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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  UK Cat Lovers
UK cat lovers chat!
Anyone in the UK with an interestet in cats! United Kingdom  9 Invite Only
  Saint Bernards
(Saint Bernard)
Saint Bernards are good dogs!
Where the Saint Bernards go!   359 join
- Don't see a shrink! See a dog...
  The Fluffers
(Bichon Frise )
We are the best lovers
Bichon Frise, Fluffernutters   89 join
  Cats Surviving Cancer Support Group
Cats Surviving Cancer
For all cat owners with cats who are surviving cancer of... [more] Lake Worth, Florida, United States  34 join
  Sumter Boston Terrier Club
(Boston Terrier )
Boston's Rule
Boston Terrier owners come join us Dillion Park, Sumter, South Carolina, United States  38 join
  Fast Dogs
Greyhounds make fast friends
For Sight-hounds: Greyhounds,Whippets,Salukis,Lurchers,Afghans, etc.   62 join
  Canine Clowns
Because life's a three ring circus
If you're all goofball, all the time--join the club!   77 join
(Chinese Shar-Pei )
Don't be stuborn, join us!!
For all the humans owned by Shar Pei's   226 join
  Massive Mastiffs
(Mastiff )
English, French, Neopolitan ......
All about Mastiffs   385 join
All canine members of - the best dogs in the... [more]   59 Invite Only
  Deaf But Not Dumb
Deaf dog discussion group
Discussion on training and owning a deaf dog Michigan, United States  89 join
  Bay Area Shiba Inus
(Shiba Inu)
Bay Area Shiba Inus
Shiba owners in the Bay Area are welcome to join us!... [more] California, United States  96 join
  Shiba Inu
(Shiba Inu )
Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu is for people who own and love the breed... [more]   344 join
  Cairn Terrier Corner
(Cairn Terrier )
Cairn Corner
Come on it and have some fun!   159 join
  Small dogs of Emerald Hills, CA
Small dogs of Emerald Hills & Redwood Ci
Small dogs of Emerald Hills & Redwood City CA California, United States  4 join
  Fila Brasileiro
(Fila Brasileiro )
Fila Fans
Fila Brasileiro Fans Florida, United States  8 Invite Only
  Furends of George & Bob
(Basset Hound )
Were droolers
Basset Hounds who are furends of George E Grunt & Bob... [more]   44 Invite Only
  Adorable Adoptees
Large and Small
For those who saved a furry friend   858 join
  Alaskan Malamutes
A big dog with a big heart
For the love of the breed Walnut Creek, California, United States  180 join
  Cute Chis
(Chihuahua )
The biggest little dog around!
A group for Chis and their owners United States  773 join
  Creative Critters
creative flair
Pets with artistic designs   19 join
  Poodle Power
(Miniature Poodle)
Pretty as a poodle.
Poodle owners and those that adore them.   288 join
  Australian Cattle Dogs
(Australian Cattle Dog )
A good ACD is a tired ACD
A group for Australian Cattle Dogs   507 join
  Boston Terrier Bostons r Us
(Boston Terrier)
For the Love and care of the breed
A group for Boston Terrier lovers our Main site is [more] Lumby, British Columbia, Canada  672 join
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