and phoebe's wedding
Buckeye danes
Bucks county pennsylvania playdates
Bucks countys puppy havens puppies!!!
Buddy and muffy's wedding
Buddy group
Buff cat aficionado
Buffalo barks!
Buffalo dachshund club
Buffalo pups
Buffalo, ny shih tzu club
Buggy pug
Bull terrier central
Bulldog club of central iowa
Bulldog friends
Bulldog lovers!!!
Bullies *pitbulls, staforshire teirrers, amaricain buldog, etc*
Bullies for pawsitive prevention
Bullmastiff's of jeffersonville, in
Bullmastiffs of the midwest
Bully boyz
Bully breed activists
Bully breeds
Bully breeds & bsl
Bully breeds arnt bad its only if the onwer is bad
Bully graphics & more
Bully lovers
Bully pitbulls
Bully playdates
Bully's or ruffians
Burmese cat forum
Burns bark park
Burque boston terriers
Buster babes
Buster's group
But and roxies hang out.
Butt sniffers club
Butter & little man's fun town
Butterscotch's (my sister) surprise birthday party!
C & d dating cruise lines
C & d dating service
C*o*o*l* p*u*p*s
Ca de bou mastiffs
Ca pets
Cafe ala lancealot
Cagney's doghouse.
Cairn and caboodle
Cairn lovers
Cairn pals
Cairn terriers of southern california
Calafornia dogs
Calafornia dogs and cats
Cali, callie, calli
Cali. cats and doggies
California pet's
California beagles
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California cats and dogs
California certified assistance animals (ccaa)
California chins united
California couch potatoes
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California labs♥
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California puppies
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California shih tzus
California underdogs rescue and education
Callahan dogs
Calling all animals!!!!!!!
Calling all beagles and beagle mixes!
Calling all boxer dogs
Calling all cocker spaniels! bark! woof!
Calling all cockerliers!
Calling all collies or shelties(shetland sheepdogs)
Calling all dogs
Calling all dogs in heaven
Calling all fat pugs!
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Calling all minature schnauzers!!
Calling all pampered pooches
Calling all seniors!
Calling all shepherd mommys
Calling all speed demons!
Calling all westies or scotties!!!
Calling all with separation anxiety!
Cambridge dog owners' group (cdog)
Camp bow wow - lodo colorado
Camp bow wow - texas style!
Camp bow wow alpharetta
Camp bow wow and friends!
Camp bow wow boise
Camp bow wow charleston
Camp bow wow northglenn
Camp bow wow-lakes area
Camp ruff n more campers
Can u dig it?
Canaan dog lovers unite!
Cane corso of virginia
Canine behavior board
Canine cloud nine
Canine creature comforts
Canine divas
Canine letterboxers
Canine rights online association
Canine therapy corps.
Canisphere shepherds unite
Cannan dogs for you
Cape ann animal aid: adopter connections
Cape cod dogs
Cape cod furiends
Car kitties
Car kitties!! alumni association
Carl schurz park friends
Carnival dog cruise lines
Carolina and other indigenous breeds found in the southeast: ga, sc, nc, al, tn, fl,ms
Carolina beach pups
Carolina bullies and truckin pups
Carolina canines
Carolina canines™
Carolina danes
Carolina dogs
Carolina pups
Carolina snow dogs
Carroll county dogs!
Cary dog park dogs
Casa grande boston terriers
Casino royal riverboat
Cat & dog friends forever
Cat & dog plaza
Cat + dog = ____
Cat and dog fans of the ohio state buckeyes
Cat and dogs that are best buds or just animals are best buds
Cat fans come in here!!!
Cat lovers in virginia
Cat scratch fever concert hall
Cat's "r" cool
Cat's and dogs can have relationships too, and they meet here!
Catahoula love
Catahoula rescue inc. - nw/at large div.
Catahoula rule
Catalina island pups
Catnip, not bombs!
Catnippers anonymous
Cats & dogs of ohio
Cats & dogs!
Cats and dogs can be friends
Cats and dogs club
Cats and dogs needing adoption now!
Cats and dogs that love watching tv and movies
Cats and dogs wanting to meet and do something
Cats anddogs of nampa, idaho
Cats eat rats
Cats in albany/corvallis oregon desperate need of homes!!!
Cats of lafayette, indiana!!!
Cats of the nile
Cats on the pot
Cats surviving cancer support group
Cats that are cute in trouble
Cats who love dogs (=
Cats with asthma
Catster acadamey
Catster maine coon lovers
Catster picture palace
Ccr&r crew
Celeb pups
Central & southern il beagles
Central alabama dog sports
Central bark park in irvine
Central california dachshunds
Central coast cali mutts
Central fla bitty babies
Central florida blended bostons!!!
Central florida boxer league
Central florida cockers
Central florida corgis
Central florida great danes
Central florida yorkies
Central il: puppy play!
Central indiana pomeranians
Central jersey dogs
Central jersey shiba play group
Central ny paws
Central park crew
Central park dogs
Central pennsylvania pups r us
Central texas dachshunds!!!!
Central valley pitbull meetup
Central valley pugs
Central wisconsin yorkies (and other small breeds)
Centreville animal hospital
Cesar's dogster pack
Chaka lovers
Chalcy-world's smartest dog's training help and fan club!
Champ and pugsly's doggy group
Champaign-urbana pooches
Chapel hill dogs
Charity for pups
Charles in charge
Charlestown canines
Charlotte chihuahua friends
Charlotte, nc area meetup
Charm city dogs
Chattanooga dog park pals
Chattanooga tn bostons
Cheeks cheeks cheeks!
Cheese lovers
Chenango county claws and paws
Cherry creek canine coalition
Chesapeake bay retriever, love my chessie......
Chet chats
Chewie mania
Chi lovers
Chiapugs and chugs and pughuahuas
Chia~mixed luv!
Chicago area animals
Chicago area great danes
Chicago bostons!
Chicago burbs dogs
Chicago dachsunds
Chicago dogs (and cats)
Chicago dogs!
Chicago kidney beaners
Chicago maltese meetups!
Chicago small breed dogs
Chicagoland brussels griffon meetup group
Chicagoland bulldogs!!
Chicagoland bully breed rescue group
Chicagoland goldens
Chichi again
Chichi chihuahua club
Chicks and chicks only!
Chico canines!!
Chicogo yorkies
Chihuahua and me
Chihuahua chicago south burbs
Chihuahua country
Chihuahua fans 101
Chihuahua grande
Chihuahua heart to heart
Chihuahua lovers
Chihuahua lovers 17
Chihuahua lovers club
Chihuahua lovers in oregon!
Chihuahua lovers!
Chihuahua lovers&owners
Chihuahua luvers
Chihuahua mania
Chihuahua meetup-clovis/fresno, ca!
Chihuahua meetups
Chihuahua play time
Chihuahua rescue and transport
Chihuahua rescue, usa
Chihuahua world domination!
Chihuahua's "r" us
Chihuahua's galore
Chihuahua's in kentucky!
Chihuahua's of florida
Chihuahua's of texas unite
Chihuahua's of thurston county, wa
Chihuahua's only
Chihuahuas only
Chihuahuas !!!
Chihuahuas are awsome come here
Chihuahuas around the globe
Chihuahuas chihuahuas everywhere
Chihuahuas in clothes♥
Chihuahuas of manhattan
Chihuahuas, and animals rule
Chili chihuahuas
Chin clan
Chin lovers!
Chinese crested kids
Chinese cresteds unite! (hairless and powder-puffs)
Chinook dog owners
Chitown akitas
Chiuhuahua city
Chiweenies are awesome!
Chiweenies-more taco or schnitzel?
Chloe's dog park
Chocolate labs ♥♥ with love!
Chocolate labs unite
Chocolate pupies
Chow chow and labrador mix
Chow chow chow
Chow chows unite!!!!!
Chow chows united!
Chow chows welcome!
Chows of rainbow bridge
Christian canines
Christian doggies
Christian scouts
Christmas pups and cats
Chug's need love too !
Chuys group
Cierra and puppy pals
Cincinnati bengal pets
Cincinnati bengals football
Cincy pitty pals!
Circle city huskies
City of dogs
Clan of the weredogs
Clarksville tennessee doggy meeting place
Classy corgi corner
Clicker training
Clipper's canine cafe
Club chihuahua!!* 0 *
Club animal lovers
Club cute
Club dogs
Club labrador
Club poker party
Club rat
Club woof!
Clumber spaniels
Co beagles unite
Co westie round-up
Coastal carolina canines
Coastal humane society adoptees
Coastside canines
Cobb county canines
Coby gang
Cockapoo lovers
Cockapoos anonymous of delaware
Cocker spaniel clubhouse(csc)
Cocker spaniel lovers of georgia
Cocker spaniel walk
Cocker spaniels of florida
Cocker style
Cockers r us!
Cockertown: where cockers rule!
Cocky cocker spaniels
Cocky spaniards of texas
Coco & buster's wedding page
Coco"s group of cats
Cold paws creamery
Cole sprouse fans
Cole valley dogsters
Cole"s cuties
Collie cool
Collier spay neuter clinic
Collies-r-us and boxers-r-us
Collin county's best pets
Colorado boxers
Colorado bullies
Colorado collies
Colorado corgis
Colorado dacshunds unite
Colorado greyhounds
Colorado howlers
Colorado mastiffs
Colorado miniature pinchers
Colorado pet foster network
Colorado pup pal crusaders
Colorado puppies
Colorado springs play group
Colts lovers!!!
Columbia's dogs
Columbia, mo dogs!
Columbus doggy playgroup
Columbus dogs
Columbus weimaraners
Come on carrot loving dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comfy critters
Commie cats of the carolinas
Compassionate pug rescue of south florida
Competition & games ( w/ a lot of fun!)
Competitive dogs
Conformation australian shepherds
Connecticut bullies
Connecticut cat lovers
Connecticut k-9's!
Connecticut shiba inu
Cookie and friends
Cookie lovers
Cookie monster
Cool collies!
Cool critters
Cool dog centeral
Cool dogs
Cool dogs only
Cool dogs only 2
Cool dogs rock
Cool walks
Coolest dogs on dogster!!!!
Coolest group ever!!!
Coonhounds singers!
Corgi - jersey cards and pems
Corgi castravagenza
Corgi love
Corgi lovers
Corgi mania
Corgi minnesota
Corgi play room
Corgi's of lafayette
Corgis /all dogs across tennessee
Corgis in va
Corgis of michigan
Corgis of north carolina
Corona doggies unite
Coronado dogs!
Corpus christi canines!!!!!
Corpus christi danes unite
Costa del sol resort & cafe
Cotton ball kitties
Country dogs:)
Country place pet registry
Countrywide canines -- az
Couples clan!
Cow cats pet adoption center
Cowtown canines
Craven a cockapoo?!
Crayons' kids
Crazy blue eyed bibby
Crazy cairns
Crazy campin' canines
Crazy chloe's
Crazy cotons!
Crazy for border collies
Crazy forpitts
Crazy j
Creamie & marvo's wedding!
Create a greeting photo!
Creative animal relief
Crested devils!
Crested maltese
Cresteds of kentucky
Crf support group
Crofton dog park pups
Crown city canines
Ct home dawgs!
Ct small breed dogs
Cuddly cockapoos
Cuite dogs
Culver city dog park
Cunningham park
Cupcake pups
Curiosity killed the cats
Curious creatures
Curly-tailed dogs
Cute and fuzzy dogs
Cute and loveably
Cute cats rule
Cute chis
Cute cocker spaniels
Cute dog group
Cute doggies
Cute doggies :0)
Cute dogs !!!! :)
Cute dogs are kool
Cute dogs only!!!!!! no others!!!!!! if u think ur dogs cute..then join this group!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cute dogs only!!!!!! no otjers!!!!!! if u think ur dogs cute..then join this group!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cute dogs!
Cute fluffer puffer kitties and dogs of america!
Cute kittys
Cute kittys of wisconsin
Cute little to big terriers
Cute pets
Cute pics
Cute puppies!!!
Cute pups!!!
Cute----- yorkiess ^^
Cutesee puppies
Cutest doggies you can find!
Cutest dogs on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cutest puppy competition
Cutest pups in the neighborhood!
Cutie pie dogs
Cutiee poochies
Cuties of the galexcie
Cuties of the world!
D.c. dawgs
D.f.l.'s zues's ball chasers
D.o.d (dogs of dolphins!)
D/c magic
D/fw frenchies
Da dachsunds
Da dogs
Da' bulldogs
Da's doggie house
Daac(dogs against animal cruelty)
Dachshund love
Dachshund lovers
Dachshund lovers 2
Dachshund lovers of folsom (sacramento area)
Dachshund luv
Dachshund racing
Dachshund rescue of houston
Dachshund social calendar of orange county, ca
Dachshunds and chihuahuas in louisiana
Dachshunds in western pennsylvania
Dachshunds making a difference
Dachshunds of vancouver wa and portland or
Dachshunds unite!
Dachsie's for life
Dachsund fans
Dacshunds in ct
Daisy's friendly place
Daisy's obedience school
Dale jr lovin' pets
Dallas adoptables
Dallas dachshunds
Dallas doggies
Dallas labs and pugs
Dallas poodle lovers
Dallas pugs
Dallas urban dog lovers walking group.
Dallas yorkies
Dalmatians with allergies
Dalmation love
Dalmation mixer
Dalmation unite
Dalmation/pit bull group
Dancing with dogs
Dancing with the dogs!!
Danes of massachusetts
Dapple dachsunds
Darke county humane society group
Daschund lovers in jacksonville north carolinas and surrounding areas ...everyone is still welcome if your not in my area...
Dashing for dachshunds
Date a dog or kitty
Date a dog/or cat also if you im then your cat/dog can talk and get married you get the picture
Date now!
Davis dogs
Davis pug lovers
Dawg luvours!
Dawg pound of brown town
Dawgs from da 'nasty
Dawgs in wv and va
Day care
Day care doggies
Dayton doggies
Dazzling iggies!!
Dc doggies
Dc metro pitts
Ddg playmates!
