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!*Toy Dog Fans*!

Tiny but Mighty!
Chinese Cresteds Are Our Breed of the Month! Who Will Be Next?
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December 06 , 2008

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'Toy." That word has a lot of meanings! Hee hee! PUGGLE LOVES!

Option 1

Option 2: Chihuahua

Option 3: Yorkie

Option 4: Toy Fox Terrier

Option 5: Pomeranian

Option 6: Shih tzu

Option 7: English Springer Spaniel

Option 8: Papillion

Option 9: Italian Greyhound

Option 10: Silky Terrier

Option 11: Miniature Pinscher

Option 12: Chinese Crested

Option 13: Maltese

Option 14: Pekingese

Option 15: Brussels Griffon

Option 16: Havanese

Option 17: Cavalier KC Spaniel

Option 18: Yay! I got a POODLE for you, Jet!