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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
(Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
Our Beautiful Cavaliers!
This group is for Cavaliers only! All colors are welcomed with... [more]   731 Invite Only
  Fashion Club
Let's Talk Fashion!!!!!!
Talk about the latest Doggie and Kitty fashions California, United States  730 join
  Border Collie Mania
(Border Collie )
Border Collies from around the world
If you have em or love em, come on in and... [more]   715 join
  Squeaky & Fuzzy, for the Love of Toys
Squeak! Pounce! Play!
this group is for Cats & Dogs that can't get through... [more]   708 join
  ****Staffies & Bullie breeds forever****
(Staffordshire Bull Terrier )
Bullie Breeds forever
A page for all Staffiies, Pitts, Mastiffs & any bullie big... [more] Watford, United Kingdom  698 join
  **Environmentally Friendly Cats & Dogs (EFCD)**
Go green cats & dogs!!!
We are a bunch of green cats & dogs who care... [more]   691 join
Listen. Learn. Educate.
For pets and people who support animal rescue and spaying/neutering. We... [more] Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States  691 join
  *Michigan PupPals*
Make new friends and bark local info.
Michigan Pup Meetup for woofers of all sizes! Michigan, United States  688 join
  Friends of the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary
Helping Blind Cats See A Future!
Welcome! We're all supporters and friends of the Blind Cat Rescue... [more]   685 Invite Only
  ☻Paw Pals☻
Welcome to Paw Pals!
Fun in games!   682 join
  PDPC's School of Graphics!!
School on how to make edited/animations
Have you ever wanted to learn how to make EDITED... [more] Augusta, Georgia, United States  682 join
  !!! VetpetMD - Health resource for pets !!!
Symptom Search Database and More!
Online health and lifestyle magazine for pets and their people! ... [more] Arkansas, United States  677 join
  The Pound Puppy Project
Spreadin' Some Real Dogster Love
Welcome to the Pound Puppy Project! We're a community of Dogsters... [more]   675 join
  Boston Terrier Bostons r Us
(Boston Terrier)
For the Love and care of the breed
A group for Boston Terrier lovers our Main site is [more] Lumby, British Columbia, Canada  672 join
  ! ♥ Ðivã ©ã†$ & ÐõG$ ♥ !
Do you have the diva 'tude?
We are divas with attitude   669 join
  Mini Schnauzer's Rock!!!
(Miniature Schnauzer )
No love like Schnauzer love!
Hi welcome if you are a lover of Mini Schnauzers   664 join
  Bassets Drool
(Basset Hound )
For all those droolers out there   664 join
  ♥Pawrayer and Pawraise♥
Pawrayer and Pawraise
This is a CHRISTIAN group for PRAYERS N PRAISE.   663 join
  Las Vegas Dogs
Viva Las Vegas Dogs
This group is for people/dogs living in the Las Vegas &... [more] Las Vegas, Nevada, United States  654 join
  !Border Collie's Only!
(Border Collie)
Border Collies Rule
Border Collies (and border collie mixes) should enter! Pennsylvania, United States  650 join
  Cat & Dog Plaza
Contests, Friends, & More!
Make friends and win prizes! Woodbury, United States  649 Invite Only
  Who Let The Dogs Out
Help us support our TROOPS
Go where No dog has gone before   641 join
  *Stop Animal Abuse*
Help the animals
For every dog that wants animal abuse to stop   640 join
  The Rainbow Bridge
Over the rainbow
"Just this side of heaven is a place called rainbow bridge"... [more] Clayton, New York, United States  623 join
  ~Royal Pits~
(American Pit Bull Terrier )
All Pitbulls are welcome!!!
Pitbulls=Royalty Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States  620 join
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