Deaf boxers
Deaf but not dumb
Deaf dog love
Deaf dogs
Deaf dogs of america
Deaf kitties of america (d.k.a.)
Degrassi: the next generation fan club
Delaney's boxer friends
Delani's dogie divas
Delaware area pit bull terriers.. the best dogs on earth!
Delaware beagles
Delaware dogs
Delaware papillons
Delaware pets
Delaware toys
Delightful doxies!!
Delmarva dogs
Delmarva great dane group
Delmas dog park
Democrat doggies
Denton county doggies
Denton county pug group
Denver area dogs
Denver small dogs
Designer doggies
Designer mutts
Destination: furever home
Detroit dogs
Devil dawgs
Devoted owners of alston park
Dfw boxers
Dfw cocker rescue group
Dfw danes
Dfw dogs
Dfw doodles
Dfw schnauzers
Diamond*s friends in massachusetts
Did someone say "squirrel" club
Dinky dogs social club & salon
Dinozzo and treati wedding
Diogi park friends!
Dirt rider doggies
Dirty south boxers association
Disabled pets r us
Dishing the dirt on terriers
Disney dogs
Disney fan club
Disney names
Distant dogs!
Divine felines purebred rescue
Do your ears hang low?
Doberman fo life
Doberman home
Doberman lovers of bastrop county, texas
Doberman's of the "951"
Dobermans of nc
Dog lovers
Dog paws~
Dog agility for life
Dog agility in tampa bay
Dog almighty!
Dog and cat cancer fund
Dog and kitty club
Dog art
Dog behavior
Dog breeders!!!! so fun!!!
Dog businesses
Dog by birth, spoiled brat by choice!
Dog care products
Dog castle
Dog cats fun group!!!!!!!!!
Dog chat
Dog children's books
Dog chow
Dog clothes
Dog club
Dog festivals, walks, and events
Dog friendly places
Dog friends mania
Dog fun!
Dog games
Dog gone loved
Dog happenings in springfield mo
Dog hikers virginia chapter
Dog lover community
Dog lovers
Dog lovers 911
Dog lovers and cat lovers utopia
Dog lovers of san antonio
Dog lovers united
Dog lovers!
Dog lovers! ( woof! ) ( bark! )
Dog lovers!:)
Dog mania!!!!
Dog meet dog
Dog mistaken for a differnt breed.
Dog names
Dog news
Dog news daily
Dog pals
Dog park 101
Dog park pals
Dog pound
Dog power & kitty power! :)
Dog rock cafe
Dog scouts of pennsylvania
Dog seizures/unexplained weight gain
Dog shelter fundraisers
Dog short films
Dog training exchange
Dog travel group
Dog travelers
Dog websites
Dog whisper
Dog wood park is the best :)
Dog world:)
Dog's cove
Dog's life
Dog/catsters teenage moms/dads!
Doga (dog yoga)
Dogberry café
Dogg'on bratz
Doggie and kitty lovers
Doggie brew!!!
Doggie businesses
Doggie disney world!
Doggie diva's sorority
Doggie drive in
Doggie dudes
Doggie friends that are cuite forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doggie friends unite!
Doggie fun
Doggie lovers unite -eastern shore md area
Doggie manners and help.
Doggie match-up
Doggie so cute
Doggie style bowtique
Doggie town
Doggie treats
Doggie world
Doggie-angels in heaven
Doggie-dog world
Doggies and kitties united
Doggies for jesus!
Doggies in the workplace
Doggies only
Doggies r us
Doggies with issues!
Doggone fun run 2006 dogster team
Doggy adopters!!!
Doggy dating for bichons
Doggy daycare
Doggy days
Doggy diva's
Doggy fan club
Doggy help
Doggy lovers
Doggy luvrs
Doggy park
Doggy playgroup of maryland
Doggy tip when it come to christmas!!
Doggys in texas ''yee haw''
Doggys of maine
Doglovers +
Dogs play
Dogs (and cats) of chocolate town, usa
Dogs 4 life
Dogs against animal neglect
Dogs and cats
Dogs and cats army!
Dogs and cats forever inc
Dogs and cats fun place
Dogs and cats on lake michigan.
Dogs and cats that like to party
Dogs and cats that start with w* n* b* s* m*and*l
Dogs and cats with a myspace
Dogs and cats!
Dogs and cats! favorite music!
Dogs and puppies in pa!!
Dogs are great!
Dogs best friends
Dogs for big orange!!
Dogs for dawgs
Dogs for more playtime
Dogs for paws!
Dogs from cincinnati
Dogs from the capital region , new york
Dogs from the friendly frontier
Dogs from the hill
Dogs from the shelter!
Dogs galore
Dogs going green!
Dogs gone wild!!!
Dogs in central pa need friends too!
Dogs in denial
Dogs in lafayette louisiana
Dogs in the real estate world!
Dogs in the usa christmas and new years exchange
Dogs in vermont
Dogs in washington
Dogs just want to have fun!
Dogs love clothes too!
Dogs love you
Dogs named after cars
Dogs named annabelle
Dogs named coal
Dogs named liza
Dogs named satchmo
Dogs need help
Dogs of astoria, new york
Dogs of bastrop
Dogs of bellevue,nebraska
Dogs of bryan/college station
Dogs of eastern long island
Dogs of forresterites
Dogs of los angeles
Dogs of nebraska
Dogs of northwest (oregon, washington & a little canada)
Dogs of pa - nj
Dogs of racine!
Dogs of redding ca
Dogs of sacramento
Dogs of st.peter/mankato/surrounding areas
Dogs of stillwater, ok
Dogs of the adirondacks
Dogs of the eastside
Dogs of the san fernando valley in cali
Dogs of truckers wifes
Dogs of vancouver
Dogs of western mass
Dogs of worcester, ma
Dogs on the bed
Dogs only!!!!!!!!!!!
Dogs outraged by animal abuse
Dogs really rule!
Dogs rule cats cool
Dogs rule cats drool
Dogs rule cats drule
Dogs rule cats drule!
Dogs rule cats drull
Dogs rule!!!
Dogs rule!,attention all dog lovers!
Dogs that are either spoiled and/or are muts!
Dogs that are your future dream dogs
Dogs that have the name that start with n,k,l,f,d,x,z and w
Dogs that love the kentucky wildcats!
Dogs who could run a country well.
Dogs who love clothes!
Dogs who love fetch
Dogs who love there people!
Dogs who want to become cats
Dogs with names that have something to do with gems,jewels,diamonds.......
Dogs with pretty eyes.
Dogs with style
Dogs&cats of arkansas
Dogs, puppies, cats, kittens
Dogsrule13's perfect page
Dogster junction
Dogster & catster's hangout
Dogster and dogphoria lovers!
Dogster debate group
Dogster dog blog bark out
Dogster doggies 21
Dogster fun!
Dogster guardian angels
Dogster layouts
Dogster makes me wag my tail
Dogster maniacs
Dogster president
Dogster puppies rule oh yeah!
Dogster pups and kats for nitro's law~
Dogster rocks
Dogster& catster's world peace community
Dogster&catster crushes/petster crushes
Dogster's angels
Dogster's next top model
Dogster/catster contests galore
Dogsters & catsters helping others
Dogsters and catsters who love "heroes"
Dogsters fashion diva's ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Dogsters of nevada
Dogsters- american idol
Dogtopia's dog meetup
Dogtown dog daycare, obedience and boarding gresham, or
Dogtown lexington
Dogue de bordeaux
Dogues rule
Dogville-the place for dogs
Dogwhisperer fans
Dogz day club
Dogz r#1
Domestic shorthair
Domestics time (all cats welcome)
Don't be naked, dress up!
Don't punish the breed
Dont bully my breed
Dont hate animals
Doodle planet
Doodles and poos club
Doodles in new jersey
Doods(les) are awesome
Dope dawgz of the nw
Dorkies (dachshund + yorkie (yorkshire terrier)
Dot~ dogs of tupelo
Double dapples anonymous
Double dog rescue
Down with the brown
Downeast dogs
Downeast doxies
Downriver beagles
Downriver siberian huskies of mi
Downtown dawgs
Downtown dogs and drinks in the twin cities
Doxie and other furry friends
Doxie crossing of maryland
Doxie divas the place for diva dachshunds
Doxies and chihuahuas
Doxin town
Drawing you guys pictures of your dogs!
Dreaming of newmexico
Dressey poodle
Dublin dog park - bray commons
Dudley do wrongs
Dupage forest preserve (il) dog park groups!
Dusty dogs rule
Dusty's barks pup crew
Dylan & cole fans && bubbas too!!
Dynomite mutts
Eagle creek bark park
East bay australian shepherds
East coast chessies
East coast min pins
East texas dogs united (etdu)
East tx bulldog
Eastern montgomery county, pa pug club:
Eastern north carolina boxer lovers
Ed levin dog park
Eddie and trudy's wedding chapel
Eden prairie, minnesota puppies!
Education dogs
Education foundation
Egyptian mau
El dorado county paw pals
El paso appliance, ac and heating repair
Ella and hollys and samanthas spa
Ellison park dog club
Enchanted dogs
English and french bulldog owners
English bull terriers of central california
English bulldogs unite
English labs
English pointer lovers!
English springer cuties
Enlightened cats international
Escape artists
Escape artists, inc.
Ess time (english springer spaniels)
Evansville, in dogs and cats
Evansville, indiana boxers
Every dog has its daycare
Every dog needs love
Everybody loves dogs : a group 4 pampered pups
Everything pet friendly
Everything pit bull
Evil kittys hwo love to be bad
Excited little dogs
F0r the l0ve 0f c0c0a!
Fabulous frenchies
Fairbanks dog park
Fairbanks' fabulous furmachines
Falcons dogs
Family cats.
Family members of the central texas dachshunds
Family pet's
Famous dawgs$$$
Famous felines and canines
Fancy dogs!
Fancy paws boutique
Fans of big brother
Fans of jennifer and ashley tisdale!!
Fans of the nfl!!!
Fantabulous frenchies
Fargo/moorhead pug group
Farm kitties/wild ones
Fashion club
Fashion divas
Fashion fur paws
Fashion furry friends
Fat bitches
Fat cat society
Fat cats & dogs too
Fat cats united
Fat kitty city
Fbl aka fun brainy labradors
Fearless feline flyers'
Feist fan club
Feline cafe!
Feline humor
Feline lovers forever
Female gsd's of america
Female hang out !!!
Female pomeranians "only"
Fenways faithful
Ferral pets
Fetch & lulu -go around the world!
Fetch! pet care west hills south hills pittsburgh
Field dogs
Fiesty little dogs of colorado springs
Fila brasileiro
Find buck and rookie!!!!!!!
Firehouse dogs
First coast beagle rescue
Five paws syndicate
Flame point siamese kitty group
Flaming red heads rock
Flatcoats world
Floppy,floppy, ears!!!
Florida animals
Florida aussies
Florida bostons!
Florida bulldogs
Florida corgi club
Florida corgis
Florida currs
Florida dogs
Florida dogs and cats unite
Florida doxies needing homes
Florida frenchies
Florida jacks
Florida mastiffs
Florida panhandle mastiffs
Florida panhandle poms
Florida s'wheatons
Florida service dog meet up
Florida shelties
Florida sunshine siberians!
Floridian iggies unite!
Flower mound, texas dogs
Fluffy has 2 mommies
Flyball pups
Flyin k9s-agility dogs
Flying away forever
Flying furlendas
Flyingwith the angels
Food and nutrition
For all dogs/puppies and cats/kittens that have brindle colored fur!
For all doxie's
For all the dogs who are named forrest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For everybody who live near berryessa district or in san jose/milpitas area
For love of your pet/meet up
For noel!
For pets to who like the show er
For the love of all pets
For the love of animals
For the love of animals!!
For the love of aussies
For the love of barking
For the love of beagles
For the love of border collies
For the love of bostons
For the love of bully breeds
For the love of bully's
For the love of caretakers
For the love of cats and dogs
For the love of cavaliers
For the love of chug
For the love of danes & other large/giant breeds
For the love of dogs and cats
For the love of dogs!
For the love of dogs!!!!!
For the love of dogs!:)
For the love of english bulldogs
For the love of eskies
For the love of german sheperds
For the love of malamutes!
For the love of max!
For the love of mini schnauzers
For the love of pets!
For the love of sam
For the love of service dogs
For the love of shelter dogs
For the love of shelties
For the love of shihtzu and shihtzu mixes
For the love of smushed faces
For the love of the lurcher
For the luv of great danes
For the luv of labs
For the luv of the bully breed
For the rescues, german shepherd group
For the sake of poodles
For those on bw!! let's be pals!"calling all boxer lovers"
For those who have lost a beloved family member
Forever friends great dane rescue
Forever portraits!
Forever young
Former shelter pups
Former strays
Fort collins doggies
Fort funston crawlers
Fort green
Fort hood dawgz
Fort lewis dog's
Fort wayne buddies
Fort wayne dogs
Fort wayne obedience training club
Fort worth bostons
Fort worth cow town pugs
Fort worth's funkiest felines
Forum friends clubhouse
Foster dog mom's & dad's
Foster dogs need forever homes too!
Foster dogs united!
Foster friends
Foster homes
Foster pups and parents.
Four paws up poopies
Fourpaw dog park gang
Franklin county dogs
Frederick puppy playmates
Free to live okc
French brittany
Frenchies from toad alley
Frenchies of maryland
Frends of skeezix (fos)
Fresno chihuahuas
Fresno pugs in the park
Friendly dogs of new bedford
Friendly labs!!!!
Friends and family of naughty little devils club
Friends for change
Friends for life animal shelter
Friends of abby
Friends of canine corners ~ la mesa, ca
Friends of cesar-kc
Friends of fleet peeples park
Friends of homeless animals (foha) alumni
Friends of kingsman field
Friends of the big dawg
Friends of u.p. dog parks
Friends of virginia beach animal control
Friends till the end.
Friends with cancer
Frisco fur-kids!
Frou frou fido
Ft myers bonita springs dog park
Fudge puppies
Fun fluffs
Fun for all
Fun for all!
