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Directory of ALL Dogster Groups

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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  ~Royal Pits~
(American Pit Bull Terrier )
All Pitbulls are welcome!!!
Pitbulls=Royalty Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States  619 join
  Catster University
You study, I'll sleep!
For all felines who are venturing into the land of higher... [more]   40 join
  Gotta Love Those Labs
Loving Labs
Group for people that love their Labrador Retreivers   84 join
  Mutts R Us
Mutts Unite! Come Here All Mutts! Naples, Florida, United States  393 join
  The Max Pack
The Most Popular Dog Name Around!
A group for those dogs named Max! Colleyville, Texas, United States  81 Invite Only
  Valley of the Sun Shih Tzus and Friends
(Shih Tzu )
Phoenix Metro Shih Tzus and Friends
This is for Shih Tzus and Friends from the Phoenix Metro... [more] Arizona, United States  50 join
  Stodders Neck Dog Park
Join us at the great leash free park!
For anyone and everyone who enjoys the great dog park at... [more] Hingham, Massachusetts, United States  61 join
  the evil finnish spitzes :P
(Finnish Spitz )
anyone evil can join XP
WE SHALL RULE DA WORLD!!! Brown Bench, Central Park, San, California, United States  10 join
  Virginia Bulldogs
(Bulldog )
VA English Bulldogs
Virginia is for (Bulldog) Lovers! Virginia, United States  89 join
  Flying Pets
For the love of pets and flying
Anyone interested in flying with their pets   6 join
  Frisbee Dogs
For the Love of Frisbee!
A group for dogs that love the sport of frisbee!   80 join
  Greater Philadelphia & Mid-Atlantic Area Poos Club
Mid-Atlantic Poos Club
For Maltese, Poodles, & Poo Mixes in PA, NJ, NY, MD,... [more] Pa, Nj, Ny, Md, And De, New Jersey, United States  32 join
  Sam I Am
(Samoyed )
are you owned by a Samoyed?
Samoyeds have too much personality not to talk about!   189 join
  Special Needs
We're special and we know it!
This group is for dogs with special needs. Any disability... [more]   18 join
  Texas Pound Puppies
Pound Puppies Rule!
A group dedicated to those special dogs who were rescued from... [more] Colleyville, Texas, United States  257 Invite Only
  Dachshunds of Virginia
Virginia Doxies Unite!
Just because we're short... it doesn't mean we're not MIGHTY!! Virginia, United States  43 Invite Only
  basset mania
(Basset Hound )
Bassets, our loving furkids
This group was created for the love of basset hounds. From... [more] Clanton, Alabama, United States  129 Invite Only
  6 or more kitties
Discount pet supplies, anyone?
more than 24 paws, join us! Staten Island, New York, United States  976 join
  Norwegian Forest Cat and Norwegian Forest Cat Mixes!
(Norwegian Forest Cat)
Norwegian Forest cats and Mixes
A group for lovers of Norwegian Forest Cats and Mixes   196 join
  Rumpies, Stumpies, Risers and Longies!
Manx and nearly tail-less cat breeds
Manx cats, American Bobtails, Pixie Bobs, Japanese Bobtails and fans are... [more]   230 join
  Dogs with Allergies
We're itchy but we're cute!
For dogs who have any kind of allergy   146 join
  The Isabel White House
Peein' on the Shrub since 2005
The Isabel/Isobel Administration   24 Invite Only
  Adriondack Beagle Group
Bay, chace rabbits, or just be well love
A place for beagles to meet and have fun. Mayfield, New York, United States  18 join
  Upstate NewYork Mountain Labs
(Labrador Retriever )
A fun place for labs to be
A place where Mountain Labs canvisit and have fun. Mayfield, New York, United States  35 join
  Just Gorgeous Goofy Newfies
(Newfoundland )
Big Beautiful Babies
Newfoundlands United States  153 Invite Only
 (Page 443 of 454: Viewing groups 11051 to 11075)  
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