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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  6 or more kitties
Discount pet supplies, anyone?
more than 24 paws, join us! Staten Island, New York, United States  969 join
  Norwegian Forest Cat and Norwegian Forest Cat Mixes!
(Norwegian Forest Cat)
Norwegian Forest cats and Mixes
A group for lovers of Norwegian Forest Cats and Mixes   196 join
  Rumpies, Stumpies, Risers and Longies!
Manx and nearly tail-less cat breeds
Manx cats, American Bobtails, Pixie Bobs, Japanese Bobtails and fans are... [more]   230 join
  Dogs with Allergies
We're itchy but we're cute!
For dogs who have any kind of allergy   146 join
  The Isabel White House
Peein' on the Shrub since 2005
The Isabel/Isobel Administration   24 Invite Only
  Adriondack Beagle Group
Bay, chace rabbits, or just be well love
A place for beagles to meet and have fun. Mayfield, New York, United States  17 join
  Upstate NewYork Mountain Labs
(Labrador Retriever )
A fun place for labs to be
A place where Mountain Labs canvisit and have fun. Mayfield, New York, United States  35 join
  Just Gorgeous Goofy Newfies
(Newfoundland )
Big Beautiful Babies
Newfoundlands United States  153 Invite Only
LA Dog Activities
This group provides a communication tool for upcoming dog activities in... [more] Los Angeles, California, United States  206 join
Cleveland Dog Activities
This group provides a communication tool for upcoming dog activities in... [more] Cleveland, Ohio, United States  193 join
  Dog Lovers Unite
We Are Family! :0)
Hello And Welcome, Binghamton, New York, United States  2 Invite Only
  White shepherd dog
(White Shepherd Dog )
I love white shepherds
guardians, lovers of the breed, etc... Savannah Ga, Georgia, United States  133 join
  Maryland Dog Owners
Marylanders and their dogs welcome!
From the western panhandle to the DC Metro area to Baltimore... [more] Maryland, United States  282 join
(Belgian Tervuren )
tervuren shepherd
Belgian Tervuren Shepherd Fans Urbana Dog Park, Illinois, United States  77 join
  'Just Jacks'
(Jack Russell Terrier )
'Just Jacks' doin' Jack things
Jacks over HERE, Jacks over THERE, 'Just Jacks' EVERYWHERE!!!   1014 Invite Only
  PWD's Rule!
(Portuguese Water Dog )
Yea for Porties!
For folks who love only the BEST breed in the dog-gone... [more] Northern California  93 join
  Spanish Speakers Pups and Kitties
Viva la Raza Latina!!!!
This club is for every one who bark in spanish or... [more] Mexico City, Mexico, Mexico  151 join
  Mother Nature's Intent
The way mother nature intended it to be
A group for alternative ways to care for cats & dogs.... [more]   152 join
Run clean
for dogs and cats that participate in agility Florence, Kentucky, United States  133 join
  Toy Poodles!
Woofs of Love and loyalty!
All colours, males, females and puppies from all over the world... [more] São Paulo, Brazil  6 Invite Only
Dogs Must Be In Control at All Times
We are all posters at the BadDog Chronicles   54 Invite Only
  Catster's Kitty Posh Pad
Meow Meow!
This is a hangout for all wannabe princess kitties and real... [more]   9 Invite Only
Show Off Your Gorgeous Selves!
A place for you to show off pictures of yourselves and... [more]   60 join
  **Upper East Side Pup Club**
Upper East Side Dogs Rule!!!!!!
Dogs that live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NYC... [more] Nyc, New York  36 join
  Siberian Huskies of the Northeast
Those beautiful dogs
siberians with questions North East, Plus Nj, Md And De, Delaware, United States  12 Invite Only
 (Page 444 of 454: Viewing groups 11076 to 11100)  
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