Fun in the sun
Fun loving dogs in fresno/clovis
Funky finds spring fling
Funny bones foundation and comedy events
Funny stories from our furry-friends
Funshine sunshine
Fur babies, kitty and doggy brothers and sisters!
Fur baby fun !
Furby the feral feline
Furminator fanatics
Furry angels
Furry fashionistas
Furry friends in asheville
Furry friends of west michigan
Furry paws' champion fan club group
Furry red wings fans
Furry rototillers unite!
Furry waggers .
Future vets (or another job that involves animals)
G&r playful kittehs club!
G.w. little
Gabi's dog-dayz pals
Gainesville / ocala dachshund meetup group
Gainesville agility fans
Galesburg dogs & cats
Gangsta' pups
Ganster kitties
Gaston county catz n dogz
Gay & lesbian dog owners
Genchan - the mixed breed
Generation dog
Genuine princess group
Geocaching geo pups unite!
Georgetown cavalier & small breed dog playgroup
Georgia babies!
Georgia bichons!
Georgia cavaliers
Georgia dawgs
Georgia dog lovers
Georgia german shepherds
Georgia humane society
Georgia yorkies
Georgie and peanut and ruby and all the others
German shorthaired pointer fan club
German bred german shepherds
German lovers
German pinscher
German shep-pei the german shepherd/chinese shar-pei hybrids
German shepard's of wisconsin
German shepards
German shepards from r.i.
German shepards r us
German shepards,collies,chow chows,dashounds,cairn terriers,norwich terriers,welsh corgis and australian cattle dogs and all cats yay!
German shepeherd crazy!
German sheperd dogs of america
German sheperds are awesome!!!
German sheperds of new york
German shepherd dogs
German shepherd dogs of tennessee
German shepherd info
German shepherd lovers of louisiana
German shepherd mix group
German shepherd people of boulder colorado
German shepherds in florida - would be nice to stay in contact
German shepherds of michagan
German shepherds of america!
German shepherds of louisiana
German shepherds of michigan
German shepherds of nc
German shepherds you know you love us ♥
German shepherds... wonder dogs
German shepherds:one of the best breeds
German shorthaired pointer lovers!!!
Germantown dog park pals
Get a long little doggie - ohio dachsunds!
Gia & bull-boy's wedding!
Gia's dogster photobook
Gig harbor dog walkers
Ginger and chrissy's dateline service :)
Gingers yorkie culub & any other dogs are welcome
Gir and gaz fan club
Girls at work no men allowed
Girls night out!
Glendale, ca pups unite
Glitter katz:the glitter maker group
Globe trotters
Go dogs go
Go fetch!
Go green
Go rving, dogster!
God's team of dog's
Gold bone academy
Gold canyon dog play group!
Golden and shih tzus friends
Golden babies
Golden central
Golden farms
Golden girls
Golden girls club
Golden golden retrievers
Golden goldies
Golden goodies
Golden groupies
Golden hearts
Golden hugs
Golden love
Golden oldies
Golden paws and claws
Golden retreiver and labrador luvvvvverrrs
Golden retriever - idaho
Golden retriever and labrador retriever lovers
Golden retriever and labrador retriever lovers of pennsylvania
Golden retriever heaven
Golden retriever inc.
Golden retriever meetup- san diego!
Golden retriever rescue of southwest florida
Golden retrievers great group
Golden retrievers of california
Golden retrievers of the pacific northwest
Golden retrievers of tidewater
Golden retrievers!
Golden retriver club!
Goldendoodle world
Goldendoodles rule group
Goldens and friends
Goldens in the woods
Goldens of michigan
Goldens of texas
Goldens who love shelties...or others who love them too...
Goldens, mutts,and other breeds of dogs & cats too, inc.
Goldie for life
Goldie retreivers
Goldie's big & small friends!!!
Goldies and labs
Good dogs, unleashed!
Good grief - we need to talk
Good ol' southern boxers
Good-doggie birthday club
Goofy dogs of america
Goofy goldendoodles
Goofy&silly doggie pics
Gorgeous golden dream dog
Got agility....we do!
Got football?
Got griffons?
Gotham bullies
Grafton's country dogs
Granby ma dog park buddies
Grandview park
Granite state corgies
Grape street gang
Grateful dogs rescue
Great dane club of east alabama
Great dane families
Great dane gathering
Great dane lovers!
Great dane's of the south!
Great danes and chihuahuas of the west
Great danes are the best
Great danes in oregon
Great danes of chattanooga
Great danes of ky
Great danes of nw oregon & sw washington
Great danes of south king county
Great danes of sw florida
Great danes of virginia
Great danes of western new york
Great danes rock !!!!
Great greenville labs!
Great grooming
Great plains mastiff rescue foundation
Greater chicago cavalier rescue
Greater erie area dog
Greater lansing dogs
Greater philadelphia & mid-atlantic area poos club
Greater richmond virginia dogs
Greater rochester (ny) sheltie shenanigans
Greater williamsburg small dog brigade
Greatest american dog fan club!
Greenies fan page
Greenland catster town
Grey american short ahir group
Greyhound adoption of florida northeast chapter
Greyhound anonymous
Greyhound friends for life
Greyhound lovers unite!!!
Greyhound rescues
Greyhound society
Greyhounds of texas
Greythounds of ohio =)
Groomers and pets unite
Groton ct siberian husky playgroup
Group for homeless shar-peis
Gsd power!
Gsd puppies!!!
Gsd's "big boys"
Guard dogs(cats) only!
Guardian angels forever loved and missed
Guide dogs yaaay!!
Gulf south golden retriever rescue
Gypsy caravan
H3y huskiy
Hair club for dogs
Hair tie frenzy!!!
Half breed dogs~like having two pure-breds in one dog!
Half-blue eyes
Halfway there
Halloween club
Halloween dogs
Halo hounds
Hand in paw
Hannah montana club
Happy dog salon & boutique
Happy havanese
Happy hound alumni
Happy hunting dogs
Happy mailman members
Happy paws club
Happy tails books
Happy talk
Harford county dogs
Harmony's health hut
Harrisburg's fun dogs!
Harry potter club
Hat & boots pets
Haute dogs of slc
Havaneese are the best(besides havaneese mixes!)
Havanese town
Have a heart
Have fun
Having a good time
Hawai'i born doggz
Hawai'i chin's
Hawaii dogsters
Hawaiian bulldogs
Hawaiian humane society heroes
Hayflakes sanctuary group
Hearding dogs association
Heart and soul
Heart of texas greyhound adoptions
Heart worm survivors
Heaven's angels
Heavenly harriers:):):)
Heavens little angels
Heavens safe haven stray cat rescue cat care tips forum
Heeling partners of the roaring fork valley
Heinz 57 crew
Helena's best
Hell's kitchen pups
Hello, my name is toby
Help a paw help you
Help close puppy mills
Help club
Help find sandy
Help me stop animal abuse
Help save dogs
Help save pittbulls!!!
Help stop kitten and cats from being abused and animal crulety
Help us bring catie home?
Helping find your new furry friend!
Helping paws
Henry and daisy group
Herding breed meetups
Herding dogs-salt lake city
Here !puggy,puggy!
Here comes westie fun!!
Here kitty kitty!!!!
Here! kitty,kitty,kitty!
Heritage park pup meet-up (taylor, michigan)
Herman frank's park regulars
Hey all you dogs out there! were you a stray once?
Hey everyone im new
Hey, everyone, let's have some fun!
Hey,it's diva ♥ from dog channel .com!!!!
Hickam pups
High country friends for life group
Highly trained dogs
Hiking in southern california
Hill afb playmates
Hillcrest dog park, grand rapids, mi
Hillsboro dogs
Himalayan kitties
Hiphop happy doggies
Hips dogs & cool cats
Hoboken hounds
Hokie hounds!
Holiday dogs
Hollister dogs
Hollys best friends!!!
Hollywood dogster
Home agility dawgs
Home for good!
Home ward bound
Homemade is yummy!
Honor dogs
Honor dogs.
Hoosier stars
Horn pond pooches
Horse academy
Horsham dog park
Hot boxer boys
Hot dog love
Hot dog! dogs surviving the heat in yuma...
Hot howlers!!!!!!
Hot owners
Hot savannah, cold noses
Hot shot dog trot
Hottie pets!!
Hound dogs
Hound dogs of the low country
Hounds for the hoosiers
Hounds of dogster club
Houston area american pit bull terrier social group
Houston area bullys
Houston area dog park meetup!
Houston boston terriers!
Houston bull terriers
Houston chihuahua
Houston cockapoo's, cocker spaniels, poodles, mixed breed
Houston dog lovers
Houston doggies
Houston golden retrievers outings
Houston labs
Houston ridebacks
Houston shih tzu
Houston yorkies
Houston, tx corgis - pembroke & cardigan welcome! :)
How cute are animals?
How far can chicken legs go?
How to love your bulldog!!!
Howard county dogs
Howl of a wolf
Howl-ween october 23, 2010
Howling huskies of nashville
Hsm fans!!!!!!
Hubbard's hounds dog rescue
Hudson dog park
Hudson valley ny pets
Hudson valley play pals
Hugs 4 hounds
Humane society of dogster
Humane society silicon valley (hssv)
Hunting dogs
Hurricane pets rescue, inc. (hpr) group
Huskies "r" us
Huskies in minnesota
Huskies of south florida
Huskies of texas!
Huskies rock the world
Huskies rule!
Huskies unite!
Husky club of upstate ny
Husky heavan
Husky heaven
Husky luv
Husky luvers 4 ever background practice
Husky's and alakans malamutes way
Husky's and alakans way
Huskys are beautiful!!!!!!!!!
Huskys glore!
Hutchinson pups
Hyper dog that just can't stay still
Hyper pups
Hypothyroidism in dogs
I ♥ doxies
I adopted my dog from 11th hour rescue
I am so spoiled
I can't help it, i was born this way!!
I hate the word mutt.....they are mixed breeds
I heart beanie babies!!!
I heart my iggy!
I know i'm gorgeous!
I love border collies!
I love bully breeds!
I love cookie!
I love lucy
I love my bichon frise!
I love my boston terrier
I love my boxer
I love my jack russell
I love my miniature schnauzer!!!!
I love my siberian husky
I love my siberian husky!!
I love my yorkie
I love the granite state!
I love the white sox arf arf
I love you
I luv dobes
I luv goldens
I luv my rescue mutt
I own a dog bakery
I swear i'm a human!
I want my dtv (dt = dog videos)
I was adopted on craigslist: the craigslist cuties
I was rescued
I'm a cool puppy dog and this my k ind of group
I'm a mini weenie!!!
I'm a model pet. i model for fun and i'm a pet :p
I'm afraid of thunder storms
I'm human trapped in a dog's body!!
I'm so ugly i'm cute!
I'm spoilded
I'm the pug!
Icelandic sheepdog
Idaho boxer buddies
Idaho falls american pit bull lovers and owners
Idaho siamese lovers
Idahoian pooches
If bsl disgusts you....
If u luv 'em, fix 'em!!!
If you're a cocker and you know it, wag your tail!
Igglets rock!
Illinois american bulldogs
Illinois bullies
Illinois corgis
Illinois maltese
Im junior and im a drywall chewer
Im new
Imerman bark park
Important info on old lost pet cases
In loveing memory
In loving memory pet urns
In memory of dogs and cats.
In memory of mr.frenchy
In search of puppy love
Independent springer spaniels
Indiana boxers
Indiana bully lovers!! bully lovers from everywhere are welcome:)
Indiana corgis!
Indiana dog lovers
Indiana doggies
Indiana mutt pups
Indiana university dogs!
Indiana yorkie club
Indianapolis colts dogs!
Indianapolis dog bark
Individuality, kitty personality!
Indy pups
Inland empire toy breeds
Inuyasha against peta
Iowa daschshund round-up
Iowa german shepherd dogs
Iowa huskies
Iowa pekes
Iowa pugs
Iowa's purebreds
Ireland's finest
Irish cats~*~
Irish dogs
Irish setter frenzy
Is your name boomer?
Is your name harley?
It's a husky thing!
It's all about the doberman
It's all about... dogs
It's todd's show
Italian greyhound club
Italian greyhound club of maryland
Italian greyhound lovers
Italian greyhounds unite!
Italian greyhounds united riverview/valrico/brandon, fl
Ithaca for dogs
Its a doggie dog world...
Izzi and the puupy buddies
J@ck russell terriers of yonkers, new york
Jack and patches:two cats in love.
Jack chi lovers
Jack in the box!!
Jack rat club
Jack rats united
Jack russel hustle
Jack russel pug mutts!
Jack russell racing
Jack russell terriers st louis
Jack russell terrors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!let's all tell our terror? stories
Jack russell/beagles
Jack russell/chihuahua community
Jack russell/rat terriers unite
Jack russelll/chihuahua mixes (jack chi's) show yourselves!
Jack russells fan club
Jack russells gone wild!
Jack russles
Jack's mixes
Jack's russells
Jack's russells terriers
Jackie jack
Jacking jacks
Jacks in the city
Jacksonville beach chihuahuas
Jacksonville fl italian greyhoundsl
Jacksonville frenchies
Jacksonville husky group
Jacksonville minpins and small breeds
Jacksonville, fl chihuahuas
Jan & gomers wedding page
Japanese chin
Japanese chins
Jaspersmommie and friends
Jax labs!
Jax pets!!
Jaxon & molly's kids
Jaxon and my family are at hq!
Jaxon did nothing!!!!!!
Jayhawk dogs and cats
Jazels puppy group and growing up
Jeepers the dog's dog blog
Jericho dogs & cats
Jersey city dogs
Jersey doxies
Jersey goldens
Jesse paws and friends
Jim jones ballin
Jindo project, inc.
Jj byrne dog run in brooklyn, ny
Jonas brother fans on dogster!
Jp pups....
Jrt dawgs
Jrt terror group
Jrt's havin' fun!
Jrt's unlimited
Jump run wag & bark
Jumpin' dogs
Jumping jacks
Junior handlers club
Juniors agility
Just b's
Just call me "mr. enterpreneur!"
Just for yorkies
Just gorgeous goofy newfies
Just labradors
Just married
Just mutts
Just us corgis!
Justice and liberty for all doggies and kittys
Justice for all animals
Justice for the animals
K-9 corners of rockford
K-9 homefinders & rescue, inc. group
K-9's fan group
K-lees designs
K9 austin
K9 therapists of las vegas
K9's of the san francisco area!
K9s and friends
Kalamazoo pups
Kansas beagles and bassets
Kansas city area boxer club
Kansas city pugs
Kansas city,mo cat's and kittens
Kansas doggies & kitties
Kansas pups
Katie`s funny smart and genius cat lover`s
Katrina dog rescue
Katrina survivers!
Kcmo pups
Keene canines
Keeshond kapers
Keizer rapids dog park
Kemp k-9's
Kentuckiana pets
Kentucky corgis
Kentucky dogs
Kentucky fur kids
Kentucky mini schnauzer
Kentucky pooches!
Kentucky, indiana, tennessee or any in between pit bulls or pit mixes
Kewl dogs
Kewl kittehs
Key to the best shopping sprees, and maincures!
King & queen of the yard
King county boxer lovers
King's delight
Kings & queens of catster!
Kisses for kittens
Kitnhevn inc.
Kitten rescue
Kittens & puppies
Kitters luv!!!
Kitties on med's
Kitty festival
Kitty and doggy dating service
Kitty channel
Kitty connection
Kitty kat group
Kitty ttouch learners
Kitty world domination
Kitty's adopt a kitten or pup group
Kittys n doggies photo booth
Knitting and crocheting for pets
Knoxville chihuahua's
Knoxville dogs
Knoxville pitbulls
Kodiak k-9's
Koe-kak pets!
Koo koo for coacoa toys
Kooikerhondje by bruce
Kookoo for cockapoos
Kooky kreatures
Kool man
Krazy about dogs
Kute k-9's klub!!!!!!!
Kutztown canine cougars!!
Kwool cats
L.a. dane gang
L.a.d.i.e.. (ladies and dogs into welcome too!)
La boxer & labrador lovers
La crescenta doggies!
La doggie vita
La labradors
La sighthounds
Lab lab labrador!
Lab ladies
Lab lovers!
Lab luvers
Lab puppies & lab friendship!
Labadors o' labadors
Labrador group
Labrador love
Labrador lovers
Labrador lovers forever!!
Labrador puppies
Labrador retreivers rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Labrador retriever breed group
Labrador retriever club
Labrador retriever rescue of cincinnati
Labrador retriever rescue of florida
Labrador retriever's place
Labrador retrievers fun house and friends
Labrador retrievers unite!
Labrador specialties
Labradors are different from golden retrievers.
Labradors' playhouse
Labs and chow chows!
Labs and corgis
Labs labs and more labs!!
Labs of california
Labs of santa cruz and santa barbara, california
Labs rule the dog world
Labs that love
Labs who want to date other labs
Labs, chows, and wolf mixes are welcome and heck, any other dog!
Labs, retrivers, and the working group!!
Lady's unite
Lafayette shamrock dog park
Laguardia c.c. catsters
Lake geneva doggies
Lake tahoe australian shepherds
Lakewood puppy pals
Lancaster county, pa pets
Lane county tail-waggers
Large and loveable!!
Large families
Las vegas boxers
Las vegas corgis!
Las vegas dachshunds
Las vegas dogs
Las vegas dogs - for singles
Las vegas goldens!
Las vegas hot-diggity dachshund club
Last chance animal rescue
Latinos' n their furkids
Lazy labs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lazy daze & rowdy nightzz cat group..
Lazy dogs
Lazy lurchers club
Lazy, sweet dogs of the world
Lazy~loving~ labbies
Lcfp dog parkers!!!
Le petit chien ..... the small dog!
Leashes of love aaa
Lebanon county dogs!
Legacy boxer rescue
Legal beagles
Lehigh valley, pa doggies
Lemoore doggies want a dog park!
Lend a heart lend a hand animal assisted therapy
Leopardstar's clan
Let's get together!
Let's go, giants!
Let's socialize
Let's spike it up pit's!
Let's stop the harm!
Lets have dogs!!
Lexi girls
Lexidog pound
Lexie and shiloh's pizza parlor and pawty place!!
Lexington's uptown hounds
Lgbt alameda small dog park
Lhasa apso rule
Li plus
Liberal & progressive cats (& dogs)
Lick'em up pup's!
Life at the bridge
Life of a spoiled maltese
Life's da pits
Lifes ruff
Light a candle
Lil dogz
Lilly's candy kitchen
Little bitty pretty ones
Little brown dog club
Little buggers
Little die hards
Little dog group
Little doggy group
Little dogs
Little dogs of florida
Little dogs united together!
Little dogs who are too cute to be true!
Little dogs!!!!
Little fluff pups
Little lassies of little dixie
Little mad dogs
Little monsters!
Little orphan angels
Little pup pals
Livermore linxes
Livermore valley yorkies
Living it up las vegas show dog style
Living large in lee county
Living with cancer
Living with fanconi syndrome
Livingston area pooch club
Ll dog rescue alumni
Local playdates
Lodo doggies
Logan circle brigade
Lola's pooch posse
Lolkittehs (& doggehs)
Lone star beagles
Lone star bullies
Lone star shih tzu and lhasa apso rescue
Lone star siberian huskies
Lonestar labs
Long beach's peanut gallery
Long island cats
Long island chihuahuas & other small dogs
Long island little doggies
Long island pups
Long island small breed meetup
Long island smiling samoyeds
Long island's cutie patooties
Long islandnihon ken
Longhaired german shepherds
Longhaired miniature dachshunds
Los angeles boston terrier meetup
Los angeles yorkie pals
Los angeles/south bay small breeds
Los chihuahuas del tucson
Los gatos, campbell & san jose, ca cavaliers
Loss dog's
Lost paws
Lost & found_dogsters & catsters unite to help find missing pets here!
Lost and found in worcester, ma
Lost and found pet pals
Lost and found; cats and dogs in ga
Lost best friends at rainbow bridge
Lost but not forgotten pets
Lost in florida
Lost in ny
Lost paws
Lost pets
Lost,dead, or givin away.
Lots 'o dogs
Lots 'o dogs
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Lou's crew
Louisiana and mississippi yorkies
Louisiana dachshunds
Louisiana ratties
Louisiana weimaraners
Louisville yorkies
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Lounging labs!
Lova lotta toys
Lovable labs!!!
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Love my iggy club
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Love to love labs
Love your dog group
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Lovely lola's
Lover pups
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Lowell humane society alumni & friends!
Lowell unleashed
Loyal dogs unit
Lpch at stanford's doggies!
Lubbock dog park
Lucky black cats
Lucky dog parents
Lucky mutts
Luckydog daycare
Lucy and friends
Lucy's dreamhouse ♥
Luv 4 yorkies
Luv ya 4ever!!!!
Luvable labs
Luvin blue heeler's
Luvs beagles!
Luxury k9's
Lydia & pugs
Lyon oaks dog park
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Macomb county dog lovers meet and walk
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Macy's rule
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Mad(ison) pets
Madison rompers
Madison square park
Madison yorkies(and other small breeds)
Madison, wi, dachshund meetup and play group
Maggie's rescue refuge
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Maine minidogs
Maine service dog (animal) owner/ trainers
Maine street
Major league baseball fan club
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Maltese and chihuahuas united!!!
Maltese dogs in the southeast
Maltese fun!
Maltese in new england
Maltese mommy & me
Maltese pop pawty club
Maltese's of oklahoma
Maltese's rule the world!!
Maltichon international k-9 express
Maltipoo club
Maltipoos of texas
Mapaw siberian husky rescue and referral services, inc.
Marco dog park--roseville ca
Marietta mutts
Marine corps
Marion,ohio meet and greet
Marley dog group
Marriage made in heaven
Martini please!
Maryland bostons
Maryland cavalier king charles spaniels
Maryland chihuahua lovers
Maryland dog owners
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Maryland mutts
Maryland outdoor club
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Marymoor mutts
Mason vixens
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Mass fluff
Massachusetts all dogs club
Massachusetts dachshunds!
Massachusetts mutts
Massachusetts mutts and mixes against breed discrimination (purebreeds welcome too!)
Masscops pets
Mastiffs of missouri
Mastiffs of the mid-atlantic
Mastiffs,mastiffs everywhere
Mastifs or it can be mixed with mastifs
Material girls
Max was my bestfriend!!!!!!!!!!!
Maynard and tess's wedding planner
Mccarren park dog run - williamsburg brooklyn
Mcminnville oregon doggies
Mcnabs are crazy!
Md pekingese dogs
Md rottenweilers
Meatball potp group
Mechanicsburg wild*dogs* of pennsylvania!
Meet me in st. louie st. louis mo area dogsters
Meet meat
Melbourne mutts, etal
Memorial services for our pets!
Memphis gentlemen and belles
Memphis mini's
Memphis muttz
Menotomy rocks groupies
Meow group
Meow place
Meows to barks
Mercer county bark park (nj)
Mercer county four-leggers
Mercer county, new jersey dogs
Mericle dogs
Meridian, ms. pups
Merle border collies
Merle lovers
Mesa & montrose county k-9's
Mesa dogs
Mess again chihuahuas
Metal kitties
Metro atlanta dachshund meet up group
Metro detroit rat terrier group
Metro detroit small dog meetup!
Mets (dog) fans
Mets fans (and their owners, too)
Mi friends
Mi min pin
Mi puggles
Mi yorkie/biewer meet up
Miami cavalier king charles spaniels
Miami dachshund
Miami dolphins or football fan
Miami off leash minpin play group
Miami small dogs united
Michael vick should be banned from the nfl
Michigan american cocker spaniels
Michigan apbt's
Michigan boxers
Michigan cats & dogs
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Michigan danes
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Michigan miniature schnauzers yard
Michigan rescue dogs from the humane society of huron valley
Michigan shih tzu owners
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Michigan's miraculous jack russells
Michigander dog dudes!
Microchipped pets!
Mid michigan's little loves play group
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Middlesex pets
Midwest chi and toy breeds
Midwest shiba inu
Midwest-for the love of a chihuahua
Midwestern ohio doggie club
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Mighty muttz
Mike vick dog abuse
Military corgis
Military dogs
Military mutt's
Military mutts
Military mutts unite
Military pets ~meow~ ***go usa*** ~ruff~
Military pups
Millbrook exchange dog park
Million dog march
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Min pin dachsunds always win!
Min pin mommies!
Min pin's of the world
Min pins of oklahoma
Min pins of texas
Min pins of wi!
Min pins rock!!!
Min pins rule the world
Min pins rule!!!!!
Minature poodles
Minature schnauzers
Minature schnauzers united
Mini dachshunds rule!
Mini doxies of colorado
Mini mutt mingle
Mini packages of min pins
Mini pinschers
Mini rotts
Mini schnauzer lovers!!!
Mini schnauzer mixes
Mini schnauzers only!! ( afew kittys too;0)
Mini schnauzers rock!!!
Miniature australian shepherds
Miniature dachshunds in virginia!
Miniature dachshunds of central washington
Miniature daschunds and friends
Miniature pinscher of maryland
Miniature pinschers of atlanta
Miniature pinschers of california!
Miniature pinschers of virginia
Miniature poodle friends
Miniature schnauzer / maltese/ yorkshire / bull terrier
Miniature schnauzer's
Miniature schnauzers group
Minnesnowda siberian huskies
Minnesota bassets
Minnesota beagles
Minnesota boxers
Minnesota bully breeds
Minnesota dogs!
Minnesota labs
Minnesota pet love
Minnesota pets unite
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Minnesota spaniels
Minpin/chi love..
Minpins unite!!!
Minx,s hook up hotline for cats looking for a puurrfect match or dogs
Mischievous mutts!!!
Mismarked bostons? pish posh
Miss america
Miss daisy's garden
Miss dogster beauty pageant
Mission mosa
Mississippi boston terrier rescue
Mississippi chi's
Mississippi mutts
Mississippi pups
Mississippi's dog house
Missouri min pins
Missouri mutts
Missouri pals
Missouri pit bull rescue (mpr) group
Missouri south
Missouri's top dogs!
Mittelspitz madnesss
Mix breed mushy :)
Mix dog breeds
Mix dogs rule
Mixed blessings
Mixed breed cake
Mixed breed love
Mixed breeds
Mixed breeds rule!!!!!
Mixed dogs
Mixed mutts & rescue tales!
Mixed up fun!
Mixes unite!
Mixsed breeds group
Ml art, design & photography
Mobile pet grooming
Mocha and edward's wedding!
Modesto doggies
Moggy pups ,chihuahua online community
Molly d's doxies
Molly d's greyhounds
Molly inspires foundation
Mom's raising kids and pups!
Momma dog's pet sit
Mommy & mutts
Moms & dads &heart; &heart; &heart;
Montana labs
Montana beagles!
Montclair, nj dog-walking group
Monterey bay dachshunds
Monterey bay, ca small dogs
Morkie puppies and dogs
Morkie world
Morkies r us
Most embarassing moments
Motley mutts
Motley's chinese crested crew
Motorcycle dogs
Mountain bike dogs
Mountain house pet citizen's
Mountain mist's dating agency!
Mountainview shih tzu rescue
Mouse & family's adoption center
Movin mutts & pretty purebreds
Mpls mastiff / bullly / working breed meetups
Mr. barkyvonschnauzer
Mr.jeepers-benny's and teddy hangout place
Ms. beth's alumni
Ms. nicole's french bulldog party!!
Mt. tabor pups
Muddy paws!
Multi colored doggies!!
Multi colored poodle
Multiple animal households..
Murfreesboro doggies
Murrieta mutts
Musical pets club
Muskrat flingers
Must be the mutts!!!
Must love dachshunds
Must luv goldens
Muts muts muts!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mutt delights
Mutt lovers
Mutt lovers anonymous
Mutt lovers group
Mutt lovers!!!
Mutts and pedigrees are pawsome
Mutts and purebreeds
Mutts and such
Mutts in northern virginia
Mutts in texas
Mutts mutts and more mutts!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mutts mutts mutts & more mutts!
Mutts of america!
Mutts of california
Mutts of nc
Mutts r us
Mutts rule!!!!!!!!!!!
Mutts! mutts! mutts!!!!!!!
Mutts' heaven
Mutts_mutts_mutts you can be a pup of any breed to join here!
Muttville, a senior dog rescue
Mwd sgt beyco h100 usmc german shepherd
My animal isnt a dog !!!!!!!!!!! :)
My bone, my rules
My child is furry
My doggie paradise
My favorite exercise is chasing the laser!
My favorite sheltie(s)
My friends
My girlz are pretty b!tches*
My group
My maine dog
My name is ruby!!!
My owner may wear the uniform, but i give the orders!
My pets playground
My pitbull
My puppy planner
My pups
Myspace dog show - an online dog show!
Nadac dogs
Nana's group
Naptown canines
Nascar dogs
Nascar pups
Nashvegas ig's
Nashville bostons
Nashville chihuahua club
Nasvhile fun with dogs group
National canine cancer foundation
National dachshund race
National dachshund races
Naturally delicious
Naughty little devils clubs
Navajo county pups
Navin and buds
Naylors beach dogs!
Nc all dogs
Nc american pit bull terriers
Nc labs
Nc rottweiler lovers
Nebraska animals
Nebraska boxer lovers
Nebraska cats
Necpa lets get together!
Need help training???
Nemo and his wunderbuds
Nemo's only
Neopolitan mastiffs!
Nepa critters
Nepa dachshunds
Nettles park adventurers
Never underestimate a pink nosed beagle
New dogs
New england & massachusetts cocker spaniel club!
New england cavaliers
New england corgis
New england dog and cat club
New england dog park
New england patriots lovers
New england patriots nation
New england service dog meetups
New england woofers
New group
New hampshire vizsla club
New hope pit bull rescue group
New jersey
New jersey and new york portuguese water dogs
New jersey area cavaliers
New jersey bulldogs
New jersey dogs
New jersey herding dogs
New jersey huskies
New jersey miniature pinscher society
New jersey pugs
New jersey/new york boston terriers
New orleans dog social
New orleans pug group
New york
New york bullies
New york city area newfoundlands
New york city bostons
New york city dog
New york city dogsters
New york city shih tzu meetup group!!
New york city small dogs playgroup
New york goldendoodles
New york labs
New york mutts!
New york pitbull-
New york pooches
New york shibas
New york yankees fans
New york yorkies
New yorkies
Newbies and more!
Newport dog run friends
Newport r.i. dogs
News of the dog park
Newyork malts
Nfl fanatics!
Nhl dogs (kitties welcome, too!)
Nice & sometimes fierce
Nicholasville doggies
Nike+ running / walking with dogs!
Nikki mouse's spirit days
Nileydog rescue
Nj bullies
Nj frenchies
Nj pets
Nj shih tzu's
No 1 will prob join this group
No bsl chicago!!!
No business like show business
No cats allowed
No cats!
No hurting animals!!!!!!!!!!!!*******************
No leashes attached
No pooches left behind
Noble krewe of cavaliers
Noble ones bully breed rescue
Nola puppies!!
Nor cal yorkies
Nor-cal brittany's!!!
Norcal boxer rescue
Norman dogs
Normandale dog park puppies!
North carolina boston's
North carolina boxers
North carolina dogs
North carolina weimaraners
North carolina wheatens
North dakota dogs
North dakota labs
North dallas dogs
North east lil' aussies
North east papillons
North east texas yorkies
North houston bulldogs
North idaho chihuahuas
North jersey shibas
North louisiana chihuahua club
North mecklenburg animal rescue
North richland hills/tipps canine hallow
North shore retrievers
North texas weimaraner club
Northeast ohio shih tzus
Northeast rescue alliance
Northern cali yorkshire terriers
Northern california bay area pugs
Northern california chihuahua's!!!
Northern colorado kitties & pooches
Northern il beagles
Northern minnesota pug group
Northern virginia small dogs
Northshore louisiana small dogs
Northside chicago play group!
Northside chocolates
Northville community park dog park
Northville pug meetup
Northwest advocates for animal awareness
Northwest american eskimo dogs
Northwest corgis
Northwest tucson dog days
Northwestern virginia dogster pals
Norwalk, connecticut dogs
Not the beagle!
Not your average fluffy's and spot's!
Nova dogs
Nova malteses
Nova trail dogs
Now are dogs cute or what????
Number one doggies
Nunziano field dog park in somerville
Nutritious dog food!
Nutty mutties
Nw acds
Nw ohio cats for happy! happy! joy! joy!!!
Nw valley dog pals
Nwa play group
Ny beagles
Ny city labs!!
Ny danes
Ny siberian huskies
Nyc - let me get on that train!
Nyc bichons
Nyc corgis
Nyc doggies!
Nyc frenchies
Nyc min pins
Nyc mustluvboxers!
Nyc pembroke welsh corgis
Nyc puggles
Nyc terrier club
Nyc tri-state area pomeranian group
Nyc's 5 boroughs for bullies!
Nyc/li furbabies!!!
O.c. boston terriers
O.c. bt's meetup group
Oahu dogs
Oakland, ca ~ yorkies
Obedience class
Obedience competition champs
Obedience, conformation and rally pets
Obsessed with bulldogs
Obx beach dogs!
Oc pals
Oc toy breed doggies
Ocean county pups
Odd-ball names
Off leash - tacoma
Off leash seattle
Off the chain
Oh my pug!!!!
Ohio brussels griffons
Ohio cavalier king charles and cocker spaniels
Ohio chihuahuas
Ohio chinese cresteds
Ohio cocker spaniels
Ohio dogs & cats for adoption!
Ohio doxies
Ohio english bullies
Ohio fetchaholics
Ohio psd handlers
Ohio puppy palz
Ohio whippets
Ohio { buckeye} yorkies
Ohlone dog park
Okahoma rescues
Okc petsters
Oki pets
Okie dokie dogs
Okie labs
Okie, arkie, & texan doggies
Oklahoma beagle rescue beagles
Oklahoma boxers
Oklahoma city animal shelter pets
Oklahoma city hefner dog park group
Oklahoma dogs
Oklahoma german shepherd lovers
Oklahoma great danes
Oklahoma pembrokes!
Oklahoma sooner fan club
Old english furryfriends
Old english sheepdogs of california
Old fogies
Olde english bulldog buddies of san jose
Olde english bulldogges
Olde victorian bulldogge
Older alaskan malamutes
Oliver, sapphire, emerald, and jack group!
Omaha, ne doggies
Omd..this really is a group :)
On the loose
Once an angel, always an angel
One beautiful life.............
One eyed wonder pets!
One stop dog walk
Only pups
Only the finest dogs..
Operation: ellsion park dog area makeover
Orange cats and german shepherds
Orange cats are the best!
Orange cats unite
Orange county beagles
Orange county canines
Orange county english bulldogs
Orange county mutts
Orange tabby group
Orca and ducky's double wedding
Order of the falcons
Oregon chi's or chi mix
Oregon coast
Oregon corgies!
Oregon mastiff
Oregon westies
Oregon working dogs
Organic and holistic dogs
Organic kitty (or pupster!)
Oriental shorthairs
Original americans
Orion oaks bark park friends
Oshkosh dog park playmates
Osu vet med dogs
Our babies, the mastiffs
Our beloved mutts!
Our loveable toy fox terrors
Our names are zeus!!!!!
Our rainbow bridge angels
Our spoiled rotten rotties
Oustanding obedience
Outdoor fun
Outdoor world
Over the rainbow
Overbreak doggies
Owners club
Owners of girl chihuahuas
P*f*l (pals for life)
P-town pee-wees small breed meetup playgroup
P. & p. pooches
P.a. border collies
P.a. paws
P.a.w. - pro-active whining
Pa boxer inc
Pa dog lovers
Pa poms!!
Pacfic northwest and canada doggie social
Pacific north west dachshunds
Pacific nw alaskan huskies
Pacific park pups
Pack backers
Pact for animals
Palatine dog lovers
Palo alto pooches
Pampered pomeranian's
Pampered pups
Panama city play group
Papillon and papillon mix of minnesota
Papillon owners
Papillon u.s.a.
Papillons in colorado
Papillons welcome here
Paradise pups
Park slope brooklyn shih tzu group!
Park slope brooklyn small dogs
Parkersburg pooches
Parrots and pups
Parson russel terrier cuties
Partay animals
Party animals!
Party dogs
Party of the westies!!
Party on the block!
Party pugs
Party pups!!
Parvo survivors
Pasadena animal rescue
Pasadena pyrenees
Pastorius park buddies
Patches of love!
Patite mutts of sacramento
Patterson park walkers & barkers!
Paul ruster bark park, indianapolis
Paul's test group
Paulding dog group
Paw park
Paw power agency
Paw power!
Pawcassos and seaside grooming - dog daycare
Pawfect spa
Pawrents with allergies
Paws 4 claws
Paws and claws
Paws and claws forever!
Paws chicago alumni association
Paws for praise llc
Paws for reflection
Paws in need
Paws of love!
Paws of the 219
Paws park patrons
Paws to celebrate
Paws to smell the catnip
Paws to smell the catnip and go crazy
Paws up for show dogs
Paws with stay at home mommys
Paws4progress canine rescue
Pawsitively puli
Pawsome pups
Pawty animals!
Pawty like a rockstar!
Pazzy and daisy's group!
Pbgv's unite!
Pdpc's pawty house!
Pdx dobie dodos
Peace paws
Peanuts pals
Pearland pooches
Peddlers paws shop for your pets needs all on sale
Pedigree pets
Pee dee pit lovers
Pei lovers
Peke parents in utah
Pekingese rock!
Pekingnese passion
Penguins for equal dogster rights
Peninsula chihuahuas
Penn state pitbulls
Penn state's pets
Pennsylvania corgis
Pennsylvania dachshunds
Pennsylvania dane lovers
Pennsylvania loves bully breeds, especially frenchies :)
Pennsylvania outdoors
Pennsylvania shih tzu owners, breeders and just plain admirers of
Pennsylvania yorkies
Pennsylvanian keeshonden unite
Penny angels beagle rescue group
Pensacola dogs
Peoria pups!
Perfect pits
Perfect pug club
Performance danes
Perky papillons and phalenes
Personal responsibility group
Pet lovers
Pet airways
Pet business owners association
Pet cruelty
Pet food - don't be fooled
Pet loss grief support group
Pet loss support
Pet lovers
Pet mania!
Pet pals
Pet pals 4 fun:)
Pet palz
Pet parents
Pet place
Pet playmates
Pet portrait group
Pet protection
Pet pups
Pet sitters unite
Pet sitters unlimited
Pet's of nebraska
Pet-o-nomics lovers!
Peta doggies
Peterbald's corner
Petersburg animal welfare society
Petfinder pups!
Petlovers central
Petritionals health club
Pets against bsl and sb 861
Pets against puppy mills
Pets agenst the evil things peta does
Pets and pesticides
Pets are angels!
Pets from the dakotas, wyoming, or montana
Pets from the past
Pets in the city
Pets just wanna have fun!!!!
Pets living with cushings disease.
Pets named after country music singers
Pets of kansas city!!
Pets of missouri
Pets of new mexico
Pets on myspace
Pets on the go!!
Pets only
Pets playground
Pets rule
Pets rule!!
Pets that need a leash
Pets unite!!
Pets with addison's disease!
Petsafe - kentucky pups
Petsmart alumni
Petsuites, the pet resort!
Philadelphia dachshund meet-up
Philadelphia dogs
Philadelphia eagles nation of cats
Philly area geodogs
Philly baby's
Philly bulldog's
Philly burbs boxer meetup
Philly chins
Philly pets
Philly shibas
Phoebe's place
Phoenix chihuahua's
Phoenix dogs
Phoenix tiny dogs!
Photo making biz
Picard lover's around the world!!
Picka-poos have more fun
Pickles and halley's
Picks for pets
Pics by butter & daisy
Pics of pups!
Picture club
Picture makers!
Picture station
Piedmont bulldoggers
Piedmont puppy hikers
Pierson bark park
Pikapet lovers
Pimpin poodles
Pineranians! mini pin pom!
Pink nose pups
Pink pups on parade for breast cancer
Pinscher pile
Pirates of the caribbean pups!!
Pit and lab united
Pit bull
Pit bull breeders
Pit bull galaxy
Pit bull hot spot
Pit bull lovers!!!
Pit bull pals of tx
Pit krewe
Pit lovers
Pit lovers!
Pit party
Pit paws
Pitbull babies
Pitbull club
Pitbull lovers
Pitbull lovers 17
Pitbull lovers onily.
Pitbull lovin group
Pitbull luverz onily!!!!!!
Pitbull owners!
Pitbull pride
Pitbull room
Pitbull warriors
Pitbulls and pomeranians welcome!!!
Pitbulls fovever
Pitbulls of hawaii
Pitbulls son
Pitbulls terrier only
Pitbulls we love
Pitiful peggy
Pits and chis
Pits are adorable
Pits pits and more pits
Pits rock!
Pits, labs & huskys only
Pitt bull pals!
Pittbull lovers
Pitties & kitties
Pittsburgh mastiffs
Pittsburgh penguins fans group
Pittsburgh pups
Planet pooch
Planet sammies
Planet silly sammies
Plano pups
Play dates
Play dates in warner robins ga
Play dates in winder georgia
Play group
Playful animals
Playful paws of stockton
Playful pensacola pups!
Playful poms
Playful puppies in fremont, nebraska
Please help support scully!!!
Please love your dog
Plott hounds r us
Pls stop bsl
Pls stop bsl! ! ! ! ! !
Plymouth beagle meet up group
Pmail/email lovers chihuahua socialization and online community
Pocono puppies
Poems about dogs
Police german shepherds of america
Pom chat
Pom moms
Pom pals
Pom pom head quarters
Pom sunday
Pomapoos and more
Pomeranian lovers
Pomeranian's special day
Pomeranian/papillon friends
Pomeranians of austin and its suburbs
Pomeranians only!
Pomeranians with black faces
Poms of a different color (the exotics of the breed)
Poms united with family & friends aka puff
Ponder's posse
Poo's and cocker's and hybrid's oh my! all are welcome hybrid or pure bred
Pooch party time!!!
Pooch pursuit dog walk team for sunday, october 18, 2009
Pooches of mobile alabama
Poochie princesess's
Poodle and maltipoo lovers
Poodle central
Poodle mania
Poodle palace
Poodle-mix group
Poodles -weston, davie, broward county florida
Poodles rock
Poodleville university
Pool pups
Poop eaters anonymous (coprophagia)
Popular pooches n' cool cats
Popular puppy pal group!!!!
Popular pups & kats
Port chester obedience training club - white plains, ny
Port city dogs ~pcd
Port dogster restraunt
Portland - sellwood dog days social club
Portland dogs!!!!
Portland fur kids
Portland maine dogs
Portland oregon area jack russell terrier meetup group
Portland oregon doggies
Portland shiba inu
Portland small dogs
Portland vizslas
Portuguese water dog
Portuguise water dogs group
Positive performance dogs
Post falls pooches
Potrero pups
Potter pups
Pound dogs/cats unite with purebreeds
Pound pets ~strays & adoptables
Pound puppys group
Pound pups and mutts rock!!!!!!
Pow wow
Power of the paw
Power of the pugs (pop)
Prankster gangsters
Praying 4 patches
Precious chihuahuas
Precious maltese puppies
Precious pits
Preety pets unite!
Presedent of dogster
Pretentious puppy boutique
Pretty butterfly dogs
Pretty on the inside
Pretty plaque of pets
Princess cruises
Princess mutts
Prissy rules 454
Procrastanators unite (tomorrow)
Prosecute all dog-fighters!!!!
Prospect park pups
Proud pitbull owners: ~*~ save these beautiful dogs ~*~
Proud princes
Proud to be an american
Proud uf gator doggies
Psd service dog
Psychiatric service dog awareness campaign
Puddle jumpers
Pudgy pooches
Pug + beagle = puggle
Pug acess
Pug admires
Pug friends - the lovable, adorable breed
Pug lovers
Pug lovers of the northwest burbs
Pug pals
Pug parliament
Pug party
Pugaholics anonymus
Puget sound pups
Puggle paradise
Puggles are the best pups ever!!
Puggles leave paw prints on your heart
Puggles of ca
Puggles of san diego
Pugnacious pugs of colorado
Pugs and their owners of south-central washington
Pugs are hot!
Pugs in the park of san luis obispo ca
Pugs in the vegas valley
Pugs luvers of the dc area
Pugs meetup group of clearwater, fl
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Pugs of connecticut
Pugs of delaware
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Pugs of the southwest
Pugs of the world
Pugs rule and drule
Pugs, pugs, and more pugs
Pugtastic pugs
Pugy pug
Pumpin poodles
Pumpkin's sunday breakfast
Punish the deed, not the breed.
Punkey's playhouse
Pup dogs
Pup love
Pup palace
Pup palace place
Pup pals and cute dogs
Pup pals,best pals,great pals club!
Puppies almighty club
Puppies for puppy lovers
Puppies of florida!
Puppies only
Puppies playground
Puppies r us
Puppies rock'n the house
Puppies rule!!
Puppies, kittens join
Puppy angels
Puppy litters
Puppy love
Puppy love is the thing
Puppy lovers 2
Puppy mill rescues
Puppy mill survivors
Puppy mills bite
Puppy pals (big and small)
Puppy pals 101
Puppy pals*
Puppy paradise
Puppy patriots
Puppy paws - friend of the paw
Puppy paws cafe
Puppy paws!
Puppy pirates
Puppy play dates in lawrenceville
Puppy play dates sf
Puppy power
Puppy prayers!
Puppymills are cruel!
Puppy_ lovers
Pups 'n' pals 4h group
Pups 4 life
Pups against peta!
Pups ahoy!
Pups and dogs
Pups and purrs promoting good nutrition
Pups gone wild
Pups of jax beach
Pups of kitsap county
Pups of south carolina
Pups on wheels
Pups r palz!!!
Pups united
Pups united :)
Pups with pride
Pups with wheels
Pure gold
Pure nice cats
Purebred american mutts
Purebred german shepherd dogs of america
Purebreds of the 58 states
Purebreed chihuahua's
Purely positive dog training & pet sitting
Purely pups
Purple paws
Purrfectly pawsitive pets weekly email & pet perks group
Purrrfect love
Purrrrfect kitty-cats
Purrs n woofs village
Purrty pitties
Pussy & pooch
Puyallup dogs
Quad cities paws
Queen shelby & aggie & family group!!
Questions for a dog trainer
Quiet waters dog group
Quiet waters dog park junkies
Quincy animal shelter alumni association
Quincy cats rule
R.i.p puppies and kitties!!!
Race whippets
Racing cuties!
Racing dogs!
Radical malinois
Ragdolls r us
Rainbow bridge-----------------
Rainbow angel jeepers
Rainbow animal rescue, inc.
Rainbow bridge - nh
Rainbow bridge angels & support for those left behind
Rainbow bridge cats
Rainbow bridge group for large breeds
Rainbow bridge pets
Rainbow pets tribute
Raining cats and dogs
Raleigh nc small breed play group
Raleigh rovers
Raleigh soft coated wheaten terriers
Rally-o dogsters
Random tag
Rat terrier
Rat terrier fun
Rat terrier lovers and new rattitude rescue
Rat terrier lovers and owner come here
Rat terrier palace
Rat terriers and friends of nw ga
Rat terriers and their owners
Rat terriers rule
Rats, chits and all bat eared dogs
Rattie pack
Raven belles resort
Raw fed dogs
Raw foodies
Raytown mo dogs
Reading dogs!
Reading rocks!
Real friends :)
Red bandana
Red boston's
Red dog pet resort & spa fun group
Red hat society
Red heeler home
Red hot dachsunds
Red nosed pits
Red rovers
Red sox dogs
Red sox fan club
Red sox nation of cats
Reds boxers group
Regal beagles
Reiki kitties club
Relaxed papillons
Remote dog collar training
Rescue and loved pals group
Rescue animals from the humane society of harford county
Rescue aussies
Rescue dogs!
Rescue resources
Rescue stories
Rescued and fostered kitties in(or need) fur ever homes
Rescued dogs of all breeds
Rescued friends of america
Rescued pets of america
Rescued pugs
Rescued puppies with great rescue stories
Rescued runts
Rescued shadows
Rescued sweeties!
Rescues save lives
Rescues to the rescue!
Rescuez rule
Responsible dog owners of chicagoland
Reunion rescue
Reynolds dog park, oaks pa
Rgv pets
Rhode island salty paws
Rhodesian ridgeback fans
Rhodesian ridgebacks
Rhodesian ridgebacks dallas tx
Richmond spca group
Ridgeback conversatioons
Ridgewood dog park
River city pets
Roanoke dogs
Roanoke valley pitts
Roanoke valley spca graduates
Robbin's rescued russells group
Rochester, ny bostons
Rock and roll pups!
Rock,roll,bark and,dance!
Rockin huskies
Rockin ragdolls!
Rockin rescues
Rocking band
Rocking soxz off pugs
Rockwoods of america
Rocky mountain lab rescue
Rocky mountain service dogs
Roller derby dogs
Rolling around in the dirt is heavenly
Rosie's pawsome hotel & spa
Ross park unleashed!!!
Rotten rompin' rotties
Rottie defense group
Rottie-mixes are great!
Rotties r us
Rottweiler health and well being
Rottweiler lovers
Rottweiler rescue
Rottweilers rock!!!
Rottweilers, pacific northwest
Rottys rock
Roula & ryan fans
Round rock ruffers
Rover's rescued dogs/pongo's pound dogs
Rowdy naughty bawdy cats and dogs
Royal dawgs!!!!!!!!!
Royal news headquarters!
Royal party!
Rrrrraleigh rat terriers
Ruby's railroad :)
Rudy the beagles dog walking
Ruff ruffs unite!
Running dogs
Running dogs from nc
Russian blues and all cats unite
Russian toys
Rusty's terrible group
Rutherford, nj dogs
S.a.m.'s group
Sa pugs
Sable shelties rule!!!
Sacramento boxers
Sacramento chihuahua
Sacramento spca alumni
Sailing dogs
Saint bernards of georgia
Saint louis dachshund meet-up group!
Saint louis, mo raw feeders group
Saints in service-service animals of all shapes and sizes.
Salt and pepper!
Salty sea dogs
Samara's dog pack
Sammi and the vanilla, chocolate, dark chocolate labrador factory
Sammie dog society!
Sammy & lady noel's group
Sammy's unite!
San antonio boxer and chihuahua group
San antonio dog park
San antonio great dane group
San antonio large breed pups
San antonio pups
San antonio schnauzers
San antonio shih tzu's
San antonio small dogs
San diego apbt "support" group
San diego beagles!
San diego boxers
San diego chihuahuas
San diego county beagles
San diego county french bulldogs.
San diego dogs
San diego husky lovers
San diego jack russell terrier group
San diego yorkies
San fernando valley doggies
San francisco bostons
San francisco dog parties
San francisco eskies
San francisco frenchies
San francisco peninsula dog owners group
San francisco scotties
San gabriel valley siberians
San jose dog adventures
San marcos, tx dog park lovers!
San pedro pups
Santa barbara pug pals
Santa barbara pup pals
Santa clara county miniature pinscher meetup
Santa clara dog park
Santa cruz area pit lovers
Santa cruz dogz
Sarge galore
Sasha's of the world unite!!!!
Sass service animal support services
Sassy cats of sassafrass
Sassy sistas
Sausalito doggies
Save big red
Save myrtle beach mutts
Save our planet
Save pittbulls
Save shelter dogs club!
Save the bullys
Save the dog parks
Save the dogs
Save the pets
Save the pitbull
Save the staffys
Save the wolves
Say cheese! i smile
Say chis! (albany, ny area chihuahua playgroup)
Scaredy dog!
Schipperke parents
Schips r us
Schnauzer buckeye beauties and beaus
Schnauzer frenzy
Schnauzer health
Schnauzer luvers
Schnauzer mutts
Schnauzer oregon
Schnauzer park
Schnauzers of the carolinas
Schnoodles of los angeles
Schnoodles rule
Schnoodles unite!
Scottish fold cats
Scottish terriers unite
Scottsdale hot dogs
Scottsville/bowling green kentucky dogs
Scranton area pug fiesta
Scraps dog bakery
Scratchy and itchy group
Scruffy and friends
Sd teams of southern california
Se mn pug lovers
Se wisconsin dogs
Search and rescue canines
Seattle area pit stop
Seattle beagle bunch
Seattle dogs
Seattle greyhounds
Seattle pugs
Second bananas unite!
Second chance beagles
Second chance for pets group
Second chance spca alumni club
Secret animal lovers* agency
Secret spy dog association
See spot run
See you at shelby farms (dog park, of course)
Seeing or hearing problem doggies or ur physicaly handicapped
Seguin dog park
Seinfeld fan club
Seminole dawgs
Senior dogs club
Senior stars
Senior year! the elderly kitties of catster
Seperation anxiety
Service dog ethics
Service dog heroes
Service dogs
Service dogs (small and big breeds welcome)
Service dogs across the u.s.
Service dogs in st. louis mo
Service dogs of maine
Servicedog mixed breeds
Setx dog lovers
Seventies dogs
Sf bay area boxers
Sf-peninsula great dane group
Shaggy's pals
Shaka's labrador lovers
Shamus the pitbull and his feline sister minou
Shanessa's fans
Shar-pei/shar-pei mix gathering
Shar-peis in the city
Share- a- dog - become a part-time step- family to a lonely dog
Sharpei lovers
Shelter cats
Shelter helpers!
Shelter kitties
Sheltie lovers united!
Sheltie world
Shelties from oklahoma
Shepard family group
Shepherd lovers 17
Sheppard afb dogs
Sheptown dawgs
Shepusky!!! the german shephard/siberian husky mix club!!!
Sherlock britts from ohio
Sherlock holmes hounds
Shetland sheep dogs
Shetland sheepdogs
Shhh!! ffc potp group < 3
Shi tzu dogs
Shiba inu mixes!
Shiba inu's of broward county
Shiba inus
Shiba inus rock!
Shichons,zuchons and teddybears
Shih poo
Shih tzu
Shih tzu and friends in plano tx
Shih tzu and golden friends club:-)
Shih tzu are like the best dogs!
Shih tzu embassy
Shih tzu home
Shih tzu love
Shih tzu lovers and owners
Shih tzu lovers of maryland
Shih tzu of maine
Shih tzu's in style
Shih tzu's rock!
Shih tzus of bloomington
Shih tzus of the south
Shih-tsu lovers` unite!!!!!
Shih-tzu 101
Shih-tzus and friends united
Shih-tzus at play
Shihzus rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shih_tzu_in_pa (and all other pups) :)
Shiloh's soda shack
Shitzu lovers101
Shitzu mixes
Short tails
Shorthair sensation
Show dobes
Show dogs!!!
Show me danes!
Show pups!
Show your frenchie
Siamese and the city
Siamese kitties club
Siberian huskies - the taskmasters
Siberian huskies luvrs
Siberian huskies of chicagoland unite!
Siberian huskies of the northeast
Siberian huskies" what a dog"
Siberian husky
Siberian husky club
Siberian husky meetup group
Siberian husky mix
Siberian husky's in virginia
Siberians fur ever
Siberians rule
Sibes of the great lakes
Siblings of angels
Sierra english bulldogs
Silkies to the rescue
Silkshire terriers
Silky terrier lovers
Silly german shepherd's
Silly senior labs
Simple scraps 4 dogs & cats!
Simply irresistible classie griffs!
Sin city dawgs
Single dog lovers
Single doggie parents
Sioux falls dog
Sketch's doghouse
Skye captain chicken legs, away!!!
Skywalkers & dogwalkers
Sled dog advocacy
Slickdeals pets!
Slobberers: for dogs that drool
Slugger city bully buddies
Slumbering dachshunds
Small and cute
Small breeds ne ohio
Small dog friendship club - ohio
Small dog playhouse
Small dog social club of the triad
Small dog/puppy play group in beaverton!
Small doggs
Small dogs
Small dogs fan club
Small dogs go to heaven!!!
Small dogs in colorado springs
Small dogs of austin
Small dogs of emerald hills, ca
Small dogs of modesto california (and surrounding areas)
Small dogs of san francisco
Small gator doggies
Small head, big body!
Small paws only
Smart dogs of america
Smokey mountain malamutes
Smooches for pooches
Smooth fox terrier
Smu mustangs
Sneaky naughty cats united
Snohomish county australian shepherd's
Snoop dogg beagleys angels
Snoops and other hounds!
Snow lovers unite!!
Snowpaws lovers
Snub-nose connection
Snuzz buzz!
So cal dogs and cats!
So what if i'm just a mutt!
So. cal chihuahuas!
So. cal papillons
Socal aussies
Socal boxers
Socal shiba inu owners
Society 4 sammiez
Society dog
Sofla doxies!
Soft coated wheaten terrier group
Soft coated wheaten terriers
Soft coated wheaton terriers
Soft coated wheaton terriers
Solano petsters
Soldier and vet pets
Solid white cats
Somc ccl admins
Someone say chocolate
Somerville pups
Somewhere over the rainbow dogs
Sooner dogs
Sooner pitts
Soul kitchen- yum!
South bay corgi's
South bay dogs rocks
South brooklyn dogs
South carolina mutts!!
South carolina poms
South carolina puppy lovers
South coast pwds
South dakota doggies
South east georgia and north east florida pets
South eastern bully lovers and bully rescue
South florida dog agility meetup group
South florida siberian husky rescue, inc group
South jersey play pack
South jersey pups!
South jersey small dog meetups and playdates
South loop chicago's finest
South loop dog pack
South louisiana chihuahua buddies
South mount juliet, tn locals
South shore small breed dogs meetup group
Southbury dog park dog's
Southeastern shelties
Southern belles and beaus
Southern ca/central coast snugglers!
Southern california brussels griffon society
Southern california dachshund rescue
Southern california french bulldogs
Southern california schnauzers
Southern cross gsd rescue, inc.
Southern indiana pittlovers
Southern las vegas/ henderson chihuahua group
Southern mutts
Southern new jersey beagle owners!
Southern pets
Southern pit bulls
Southern pups
Southern rotties
Southern shibas
Southern states shih tzus and friends
Southern tier pooches!
Southernweenies and their people
Southwestern wisconsin yorkies
Sp dog
Spa diggity dog
Spaniails rock!!
Spanish water dogs --- perro de agua español
Sparky and kody's group
Spay and neuter!
Spca of luzerne county alumni
Special friend group
Specific information on helping lost/stolen/feral/found/stray cats, dogs and other beloved pets.
Spike's beagle park
Spinone italiano
Spirit for dogs and cats!
Spoiled bichon
Spoiled chis!!!!
Spoiled dogs 101
Spoiled little dogs from longisland
Spoiled puppies
Spoiled rotten rotts of indy
Spoiled small designer dog
Spoiled toy poodles
Spoiled yorkies
Spokane sprites
Spokanite dogs
Spooky halloween group
Sports nuts
Spots. speckles. cute!
Spotted and loved
Spotted ladies
Spotted loves
Spotted sweetwater pals
Springer spaniel basset hound
Springer spaniel lovers unite!
Spunky sammies
Squeaky toys
Squirrel chasers of ky.
Squirrels were put on earth for us to chase!
St bernards of ohio
St louis american pit bulls
St. francis crew
St. louis area boxador
St. louis dogs
St. louis german shepherds
St. munchkin's dog sport center
St. pete pups
St. petersburg pussy cats (in loving memory of rascal)
Staffy bulls
Standard poodle lover's
Standard poodles
Standard poodles in nc
Star shepherds of texas
Star wars lovers only!
Starbucks (dogster and catster style)
Start group name
Steel city disc dogs
Sterling shelter alumni
Stodders neck dog park
Stop animal abuse
Stop animal abuse!
Stop animal cruelty ! ! !!!!
Stop breed bans!
Stop breed specific legislation for all breeds! bsl
Stop dog curlity
Stop dog fighting
Stop dog fights
Stop puppy mills and animal cruelty!
Straight talk on dog health
Stray cats
Stray no more!
Students with cats (or other pets)
Suave shih tzu
Suburban chicagoland dachshund lovers (scdl)
Sugar's surgery
Sully's friendly place
Summerville sc small dogs
Sumter boston terrier club
Sun pups
Sunday swim
Sunny siberians
Sunset dachshunds family
Sunshine friends, inc.
Sunshine state doodles
Sunshine state felines & canines
Super pugs
Super pups
Super sophie group
Super spaniels
Superstar doggies
Surfing dogs
Survivors of parvovirus
Sussex county dogs
Sweet face
Sweet treat pets
Sweetist cats/dogs on earth
Swimmers unite
Sydney's pals
T-beaux's webcam
T-town doggies
T-town paws
Tabby's anonimous
Tabby's place
Tail me bout' it!
Tail waggers
Tail waggin' spirit
Tailblazers_paws for cancer walk team
Tails & paws
Tails 'n trails
Tails from the dog park
Tails of the tundra siberian husky rescue, inc. group
Taiwan dogs
Talking puppy adoption
Tall cat tales
Talladega,calhoun and surrounding county's/states/world pup meet !
Tally dachshunds
Tampa area meet ups
Tampa bay area dogs
Tampa bay beagle rescue
Tampa's tiniest
Tank rulez!
Tarheel doxies unite!
Tarheel pits of north carolinia
Tassy, riley, rose, todd and pearl's home
Tasty planet
Taters "lets help find missing pets".
Tattoo this
Teacup yorkies
Team edward of twilight
Team pooch
Ted test group
Teddy roosevelt terrier lovers
Teddy's only!!*******
Teddybear lhasa-poms and all other breeds.
Teddys world =]
Teen raising eyes for the blind
Tega cay play group
Tenacious terriers
Tenessee/kentucky adoptables
Tennessee dogz and catz
Tennessee agility club
Tennessee boxer buddies
Tennessee bullies
Tennessee chihuahuas
Tennessee doggies!!!
Tennessee doggies!!!
Tennessee great dog group!
Tennessee jacks!
Tennessee terriers
Tennis ball shredders of the world, unite!
Tennis ballaholics anonymous
Terrier trouble
Terrier, terrier, where are you?
Terrier/beagle cruise
Terriers of upstate new york
Terriers rock!
Test group for watch dog
Test's cat groupe
Test's groupe
Testing testing 123 calling all golden retrievers that like to go to the beach
Testing the group creation feature
Texan chihuahua
Texan maltese
Texans agains bsl
Texarkana dogs!
Texas adoptables & adopted
Texas aggie pooches
Texas boston terriers
Texas bulldogs
Texas bullies
Texas cavaliers!
Texas corgis
Texas dachshunds!!!
Texas doggies
Texas herding dogs
Texas labradoodles
Texas longhorns
Texas panhandle boxer lovers
Texas pets
Texas'm or leave'm alone!
Texas rescue dogs/groups
Texas shelties
Texas shih tzu
Texas tech pups
Texas velhi boxers
Texas weims
Texas welsh terriers
Thai dog club
Thanks mom and dad =)
That pibble dawg
That's my boxer
The collie and black cat group
The main mugz
The stinkz
The "b" owners
The "in loving memory" group
The "we'd be on drugs or jail" if we where human group.
The 'burg's barkers
The (endless) summer of scooter
The 2nd annual new york city canine cruise
The adventures of mookie and sam: sam goes to texas!
The advice chain
The alabama dog lover's club!
The albuquerque boston terrier meetup group
The all dogs group
The allie angels
The american cocker spaniel club
The american pit bull terrier standard
The angels of heaven
The animal kingdom
The animal lovers agency
The animal lovers cruise line
The animal lovers of kansas and the globe
The animal rescue league of western pa. alumni cats..
The animals that go to work with us
The anime dogs!
The any breed group
The awesome bostons
The bachelorette
The backyard!
The bad dawgs
The bad to the bone bostons
The ballroom
The barkin' friends
The beagle bunch
The beagles
The beagleys
The best dogs in the world
The best group there is!!!
The best hang out and date place
The best male dogs!!!!!!!
The best midwest corgis!
The big meow/woof
The big dawgs
The big dog lounge
The birmingham mutley crew (bmc)
The black & gold pet club
The black and gold dogs of pittsburgh
The black cat society
The black is back
The bone hiders
The bone hogs
The booda project
The boston angels
The boston terrors
The bostonators
The boxer club
The boxer group
The bruno boys
The bully dog club
The burly boxers from the south
The calico club
The canine clubhouse
The cartoon heroes
The cat group
The cat's night out
The catster and dogster railroad
The chihuahua and small breeds play group of fresno, ca
The chiminpin bin
The circle of the dog familiars
The city of dogster
The clique
The cocky cockers!
The collest cats and dogs in the world
The complete rottweiler
The cool cats and dogs club
The country cats
The cuddler's
The cute friends forever!!!!!!
The cute pets and adopt me's
The cutest ever
The cutiepies
The cuties
The dachshund gang
The dachshunds united
The dapple of my eye!
The deerhound gang
The devils named nicole/nicky/nikki/niki
The disabled group
The disney group
The dog ate it
The dog babes
The dog bone cafe
The dog cancer ride across america
The dog house
The dog lovers group
The dog lovers of long island
The dog luvers group
The dog movie group
The dog pach
The dog park
The dog shares our house
The dog show fanatics
The dog whisperer
The dog's pajamas
The dogbook
The doggy paddlers
The dogs of huntington beach, california
The dogs of marilyn ridge
The dogs of utah
The dogspot
The dogster deluxe mall:03
The dogster dodgers
The dogster force
The dogster gang
The dogster inn & suites
The dogster princess club!
The dogster simple solution® group
The dogster sports arena
The dogster times
The downtown london cats
The duch mix babes
The dum dogs!
The el paso chihuahua meetup group
The empie park pack
The english bullie buddies of ohio
The evil finnish spitzes :p
The extended johnson family
The fashionable yorkie
The favorites
The few keeshond owners in georgia
The firehydrants
The first time i laid my eyes on you, you put paw prints on my heart!
The fit dogs of dogster,
The friends of hooch -
The fun club of dogs and cats
The funny animals group
The funny hair-do group
The furrends spot
The fuzzy princess/prince club
The gachi's
The gentle giants group
The german shepherd doghouse
The gift and zealie lotto!!!
The ginger army number 2
The gizmos
The glens
The gloucester doggie pack
The golden girls
The golden retriever club
The golden retriver possy!
The golden saloon
The goldens
The good gang
The great dane groupies
The greatest arizona dogs and cats
The groom n' spruce
The group for every dog
The grreat club for catz and dogz
The hipsters of dogster!
The hound group!!!!!
The house of night kitties
The howling place
The iggy club
The indy husky club
The inevitable einsteins
The jack, rotti, and yorki palace!!!!!!!!!!
The jackster's gang of texas
The june 15, 1999 birthday club
The just smile and dont worry club
The kewl dogs of new jersey
The kitten group
The kitty chat plus
The labadors
The labrador lovers club
The ladies of paws
The land of the beagles:)
The library
The life of a min pin
The life of a spoiled and obnoxious cat
The lil bow wows
The limited club
The link group
The lion dog den
The love of all pets
The lovebugs
The lovers lane
The maine mania
The manx club
The match maker
The mean cats fort
The miami pomeranian meet up group
The miami pug meetup group
The michi-ganders
The michigan humane society
The midnights
The miley's
The milkbone lovers
The min-pin experience
The minature pincher club
The missouri tzu
The misunderstood
The mix group
The mixes club
The more the furrier
The most luvable dogs eva
The mouse catchers
The new black & gold pet club
The norwegian elkhounds and admirers group
The nuttys
The official fan club of lucky bing
The one and only maltese group!!!
The oreo's
The outsiders
The over 40 group and their dogs
The pack
The palace
The pampered kitty's group
The paws crew (pet spa)
The pawsome goldendoodle club
The pequa pooch!
The pets of warrenton
The pets pack
The pets paradise
The pets playground
The pinpalace
The pit stop
The pitbulls
The place for dogs
The playful deed
The playful pup
The pom moms!
The pom poms of america
The pomeranians
The pooch pot
The posh pooch
The pretty pekes
The pug-er- rama!!
The pugs
The pugs of the world
The punk, the cool and the blingers :-) cats & dogs welcome too!!
The pupperonis
The puppy luvers!
The puppy pal group!
The pups from boston
The purple puppy
The quad city paws dog club
The rainbow angel jeepers -angels lounge and hotel
The rainbow bridge
The rat pack
The real spoiled brats of ole miss!
The regal dog
The rescue center
The rescue house
The rescued angels
The rescuer's of the pitbulls
The rest in peice group
The rolling pug group
The rottweiler lovers
The royal canine society
The royal canin® pug group
The russell
The san diego goldendoodle and labradoodle meetup group
The search for good dog stuff
The setter sweeties
The shakers
The shetland sheepdog lovers!!
The shih tzu's of america
The short dog club
The singles club/group
The small dogs
The small dogs
The small furballs lounge
The small pooch society
The star crew
The star wars fan club for dogs only!
The star wars fan club!
The state of dogster
The stingrays
The stink club
The suite life of sassy and rosie!
The super photo booth
The sweet dogs
The sweet tooth
The swim team
The tally chihuahuas!
The teddy bears
The teeny tiny dogs- chihuahuas
The things they do!
The thomas-bull memorial park doggie club
The tiny toys
The topp rotts
The total dog and a little cat
The twilight series club!!!
The twilight zone
The ultimate chocolate lab group
The unexplained
The united pug foundation (u.p.f.)
The victoria stillwell dogster fan page
The warrenton pets
The wedding of tiffy and bear dog - october 10, 2008
The west highland white terrior and other dogs too!
The weston reservior is dog heaven on earth!
The world of dogz
The world's coolest dog and cat show member group
Therapy dogs at work
Therapy dogs in training
Therapy dogs international:
Therapy kitties
There are cats, there are dogs, and then there are shiba inus!
There is gold in tennessee
They are at the bridge in memory of all those lost
They will kill
This little puggy
Those who support shelters, rescue, and reputable breeders
Thousand oaks dog park doggies
Three leggers!
Three-leggers of the world
Tibetan mastiff's of orange county
Tibetan terriers unite!
Tigard -southwest dog park pups
Tiger ranch kittys
Tigeracat rescues group
Time to play
Tinies in texas
Tinkerbells hide-a-way!!
Tiny tales rescue group
Tiny teacup yorkies
Titan's kingdom tri-cities
Tn rally doggies
Tn-nashville yorkies
To aire is divine
To dogs who get a toy and have it torn up in minutes
To to to cute!!! :)
Toby the great
Together tag!
Toledo area corgis
Tomball tx dogs
Tompkins square park small dog run
Topeka big dogs play dates
Topeka hill's bark park
Tortie girls
Totally beachin!
Totally jacks
Totally lily
Tottaly talkative kitties and puppies!
Town pups
Toy dog brand
Toy dogs of charlottesville
Toyland: yorkies, silkies, poodles, maltese, etc.
Tplo surgery/torn acl
Tracy pups
Training for small breed dogs & puppies litter box, housebreaking,commands,problem solving!
Travel dogs
Treasure valley snow dogs
Treats and bones!
Treats for the dog soul
Treeing walker coonhound: we're the runts
Trekkin' with tails
Tri state bassets
Tri state weims
Tri-cities boxer play group
Tri-cities, washington pooch place
Tri-state area boxers!!!
Tri-state boston terriers
Tri-state shiba inu rescue inc. group
Triangle jrt's
Triangle tails
Tricks and treats
Tripod love
Troublemakers wanders
Troy all dogs playgroup
Trucker pets
True apbt lover by heart
Tucker's way rescue formerly pug lovers rescue
Tucson arizona pug group
Tucson boston terriers
Tucson dachshunds
Tucson dogs
Tucson husky
Tucson udall dog park
Tuff guys©
Tulsa oklahoma dogsters
Turkey saranade!
Tuscaloosa yorkies
Tuxedo times
Twilight dogs!
Twilight series fan club
Twilight series fan club!!
Twin bay dogs
Twin cities german shepherds
Twin cities goldens
Twin cities toy dog group
Two lap doggie's
Uga dawg lovers - georgia bulldogs
Ultimate air dogs
Union, ms dogs & cats!!!!!!
Unique names
Unique souls
Unite baileys of the dog world!!
United basset hounds
United pets of america
United sato savers of ny
Unknown breeds
Unleashed and lovin' it!
Upstate boston terriers
Upstate new york alaskan malamute club
Upstate newyork mountain labs
Upstate sc catsters
Uptown girls!!!
Urban mushing league
Urban treeing walker coonhounds
Urbana dog park
Utah career college layton pack!
Utah labradoodles
Utah's dogs and friends all over!!
Utah's lil dogs and big heart's unite!
Va beach doggies
Va bichons!
Va pugs
Va wheatens
Vaca pug people
Vaccine associated sarcoma (vas)
Vacuum haters
Valley of the sun shih tzus and friends
Vermont boxers unite
Versatile labs!
Very funny dogs or cats
Victor's wish
Virginia agility dogs
Virginia boston terriers
Virginia bulldogs
Virginia cavaliers
Virginia dogs
Virginia doxies
Virginia fur pants
Virginia goldens
Virginia is for shih-tzu lovers
Virginia jack russel lovers
Virginia papillon owners
Virginia pets
Virginia pitbull lovers
Virginia shelties
Virtual hockey
Virtual world for dogs and cats
Vizslas and weimaraners two wonderful breeds
Volpino italiano
Volunteer dogs: raise your paws
Volunteer for the poundss
Vote for huck and doo
Vote for me!!
Vote for me, i'll vote for you
Votes, contests, and more!!!
W.t.p (we the pets)
Waiting for our dog park!!!!!
Wakefield lake walkers
Waldo the newfoundland **hq approved*
Walks with humans
Waller mill dog park
Wanted/adoptable pets
Warrior pugs!
Warriors sunclan
Wash u in stl dog crew
Washington basset hounds
Washington bully breeds
Washington catahoulas
Washington corgis-r-us
Washington pitbulls
Washington state chihuahua group
Washington state shiba inu
Washington state yorkies
Washington twilight lovers dog park
Watermelon mountain ranch
We love agility!
We ♥ shelties
We adore german shepherds!!!
We are all crazy about daisy!
We are hot ♥♥♥
We are not "lassies"!
We are the champions!
We are the dog scouts of america! (dsa)
We are the shih...tzu
We hate heartworms!
We have movie/tv show names and lovin it!
We heart our dogs
We heart our owners!
We love are dachshunds, dobermans, and other breeds
We love chions!
We love contests
We love dogs
We love elvis jonas!!
We love german shepherds!
We love our apbts
We love our chihuahua's
We love our dogs!
We love our shih tzus!
We love our toys!
We love patterdale terriers
We love pets
We love presa's!!
We love pugs
We luv to luv dogs!!
We miss you (w.m.y.)
We moan because we care (wmbwc support group)
We need boyfriend/ girlfriends
We need friends
We need shelties!!
We own shih tzu dogs!
We the doggies of glen burnie
We want safe food!!!!!!!!
We'd like to meet dogs and "owners" in sc/ga....
We're against animal cruelty!
Webb/mason dogs
Wee little watch dogs
Weeks for the animals
Weenies of the 'nati
Weim revolution
Weim-a-thon 2008
Weimaraner - las vegas weimaraner club & rescue
Weimaraner family tree
Weimaraner mommys
Weimaraner rescue
Weimaraner world domination organization
Weimaraner's for us
Weims in the atl
Weiner doggies
Weiner dogs
Welcome comitee
Well beings
Welsh terriers rock!!!!!!!
West carrollton canines
West coast corgis
West georgia wonderful wee wieners
West hollywood dogs
West la dog lovers
West michigan canines
West palm beach dachshund meetup group
West valley friends
West virginia weenies
Westchester dog lovers
Western new york pups
Western ny rottweilers
Western pa humane society - adopted pups
Western pa pups!
Western u kids
Westies hang out!
Westies of nebraska
Westies of texas
What about greenies????
What are we?
What up s. tampa dawgs
Whatz up cutie pup?
Wheaten greetin
Wheaton terriers - massachusetts - a lovefest
When god was dishing out the dog's i new jack russels where the best because that was what i got !!!!!
Where all animals become friends
Where cats can beeee cats!
Whippet good
Whippet lovers unite
Whisman park
White & gray r us
White boxers
White collie club
White dogs unite
White german sheperds or german sheperds, we're all sweeties!!!
White german shepherd group
White miniature schnauzers united
White shepherd dog
White siberians
Who you call ' n a mutt ?
Who came from the pound????
Who let the dogs in
Who let the dogs out!
Who love's there daddy?
Who loves their mutt?
Who thinks that the dogster company should...?
Who's walking who?
Whoahh. cool dogs.
Whos the cutest
Why pitbulls are great dogs
Wichita dogs
Wiggle waggle walk
Wiggly field dog park
Wild & happy dogs!!!
Wild got spoiled
Wild whiskers rehab and rescue group
Wildcat lovers unite!
Williamsburg corgis
Willow glen boston terriers
Wilmington, north carolina
Wilsonville dogs
Windy willows beagles
Wine and dine with your k9 ct
Wingardium leviosa
Winnie's group
Winning photos
Wire fox terriers of texas
Wirehair dachshunds
Wirehaired dachshunds united
Wirehaired pointing griffons
Wisconsin bully pals
Wisconsin cockers
Wisconsin doggies and kitties!
Wisconsin dogs!!
Wisconsin pit pupz
Wisconsin pooches
Wishbone's jack talk
Witchy doggies
Wizard of oz cairns
Wizarding pets of tomorrow!!!
Wny wieners
Wolf hybrids
Wolf hill park off leash dog park oceanport nj
Wolf/dog mixes
Wolfdogs in rescue
Wonder dogs!
Wonderful whippets
Wonderful world of weims - az
Woof dogs
Woof if you love the heels!
Woofers & walkers - santa cruz
Woofers in the woodlands
Working lgds
World's best dogs!!!!
Worldwide pen paws
Worldwide weimathon
Wrestle pets
Wrinkles r-us
Wsu cougar dogs
Wuving paws
Wyoming border collies
Yad dog cluster san diego events and happenings page
Yang's place: don't litter.
Yankee boxers
Yappy dogs anonymous
Yappy hour
Yellow lab's pub & grill
Yellow labrador
Yochons are way cool
Yooper doggies
Yorkie central
Yorkie club!!
Yorkie poohs - the new "highbreed"
Yorkie talk
Yorkie's on the go
Yorkie's the place to be when your a yorkshire terrier
Yorkie-poo perfection
Yorkie-style on dogster
Yorkie/ bichon frise mix
Yorkies and other dogs
Yorkies into dog sports
Yorkies of north texas!
Yorkies of the world
Yorkies of utah
Yorkies r us
Yorkies rule!
Yorkies, yorkies, yorkies
Yorkies, yorkies, yorkies, and more yorkies!!
Yorkshire terrier
You can never have too many chihuahuas
You&your pet
You'll find me at tanner park! salt lake city, ut
You're my breed (domestic short or long hair)
Youngstown mcp rescue volunteers
Your horses and your dogs!
Zero tolerance donations and information
Zeus's boyz
Zoe's rescue great & small
Zoeys with brothers named zack
Zoomie land
[precious poochies][our lil angels]
^*^over the rainbow^*^
^^michigan dogs^^^
{all american bullies!!}{dazzling doggies}
| boradors only |
~ big dog lovers~
~ dachshunds forever ~
~ for the love of borzoi~
~ pets unlimited ~
~ rescued dogs & cats of hawaiin islands ~
~!black labs!~
~!dogs 4 life!~
~!the fun club!~
~!~rescued paws united~!~
~!~the beagle and hound dog lovers~!~
~!~~!~pretty puppies~!~~!~
~♥one fur all and all fur one♥~
~♥~all fur purrfect pets~♥~
~* cute faces *~
~*!snow dogz!*~
~*♥!^lovely ladies!~*♥!^
~**** agility****~ shows and getting started
~*all those who are tobilicious*~
~*all those who are tobily awesome!*~
~*doggie family & fun*~
~*dogs rule*~
~*midwestern~*pups and cats~*
~*small dog lovers*~
~*wonderful mixes!*~
~*_girls dogs only_*~
~*~ dogs against bsl, puppy mills & animal cruelty! ~*~
~*~ italian greyhound lovers club ~*~
~*~ stuff on my dog ~*~
~*~!cockerspaniel cool club~*~!
~*~*bichon's & friends*~*~
~*~*family's of cat's and dog's*~*~
~*~*molly ii's tropical laguna club*~*~
~*~*paws n claws playground~*~*
~*~*~*shorkie tzu(shih tzu/yorkie)~*~*~*
~*~*~kings of the world~*~*~
~*~*~miley cyrus/ hannah montana fan club~*~*~
~*~alaskan siberian huskys~*~
~*~dogs were ment to be !big!~*~
~*~i havana the best purrrrsonality!!!~*~
~*~italian greyhound lovers ~*~
~*~labs of central florida~*~
~*~princess divas ~&~ prince charmings!~*~
~*~spotty doggies~*~
~+~ outdoor shih tzu club~+~
~+~c00l d0g3rs club~+~
~--for the fun of dog--~
~:*:~guardian angel club~:*:~
~adorable pooches~
~alabama dog lovers~
~alabama pups~
~all fur fun~fun fur all~
~bama boxers baby~
~black and white pups~
~bullies who love parks~
~california pups~
~calling all mount vernon, mo doggies!!!!~
~chihuahua lovers~
~chihuahua~ ~little dogs with big love~
~compassion for camden~
~cool and wonderful bernese doggies~
~diva dogs~
~dog lovers~tree huggers~
~dogs living under the zia flag~
~dogs who love the water!!!~
~dogster dogs of oregon~
~dogster dogs~
~dogster palace of play~
~dogz rock!!!~
~doodle club~
~fancy dogs~
~food lovers~
~for owners with mutts or purbreed~
~god's ♥ dogs~
~heaven street~
~homie dog cribs~
~kitty pup place~
~michigan whippets~
~muddy golden lovers~golden retrievers only
~multiple dogs owners of tennessee~
~new yorkies~
~pet lover's~
~pitbulls unite~
~pom pals~
~pup royal usa~
~royal pits~
~runts of da litter!~
~senior animals~
~spoiled rotten~german shepherds in northeast,pa
~tail waggin' puppinos~
~tennessee dogs~ (cats are welcome to)
~texas blue lacy game dogs!!!~
~the fun dog cool group~
~the pawty place~
~the pups rule~ :]
~the supposed-to-be-smart-dog club~
~the windy city doggies!!~
~twisted tails~

~wet cat's~
~yorkies forever~
~young love kitty club~
~~ new jersey doxies ~~
~~*bitty kitty"s coffee shop *~~
~~*~your dog q's answered here~*~~
~~your key to happiness cruise lines~~
~~bamatails~~ in t-town
~~dog treat mania!!~
~~dogs or cats with italian names~~
~~miss linda's dog adoptions~~
~~pawty cafe~~
~~royal dressed chihuahuas~~
~~~*♥dog park usa♥*~~~
~~~*the rescued*~~~
~~~all kinda cats~~~
~~~dogs and cats of the world~~~
~~~i dont wanna grow up!~~~
~~~iggy lovers place~~~
~~~movie star dogz~~~
~~~the wedding of dusty the puppycat and mandy parker~~~
~~~we are the kings~~~
~~~~oregon dog lovers!!!!~~~~
~~~~sexy pooches~~~~
~~~~the wonderful goldens retrievers of the world~~~~
~~~~~♥the vegas pug ♥~~~~~
~~~~~~*dogs rule!!!##~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~boston terrrier hotel~~~~~~~~
•dogs of the alamo•
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♥ dock dogs ♥
♥dog and cat hollywood♥